22 Aug 2014

Blessed Onanians (fiction)

Fickburg, 1611 

A flock of ravens croaked in the nearby trees as Johan walked in the queue along the uneven road. It was all uphill from the confirmation house to the church. He looked up and saw the church’s formidable figure on the hill, dominating the town of Fickburg spread around it.

The polyphonic, joyous sound of the church’s bells filled the air. The closer they got, the louder the bells were, and the more people there seemed to be along the streets. Faces stared at them with unashamed curiosity. Johan was embarrassed to be a focus of such intense attention.

Johan, like all the boys, was wearing a black cassock, and all of them tried to protect the long side hems. Spring rain had soaked the ground previous night, and here and there the road was nothing but mud. It wasn’t warm still, and the blowing wind made Johan feel the cold in a way he had difficulties getting used to.

As they approach the church Johan could not help but to glance up again, and marvel the church’s mighty figure. The gray structure made ​​of large stones was dominated by a huge rose window, which made Johan feel the smaller the closer they got.

They walked through the arched gate of the church fence and then crossed the church yard. The bells had finally fallen silent and for Johan it seemed the atmosphere, as they walked along the wet tiled yard corridor, was almost ominous.

Johan noticed men standing next to the church doors, dressed in black, the way all men in Fickburg did, and wearing a wide-brimmed hats. Most of the men had a beard and they seemed serious as they spoke to each other. Men looked at Johan and the boys without saying anything.

The massive main doors of the church followed the same form as the gateway, and narrowed sharply at the top. The door's zenith, the point where the two arcs encountered, was dominated by intricately made, gold-plated cross. Johan could not help looking at it as they entered the church.

Inside the church was cold and dark, and it took awhile for Johan to get used to the lack of light. Then he began to see better, and could distinguish the lighted candles here and there, as well as the people on both sides of the central aisle of the church.

They continued walking in a double queue along the center aisle. There was a cold breeze coming from somewhere and Johan felt the unpleasant draft again. Especially now, as they approach the altar, and the altarpiece, Johan was overwhelmed by sense of insecurity. At the altar they stopped and sat down to the seats on its right side.

Johan looked cautiously around him as his eyes slowly become more familiar with the lack of light. The first thing that caught his attention was the rose window at the end wall of the church. It looked, if possible, even more magnificent from inside than out.

Artfully done glass window, bathing in various shades of red, was oval in shape, and was divided by a vertical line in the middle. The same pattern, Johan knew, was also embroidered on the cassock he wore. The light shone brightly through the rose window, and Johan had to lower his gaze.

After a while Johan could see the people on the church better as well. On the right side he saw a row after a row Fickburg men, all dressed in black. They all sat up straight in their seats, looked very serious and barely moved at all.

Johan looked at left and saw the women’s benches. The women in Fickburg were allowed to more freedom when it came to clothing. The crowd of women also moved about vividly as they talked with each other. The happy chatter and bursts of laughter filled the church.

Johan noticed some women were leaning back, eyes closed and legs spread, and moving their hands under the skirt.

After a while Johan noticed movement at the main doors if the church. The double row that approached the altar resembled their own, with the exception it consisted of girls wearing white cassocks.

The girls set down in the same way as the boys had, on the altar’s left-hand flank. Johan had gotten to know the girls very well during last weeks, in the confirmation school, but it was strange to see them all now, surrounded by the splendor of the church, in their gleaming white cassocks.

Without even realizing it himself Johan's eyes began to circulate among the girls. After a while he noticed Heidi’s fair, long hair in the back row. She was talking excitedly to a dark-haired girl next to her, and from time to time Johan could distinguish her voice among the girls’.

It was as if the girl had bewitched him. At every opportunity Johan tried to look for the girl, even though he hadn’t spoke to her even once during the past weeks. Seeing her made it hard for Johan to breathe, the words stuck in his throat and invisible latches seemed to press his chest.

He had known Heidi from childhood, after all. She had been part of the same group of the Fickburg children as Johan. Together they had climbed trees, fought with each other, had mud cake wars and have done all the things the kids do. The Welkschwanz and Feuchtfotze lands were very close to each other, as well.

