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sexual-misbehavior-3.png'Blessed onanians' is one of the many names by which protestant branch, that has many features of Quaker Christianity, is called. The branch is also known as ‘cunt worshippers’ and ‘cuntists’. In Finland the branch is called 'vittulaiset'.

Branch derives its name from the fact that cuntists worship the woman's vagina and believe that God can be reached only through it. Cuntism doctrine dictates that men are the servants of God, and the women, the vagina, and especially their orgasm in turn are His manifestation. The orthodox cuntism requires that cuntist men live in total celibacy, but hold in their hands the absolute power in the community.

According the cuntist belief the best and only way to reach God is worshipping the woman's vagina and giving her an orgasm. This is to be done without the penis or penetration, otherwise his pleasure is mixed with being in contact with God.

Sensations experienced by the man at the time of ejaculation is not considered an orgasm at all by cuntists, rather it is Satan's attempt to lead the man astray, away from God, who can be reached only through the female orgasm.

According cuntism the only way for a man to have sexual consummation happens through woman's orgasm. Even in those cuntist communities in which male celibacy is not an absolute requirement, a man's orgasm  is considered to have less value than the woman's.

The role of women among the cuntists is to act primarily as an instrument through which mentioned connection is pursued. As a result, the cuntist women are free to orgasm as much as possible, as this is seen as a sign of piety. This should be done in public, if possible. On the other hand women's chances to have a say in community affairs are extremely limited among the cuntists.


the-connoisseur.jpgCuntism was born in the German village of Fickburg in the 1520's as a side branch of Protestantism, and it still is the main area in which those of the cuntist faith can be found. The founder of the faith is believed to be Andreas Gutlicker and his wife Hannelore. The doctrine was born after Gutlicker's realization that the female orgasm had to be from God.

Outskirts of Fickburg village there is the Flying Fuck monastery, which is the area's most popular tourist attraction, and artists use it as a retreat during the winter months. According to the legend, the villagers saw on the night sky in August 1578 a vagina-like light phenomenon. This was interpreted to have been a message from God, and it was decided to build a monastery in the place where the light phenomenon disappeared.

In the late 1500s cuntism was found in all the Protestant countries with exception of the Nordic countries albeit often only sparsely populated border regions and the smaller, more isolated communities. The exception among the Nordic countries is Denmark, where cuntism spread early, for example to the town of Kneppestad. This was most likely due its close relations to Fickburg and other heartland areas of cuntism.

Cuntism spread to the British Isles in the mid of 1600s during the Civil War and the subsequent Puritan reign. It has been speculated that Oliver Cromwell would have felt sympathy for it, possibly even wanting to convert to cuntism himself. It should be remembered, however, that during Cromwell's reign many smaller faiths had greater freedom in England than the preceding years.

After the restoration the status of cuntism deteriorated significantly in England, and during Charles II's reign there was even outright persecution aimed towards cuntists. The Anglican Church never formed official ties to cuntist churches, but cuntism managed to establish itself in the United Kingdom over the following centuries. The faith spread to Wales, Scotland and Ireland, where cuntism can still be found. With Puritans cuntism spread to the new continent as well.

Doctrinal differences

Cuntist Bible A.jpgThe main difference between cuntist doctrine and the christian mainstream can be found at the version of the Bible the movement uses. The Holy Cuntist Bible, published by Gutlicker in 1527, contains several additions, among other things ten verses the Bible is  missing, and which are placed in the book of Genesis, in the end of its third chapter.

Due to the cuntist version of the Holy Bible and its amendments a dispute over doctrine broke out between the cuntists and the rest of the protestant church. In 1563 synod held in Wichser separated it from denominational connection. The separation was canceled not until 1620, and one of the reasons for this is the fact that Frederick V needed the support of the cuntist cities in the Thirty Years' War.

The end of the third chapter in the Cuntist version is as follows:

19 By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return. 

The Lord makes woman the carrier of the Holy Cunt 

20 And the Lord said to the woman:

Because you allowed the snake to seduce yourself, you are to be henceforth mentally weak and in your husband's command.

21 But since you are like a child you shall be exempt from responsibilities your man carries.

I will give the Holy Cunt for you to carry and I will place it between your legs. And I will set it to be the port to the delights of the Garden of Eden, where you're no longer allowed to step on your foot, and that from now on there is reserved only for the Lord thy God.

22 And He said to the woman: 

Since you broke your word against and made your husband to eat from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat, you have no control or authority over yourself, your house, or your cattle, and they will be in your husband's control.

23 And since you broke against my word, I will punish you by taking away the pleasure of flesh I gave you. When you wish to continue your family, you will become one flesh, but only then.

24 He said to the man:

From now on is your duty to take care of your wife, which will henceforth have a weak mind and who has to listen and obey you.