As the years passed everything had changed, and the childhood games were left behind. Like all the girls in Fickburg, Heidi was put to work at home while Johan stayed in the boys’ world. At the age of ten Johan and the other boys had taken the step closer to adulthood, and had started to get more and more men's work.

A year ago Johan had seen Heidi on the town market, and it had been hard for him to believe his eyes. Believe, that the runny-nosed, tangle-haired tomboy with constantly scratched knees had turned into the enchanting creature Heidi was now. As always, Johan watched the girl hungrily, like being on the verge of starvation.

Suddenly Heidi turned her head, making her long blond hair swung, and she noticed Johan. Their eyes locked to each over the altar railing, and the time seemed to stop for a moment. However, it didn’t last longer than a blink of an eye. Immediately Johan lowered his gaze to the floor, ears burning and cursing his own stupidity.

Unexpectedly the magnificent sound of the organs startled Johan and he lifted his gaze. The thundering sound of the organs filled the church and made the stone floor under Johan's feet to vibrate. Everybody in the church stood up. First the men, stiff as posts, then the women, more vocally and more out of sync.

When the organs stopped everything happened in reverse order. First the women, then the men, and finally the boys and girls on the altar.

After a few moments they heard father Stephen's deep voice, and eyes turned upwards, towards the pulpit. The topic of the sermon, as was understandable, was man’s banishment from Paradise.

"By the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread until you return to the ground”, read father Stephen aloud the familiar verse from the Bible. “Since from it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return."

Father Stephen paused and then continued reading from the book in front of him.

"And the Lord said to the woman: Because you allowed the snake to seduce yourself, you are to be henceforth mentally weak and in your husband's command. But since you are like a child you shall be exempt from responsibilities your man carries."

As he was speaking, father Stephen’s gaze slowly turned, and it was focused on women in their benches now.

"I will give the Holy Cunt for you to carry and I will place it between your legs. And I will set it to be the port to the delights of the Garden of Eden, where you're no longer allowed to step on your foot, and which is from now on reserved only for the Lord thy God."

Father Stephen gave a few moments for the words to sink in to his audience. The wandering eyes looked at the altarpiece. The rows of men were as motionless as before, unlike the women’s.

"And He said to the woman: Since you broke your word and made your husband to eat from the tree of which I commanded you not to eat, you have no control or authority over yourself, your house, or your cattle, and they will be in your husband's control. And since you broke against my word, I will punish you by taking away the pleasure of flesh I gave you. When you wish to continue your family, you will become one flesh, but only then.”

Again a pause, during which father Stephen turned his gaze to the men.

"He said to the man: From now on is your duty to take care of your wife, who will henceforth have a weak mind and who has to listen and to obey you. But since you did as your wife said, and broke your word against me, I will deny you the right to touch that part of yourself that makes you a man beside your woman. If you waste the elixir of life by which man makes woman to carry a child, the remaining number of days in your life shall be reduced."

Men's rows remained, if possible, even more stiff and serious. Father Stephen's eyes turned slightly as he continued with a thundering voice.

"When you want to be in union with the Lord, your God, you are to worship the Holy Cunt that I gave your woman to bear. By pleasing it are you to worship me, and through it you will see the Lord thy God."

Johan turned his head and saw that a number of women had spread their legs and had followed the example of the women Johan had noticed earlier. Many of them had moved their skirts aside and Johan saw a line of bare cunts. The women were masturbating while listening Father Stephen’s words, and the church was filled with sighing and muffled moans.

Johan turned his eyes again, and sat more upright, as the sermon continued.

"But since you ate from the tree of knowledge the snake has contaminated you and your elixir of life. For this reason your child will be contaminated by sin. Your daughter who bears the Holy Cunt is mentally weak, and therefore free from sin. But your son is placed on earth to carry the burden of sin, because he is strong enough for it."

Father Stephen lowered his gaze and read now directly from the Bible.

"Only when you want to continue your family, you will become one flesh, because your woman’s cunt is now the temple of Lord thy God. And the man named his wife Eve, because she would become the mother of all the living. And the Lord made garments of skin for Adam and his wife and clothed them.”

Father Stephen closed the Bible before him and was silent for a moment.

"Thus sayeth the Lord."

There was a chorus of spontaneous and unsynced “Amen’s” in the church.

Father Stephen continued, and began to explain the significance of the day. How important it was for the young men on the altar, who would henceforth carry all the obligations and responsibilities a man has as full member of the community.

Johan suspected the sermon was very similar every year at confirmation, but kept his posture straight and eyes alert. Many of the subjects of father Stephen's sermon dealt the same things he himself had been contemplating for months, the same questions he had tormented the village priest with.

Young men had a big responsibility, Father Stephen said, as they now reached adulthood. Because they had been, as he had just read from the Holy Bible, given a great burden to bear.

Women, and girls in particular, are like the lilies of the field or the birds of the sky, he continued. Lord has deprived them of understanding of the more difficult things, which are the responsibility of men. Women's task is to worship God in the only way they know how, with the one part that is divine in them. A man's task is to help the bearers of the cunt to do this, and to serve the Lord through it.

Man's responsibility is great, because he has to not only take care of the weak-minded carriers of cunt, but also bear the burden of the original sin the woman sentenced on mankind. The woman should not be blamed for this, as her mind is like that of a child, and she was therefore easily deceived. It would have been the man responsibility to say no, and because he did not do so, the Lord gave His judgement.

Perhaps it would have been better if the Lord had taken the ability to sin away from man, Father Stephen said, that instrument through which it is easy for Satan to seduce him. For when a man touches himself in a way the Lord has forbidden, and listens the sound of his lust, he gives control to Satan. If that happens, he does not listen and worship the Lord in a way he has set, but listens Satan himself.

If man listens the words Satan he commits the sin of selfishness, which is the greatest of all sins. The only way man can avoid this is worshipping the holy cunt. The is no selfishness is worshipping the cunt. Let it be a man who worships the cunt, or a woman worshipping it by herself. Because the cunt is the mercy, the love and the life.

When a man feels he is being tempted by Satan, he must seek a cunt as quickly as possible, and worship it. Only in this way, by being in the vicinity of the Lord, worshiping the Lord and witnessing His presence, can man avoid Satan's schemes.

Again, the church was filled by spontaneous, even more loud "Amen’s".

Johan changed his position on the velvet seat. He felt strange, bare and naked. The familiar pressure around his groin was gone, The familiar feeling he had known for years, and that had become a natural part of him had been taken away. Without it, he felt insecure.

There are some, Father Stephen continued, the Satan has no power over. Some blessed men are completely free from the curse of the original sin. There are some who almost completely avoid Satan's schemes and never want to touch themselves in the way Lord has forbidden. But the younger the man, the more unprepared he is for the schemes of the adversary.

That is why young men need to be protected. It is the the task of community to protect its youths from Satan. That's why every male child is given on his tenth birthday a belt to protect him, a belt that prevents them to touch themselves in inappropriate way. To protect them, so that Satan would not claim them as his own.

Johan remembered his own belting day. It had been a cause for great celebration, the first step after the baptism, on the way to become a part of the community. He remembered how proud he had been, and how much his status had risen among the other boys of the village.

Some of the boys got the belt even earlier, if their fathers were concerned about the purity of their sons. Johan remembered how jealous of these boys he had been. He had felt they had been given something they shouldn’t had been granted yet.

The belted boys also had the opportunity to attend the town assemblies with the men, held after the church services. The idea was to familiarize the boys with the official affairs of the community as early as possible.

The meetings were long, tedious sessions, during which men of the village made decisions of the lengths of the hinges and so on. The boys did not have the right to speak at meetings and they had to sit in the back row. Johan had, however, listened to every word carefully. He had always been an obedient boy, and in the meetings he felt as if being a part something big and important.

The women who had taken part of the church service weren’t allowed to attend the meetings, of course. Therefore they had to spend the time outside the meeting house, or, as usually was the case, at the nearby lake or on the surrounding meadows.

Only during the past year the belt and matters relating to it had begun to trouble Johan's mind, and he had started to torment father Stephen with his questions after the sunday school. Especially the belt and its importance to spiritual purity, had puzzled Johan's mind.