25 But since you did as your wife said, and broke your word against me, I will deny you the right to touch that part of yourself that makes you a man beside your woman. If you waste the elixir of life by which you make woman to carry a child, the remaining number of days in your life shall be reduced.

26 When you want to be in union with the Lord, your God, you are to worship the Holy Cunt that I gave your woman to bear. By pleasing it are you to worship me, and through you will see the Lord your God.

27 But since you ate from the tree of knowledge has the snake contaminated you and your elixir of life. For this reason, your child will be contaminated by sin.

28 Your daughter who bears the Holy Cunt is to be mentally weak, and therefore free from sin. But your son is placed on earth to carry the burden of sin, because he is strong enough

29 Only when you want to continue your family, you will become one flesh, because your woman’s cunt is now the temple of Lord thy God. 

Expulsion from Paradise 

30 The man named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living.

31 And the Lord made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.

Freewankery movement 

5psz2b4f-1352421923.jpgFreewankery movement was born in England in mid 1600s. At the time, many people who belonged to the upper class and the bourgeoisie and wanted to stay true to the Charles I, founded secret societies, some of which may be defined as anti-cuntist by nature. The most long lived of these societies is the Healthy physical culture and pastoral brotherhood, established in London in 1644, which operates to this day.

Already after the restoration these societies were suspected of engaging male masturbation prohibited by cuntism, even though there is no proof of that. However, for this reason the societies established in England in the 1600's as well as the fraternities founded in different parts of the world after its example, all carrying the same name are commonly known as freewankers.

The lack of information is due to a large extent on the fact that, like the freemasonry movement founded later, freewankers do not reveal information about its activities to outsiders. In both of the movements the entry requirements are very strict, and their membership traditionally consists of men of important social status.

Due to lack of information a variety of beliefs are connected with the freewankers, including being accused of satanism. Due to this distrust freewankers were persecuted for example in Germany in the 1930s, and later in the Soviet Union. The same fate was suffered, ironically, by the freemasons as well as the cuntists.

The largest freewanker lodges are currently located in the United States. There is also freewanker lodges which accepts both sexes as members, as well as freewanker lodges consisting only of women. The conservative freewankery lodges, however, do not recognize these organizations as legitimate freewankers.

Current situation

cunnilingus_is_next_to_godliness_red_35_button.jpgToday, practitioners of cuntism can be found primarily in the Fickburg region as well as some other parts of Europe, such as the United Kingdom, and the United States. Usually colonies that practice it are located in sparsely populated areas, and are often isolated. In the UK for example cuntism is practiced on very inaccessible Addolwrffyc islands.

Cuntism (vittulaisuus) spread to Finland in the early 1800's in the wake of revival movements, and its practitioners were found, during the peak of the movement, mostly in Northern Finland. Cuntism practically disappeared for over a century, until it was revived in the early 1970's.

This branch of the movement is sometimes called neo-cuntism. In Finland, there is an association called The Society of the Friends of Cuntism (“Vittulaisuuden Ystävien Seura ry.”) which was founded in 1971. The society, however, does not have an official position of a religious community.

In the early 2000s there were two branches of cuntism born in Europe and USA, called atheist cuntism and pagan cuntism. These branches differ from the mainstream cuntism by complying with the practices of cuntism, but without their Christian content, or replacing it for example with Wiccan neo-paganism.

However, these branches are not organized, and both could be called more ideologies or philosophies than religion. Among the practitioners of cuntism their status is very controversial and mainstream cuntist churches do not recognize either.

Atheistic cuntism emphasises to large extent the external characteristics of the faith, and its content is, above all, sexual. Therefore it has at times been accused of anti-feminism and even seen as a variant of Gorean movement born in the United States. However, there is no basis for this interpretation.

Pagan cuntism is also controversial as a philosophy, because the religion’s views are difficult to reconcile into various pagan paradigms. Wiccans have, along with other pagan networks, denounced themselves from pagan cuntism. This is due to religion’s attitude when it comes to role of women, which is incompatible with feminism integral in Wiccan beliefs.

In this context worthy of mention is the Indo-Tibetan Yoni Puja ritual that has many elements of cuntism in it. The name of the ritual comes from Sanskrit and literally means cunt worship. (Yoni = vulva. Puja = worship, ritual.) However, it is purely pagan in nature and is associated with a female deity worship. Therefore it is not a surprise that neo-cuntist pagan cuntism has adopted many elements of the ritual into its own ceremonies.

Source: Wikipedia


Married cuntist couple doing harvesting work. Wood engraving by an unknown artist from the 1600's.
Painting by Pierre-Louis Chatte-Lécher (1775-1841) called 'Le adorateur'.
The Holy Cuntist Bible.
A cuntist male corset and chastity belt from early 19th century.
A badge of modern day neo-cuntist.

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