"It is good to keep cock covered and hidden", had father Stephen explained patiently. "The Satan may get inside through the hole at the end of it, and make one’s nest there. From there it can whisper its lies to the boy, to get him into thinking it is merely the voice of his own body talking, when it actually is the voice of Satan."

Father Stephen had said that Satan did this for two reasons. First of all, to infect man and get him to forget the one and only way to joy and the knowledge of God. If man falls into the temptation of Satan and defiles his body, Satan has won. Man is then enjoying himself in solitude, selfishly giving in to the false pleasure given him by the Satan.

The other reason was even much worse, when it came to the consequences. If man gave himself to Satan, it could make man believe his lust for the woman was justified, that his desire for the most sacred thing in the woman's body gave him right to to join it in unnatural and sickening way.

If this happened, Satan will contaminate the most sacred thing of all. In this way the woman becomes contaminated, as well as the man and the whole community. Because the man's lust, if it doesn’t get its fulfillment from the holy cunt, is from Satan.

Covering the cunt, on the other hand, is in no way necessary, but quite the opposite. Because it is the gateway to the kingdom of heaven, and the manifestation of almighty God upon the Earth. And Satan has no power over the holy cunt, which is the abode of the Lord, as long as man doesn’t defile it.

Johan had once heard from older boys in the neighboring village, that outside Fickburg and the surrounding areas, people lived in a different way, in a way that had horrified and appalled him. What boys had told had sounded unnatural and wrong to him.

Something in the stories had left him feeling puzzled, though. According to them, elsewhere boys did not have to carry the belt. The self-defilement caused by the Satan was considered a sin there as well, but in a different way. And people didn’t worship the holy cunt there.

The thought troubled Johan so much he had to finally ask from his father whether the stories were true. At first his father had become angry and asked him where had he heard such stories, but finally he had had to admit what Johan had heard was true. Johan tried to ask why things were in Fickburg the way they were. How come they didn’t were here as they were elsewhere?

"Elsewhere, elsewhere!" his father had said angrily. "Elsewhere people live as they live elsewhere, you live here. In Rome people worship Mary, in the orient mohammedans bow to Allah, and the lands of the heathens and savages they worship pagan idols and trees. As long as you live Fickburg, you live the way people in Fickburg do."

This had happened several years ago, and Johan realized now how wrong he had been, how right his father. And how wrong were those who let young men to go without a belt.

A lot of things were differently here, Johan had learned as grew up. A lot of things were here in a way that surprised, confused and shocked outsiders. Differently, and better.

A crime called "rape" was unknown in Fickburg, as well as other similar crimes. The term “wanker” was an unknown term, as well as the "cunt" as a curse word, or a slander. The latter, however, was a common blessing, to be given to a good friend or to a house.

"May the holy cunt protect you," someone might say, and the second answer: "As well as your house."

Belt did affect young boys wearing it, of course, and the older they were, the stronger the effect became. Johan recalled his own childhood, and the games the boys of the village played. The older the boys became, the more intense, more dangerous and daring these games were.

Community, however, turned a blind eye to them, and even accepted it, because everybody knew the boys had inside them energy they were unable to release in the same way the girls were.

Heidi, like all the girls in Fickburg, was raised in the domain of the home. They were familiarized at very early age with all the home chores, and above all, the value of the cunt they carried. How important it was for them to learn how to be through it in communion with God.

As long as the girls were under the marrying age, they were encouraged to explore themselves and learn how to reach the Lord. The task of boys was of course to help them, and as soon as possible the boys and girls were given lectures and teaching at the sunday school about the secrets of the cunt.

It was important that the girls learned to get to know their body and the cunt they carried, partly because this way they were able to tell to the boys helping help what their cunt liked. Partly to be able to reach God as an adult, when it came the need to do so.

As they approached the marrying age, the girls were taught at the sunday school that God's presence was something that was not to be taken for granted. As they crossed the border from childhood to adulthood, and the girls were turned into women, they needed to understand that reaching God's was an honour.

The part of boys was a very different one. The older they grew, they began to get more responsibility in the fields. The heavier jobs, the better. Everybody knew the older boys got, the more eagerly the Satan tried to get them defile themselves.

Johan remembered last summer very well. The young men of the village had built a barn under the supervision of some older men of the village, on the meadow beyond the river. The summer had been an incredibly hot one, and the boys, most of them nineteen, had worked hard for weeks, without a single complain They liked hard work.

The young men were all hard work-hardened and sun-drenched. The air was rippling in the heat, the meadow had been full the sound of grasshoppers, and the sweat had flowed from the boys’ poors. Only a fool would have worn a shirt on that say.

Every day at noon the village girls of the same age had arrived to bring lunch to the boys. Due to the hot weather they dressed as lightly as possible as well. On some days, if the distance from the village had been a particularly hot and humid, they had cooled themselves in the river and let the sun dry their naked bodies.

Afterwards the girls had settled themselves into meadow to some distance from the boys and pleasured themselves in the sun. According the girls they did this to bless the meal they had brought to the boys, as well as the barn they were building, praying for its speedy completion.

This wasn’t by no means exceptional. Because the woman experienced a connection with God  in the moment of fulfillment, it was only natural that if people wanted the wanted to ask something for Him, like a good catch or a plentiful harvest, the best time to do it was during that brief moment a woman was in direct connection with the Lord.

This meant that if the family or the house were in great need of something the women were able to claim a skillful tongue to pleasure themselves at any time. However, it also had its drawbacks. If the required things, such as keeping wild animals to stay away from the village, or a good harvest did not materialize, the women were all too tempting scapegoat.

Johan remembered the expressions of the boys, holding the tools in their tanned hands, watching the girls a short distance away. The girls were scattered along the breadth of the meadow. Some of the girls formed a small, laughing circle, some even helping each other, some sat farther apart. Some of the girls watched the boys as they were pleasuring themselves.

One of the girls looking at the group has been Heidi. Johan remembered marveling on that occasion as well, how beautiful she had become during the years. Johan wasn’t sure, but for a moment he thought their gazes had met, before he had continued, with red face, putting the pile into the hard ground.

He admitted, however, that the girls' prayers did have an effect. The work was never progressed as rapidly as those days.

As long as Johan remembered, it had been taught to him, like to all the boys before belting age, that the place for hands as they slept was over the blanket. Very often the boy’s hands were tied to the bed as well. He had never questioned that, even wondered why. This was simply done, the same way boys wore pants and girls wore skirts.

In the girls’ case, with younger and old girls alike, place of the hands was, of course, under the blanket. Johan did not question this fact either, even though he did wondered as a small boy why the girls, especially the older of them, seemed to be suffering so much before falling asleep. After all, the seemed to moan in agony in their beds every night.

As Johan grew up and Satan had, after he had gotten the belt, began to whisper in his ear, and rolling and tossing in bed in agony became familiar to him, he thought it must be the same thing the girls endured. If boys suffered this way, so must girls do as well, he thought.

Only after a few years Johan learned that what girls experienced was a different matter altogether. Learned that what boys felt in their bodies and in their groin was the voise Satan. What girls experienced every night under their blankets was, and as Johan himself later testified, when the girls sometimes did it even during tedious home chores, was God himself.

After all, what boys experienced, so he had explained to, was altogether different by nature, and therefore it had to have a different origin.

Johan wished he could feel what girls did. Not fulfillment of his lust, of course, but the connection with God. How wonderful that feeling had to be! To feel the all-powerful around oneself, on one’s skin, inside one’s body, even for a short moment.

Johan didn’t doubt for a moment this wasn’t the case. That women and girls in fact did reach God in the time of fulfillment. He had seen women and girls reaching it what must have been hundreds of times.

There were those women to whom the Lord did not speak, or those who weren’t able to reach the Gog. In those cases, Johan knew, they many times simply lied, tried to made other people to believe they had reach God. even though they didn’t have. If a bearer of a cunt was caught doing this, the penalty was a harsh one. Sometimes even the mere suspicion was enough.

Such cases, however, were very rare, because it was part of a every cunt bearer in Fickburg to seek as young age as possible, the right way to reach God. And if she was not able to so, it was the holy task of the rest of the community to help her.

Johan had heard women talk about reaching the Lord, how each one of these times was slightly different. He had heard the descriptions of it dozens of times, and the fact that each of the descriptions seemed to be different, continued to fascinate him.

Even at its modest, the fulfillment was something during which Johan saw, or rather KNEW that God was present and part of them. At its most beautiful, when the bliss woman experienced, was violent and unrestrained, Johan could almost see and feel the presence of the almighty. Compared to this, everything Johan had heard about similar sensations on men, seemed sad and pathetic.

The very idea made ​​Johan shiver with disgust. Man or a boy, indulging in solitude to things that was against all God had ordained. Surrendering to Satan, for a moment of joy that couldn’t have been but a fraction of the ecstasy experienced by the woman, or that of a the fulfillment experienced by man, when he saw woman reach God.

A moment of joy, and what was the price to pay? Eternal loss of the soul. Johan shook his head. No. He realized that that part was not ordained to him. Only girls had the right to be in communion with God, not boys.

However, understanding this had took years. At first he hadn’t understood what were those strange sensations that made ​​him squirm uneasily under the warm blankets, filling his mind with indecent images.

When he and the other boys had finally been explained the truth in sunday school, Johan couldn’t understand why God allowed Satan to tempt him so. He, who had never been looked a girl in a lustful manner, who was always helpful and courteous to girls. Why?

Finally Johan had understood why. It was because he was the way he was. Not so full of masculine energy, in the way boys of the nearby houses were. If Satan had succeeded to seduce him, it would have been much bigger victory for the adversary.

Only after understanding his responsibility Johan felt that he had been ready to leave his childhood behind him. God tested Johan. His task was to kill the voice of Satan within him, nobody else could do it. God helps those who help themselves, said the holy book, as well.

Johan had to drive Satan away, had to exorcise it from inside him, no matter powerful it was, before he was to be permitted to become a full-fledged member of the society. And that was what Johan had tried to do, with the best of his ability. One proof of that was the fact that he was was here, in this cassock, sitting on this bench.

Organs started again and the people in the church began to sing. It was a familiar hymn, and was about, as the majority of the hymns Johan knew, licking a cunt, the bliss of fulfillment, and the love of Lord for man.

Both rows on the altar stood up. In a manner told to them earlier, the boys and girls stepped on the altar in their cassocks. Boys remained standing before the altar, facing the people. Rows of women in the church was moving out of sync. It would have been disrespectful not to try to be in connection with God during the ceremony.

Finally the hymn ended and the organs became silent. The church was quiet, with the exception of sighing and low moaning of women. The ranks of men, however, remained as motionless and quiet as previously. Johan followed their example, squared his shoulders and stared firmly in front of him.

Father Stephen started speaking again, but it was hard for Johan to concentrate on his words. He was embarrassed to be the focus of so many eyes. And even though he knew the reason for it, he hoped the cassock would have covered more than their hips.

Johan understood, however, that the cassock needed to unveil the dicks of the young men attending the ceremony. Because this was the day when they had to prove themselves, to people in the church, to the community and to God, that they had been able free themselves from Satan.

If any of them got hard during the ceremony, they were removed from the church immediately. Those boys would have a chance to prove his worthiness the following year. That happened every year. and on this occasion as well, there was some of the young men amongst them, for whom this was the second attempt to pass the ritual.

However, if a young man wasn’t able in three years to silence the Satan’s voice within him, it was a proof that the adversary claimed him for good. The punishment was expulsion from the community for life. This happened very rarely, but Johan was aware of two cases. No one ever mentioned those boys.

Drawing a deep breath Johan corrected his posture again and faced the ranks of women, looking at the young men greedily, while masturbating themselves. That will not happen to him, he thought. He knew what to do. He had gone through this in his head, not just dozens, but hundreds of times. He would not give control to Satan.

There was a cold draft coming from somewhere. He felt it in his groin, touching him in a way Johan still had difficulties to think as normal. Right now, however, he was pleased from the draft. It was as if his manhood had started to shrink even more, to retreat even deeper inside the his body.

A faint smile rose to Johan's face. You no longer have power over me, Satan, he thought.

"And so, young men," Father Stephen said as he was ending the sermon. "In the presence of this holy congregation, prove your worthiness and willingness to serve the cunt, in a manner the Lord has set."

The organs came into life again, and they turned around, facing the vision in front of them. The altarpiece, which had already drawn Johan's attention, when they had entered the church, stood before them. Johan looked up,feeling insignificant next to it.

The altarpiece was dominated by the figure of Eve, the first carrier of the holy cunt. It was an image of her in the Paradise, naked and in a sitting position, with her legs spread. Around her, basking in the beams of light emanating from the cunt, hovered cherubim and other heavenly host.

A bit farther away. here and there in the picture, he saw smaller figures. They were illustrations of the events in Bible Johan knew well, and nearly all of them included a holy man in cunt worship. High up, above the altarpiece, the space was dominated by the suffering figure of Christ, looking upwards with an anguished look in His eyes.

He had stood so many times on the altar during the past few months, and had begged the Lord for strength. Johan imagined the Christ must have had to suffer the same pains as he was. After all, according the Bible, the Christ was the son of man, made of flesh and blood, like any other human being.

Under the altarpiece he saw his female peers, who had followed the example of Eve. There was exactly the same number of girls as they were boys. Because there were more boys than girls almost each year, some maidens who had been part of the ceremony a year earlier, had been told to attend it this year as well.

The girls were all lying on the red velvet altar bench. Girls cassock had the same cut than theirs and from where Johan stood he couldn’t see anything but three dozen pairs of bare thighs, and between them, just as many waiting cunts.

One after another, the young men crossed the altar and took one’s place in front of the next available cunt. Finally it was Johan's turn. He started walking, but suddenly his legs almost stopped working, and he forgot to breathe, as he saw whose cunt the fate had given to him.

Heidi's beautiful face looked at him, surprised at first. Then a smile appeared on them as the girl saw who had stopped in front of her. Heidi’s fair hair was spread on the red velvet and the chest under the white cassock was heaving slightly. The beautiful line of the hip started from underneath the cassock, and was continued as two spread, flawlessly beautiful legs.

And between them, he saw Heidi’s cunt.

Dear God in heaven, thought Johan, and took a deep breath. It was even more beautiful than he had imagined in his dreams. It was like the most beautiful flower in the world, delicate and enchanting, and Johan had to fight the urge to fall down on the floor to worship it right away. Never, ever, had he seen a cunt as beautiful as Heidi’s.

Naturally Johan had seen Heidi pleasure herself from time to time, with the girls of the village. But he had always watched it from a distance. Even during the weeks in the confirmation school, where they learned everything there was to know about cunts, Johan had always somehow ended up satisfying some other girl. Or had it been intentional? Had he deliberately kept himself away from her?

Johan understood had devoured Heidi with his gaze, as if dying of hunger, and shifted his gaze back to the girl's face. Heidi had seen and understood his gaze, and smiled at him making his cheeks burn up lightly again. He quickly glanced sideways. A few cunts were without a worshiper yet, but the ceremony would begin soon.

Heidi changed her position slightly on the velvet bench, and continued smile to Johan. It was difficult for him to interpret that smile. Was it meant as an invitation? He glanced again at Heidi’s crotch, and he noticed Heidi spreading a little bit more. It seemed as if Heidi’s cunt as well had been summoning him.

The blood rushed in Johan’s ears and he heard the voice of his heart in his ears. Then a terrible thought came to Johan's mind, and he looked downwards, anticipating for the worst. But thank God, his cock remained limp. The turn events had seemed to make it even smaller, and it looked as if it was disappearing somewhere inside Johan’s body.

This gave Johan faith and courage, and a few moments later he kneeled on the altar pillows, as did all of the boys.

His hands were shaking somewhat, as he took Heidi's thighs in his hands caressed the smooth skin. It was chilly in in the church, and the girl's legs seemed ice-cold, his own palms boiling hot as they wandered on her skin. Johan heard the girl sighing and could only conclude that Heidi liked his touch.

Then Johan leaned over and started kissing deeper inner surface of the thighs, slowly approaching Heidi's cunt. One would have to make the holy cunt favourable to man's tongue and fingers, recalled Johan the teachings. He had done this dozens and dozens of times, but never, Johan realized, never with an equal devotion and fervor.

He shouldn’t waste time, however, if he was to give the cunt fulfillment in the set time. He had to hurry, but not too much. Do enough, but not too much. Boys barely beyond the belting age, boys with unsteady hands, boys in too much of a hurry, did that. He was about to become a man.

Finally Johan's lips reached Heidi’s cunt. He kissed gently the soft skin around the cunt lips and inhaled deeply. It smelled just as lovely as he had imagined, and Johan felt his mouth starting to water.

Johan kissed Heidi's lovely cunt and felt the girl twitch slightly every time his lips touched the soft flesh. Each cunt God had made was different, he knew, and different things made them favourable. For some, it was the biting and pain, while others could not stand it. He did not know what it would be Heidi's case, so he should be careful.

After kissing the cunt lips some time, and listening the girl's sighing, Johan took a better position, lowered his head and with his heart racing, stuck out his tongue and put it in the groove formed by the cunt lips. The first touch, the first contact, was the most important one, Johan knew.

Slowly he drove his tongue through the whole course of the cunt lips, from the buttocks to all the way up to the godhill, situated in the upper part of the cunt. He heard Heidi gasp, and inhale deeply. Breathing a bit heavily himself, Johan made the godhill wet with his saliva let his tongue to swirl it around a few times. At the same time, Johan continued caressing Heidi’s legs. How to smooth their skin was!

However, one shouldn’t stay at the godhill for too long. It was like the doorbell at the castle gates. But one shouldn’t pull the cord like an imbecile, with the people of the castle still sleeping. Kissing the cunt lips he started to move downwards. Then he licked them properly, wanting to make them as wet as possible.

He stuck his tongue into the groove between the cunt lips again, but a little deeper and with more determination this time. He more felt rather than heard the girl inhaling excitedly. He started to move up, imagining his tongue being the brush of a painter, going up and down. applying the paint that was his saliva, on it and finally reached the godhill again.

This time he had the courage to stay on the hill for a moment longer, and swirl his tongue around the soft center with a bit of more force. Heidi’s sighing became stronger again, and he felt her body twitch a bit, and her bottom rose rise slightly from cushion of the altar bench.

Johan repeated this a few times, each time letting his tongue go in little deeper, little bolder, and to stay on the godhill little longer. However, he knew he would have to hurry. The sound of the hymn had disappeared somewhere in the background in his head, but as he focused on it he knew it was soon halfway through.

He picked up the pace, and finally let his tongue to swirl around that little piece of flesh until he knew the familiar series of twitches and convulsions tremble the girls slender body. He kept his hands firmly on the girl's thighs, and decided it was the time to check whether the people in the castle had already awakened. Wetting his index and middle fingers carefully, Johan began cautiously pushing them into the pass formed by the soft cunt lips.

Nothing could have surprise Johan more at that moment. The people of the castle weren’t merely awake, but he was being welcomed with open arms! Johan moved his fingers between the cunt lips, amazing how easy and effortless the movement was. Never, ever had he felt as wonderfully wet and soft cunt as Heidi’s!

Johan moved his fingers a few times back and forth feeling hardly any obstruction or friction. He heard Heidi starting to moan again, and this gave him the courage to continue. The lovely slipperiness practically called him to make the movement partly rotating, so that his whole arm was in involved in it.

Johan leaned over and continuing the movement of his hand, concentrated all his attention to the godhill now. By rotating his fingers in Heidi’s cunt and worshiping the godhill greedily with his tongue, he began to intensify the pace. Heidi's breathing became faster and his bottom seemed continually to want to rise in the air.

Continuing the movement of his hand he slid carefully his unnamed finger inside the girl. He heard Heidi gasp, but the tremble of her body didn’t stop. On the contrary, it seemed only to intensify.

This gave Johan courage and a few moments later he decided to slid in also his pinky finger, which merely seemed to be in the way, inside the girl’s body. He had to use a bit more force now  as he was rotating his hand inside the cunt, but the tremor of the girl's body only intensified. She began to gasp louder, and every time his hand went in the girl let out an ecstatic moan.

Johan realized the hymn was about to end soon, and that he would have to hurry. Johan let go of the girl’s leg and put his hand on the altar cushioning, with the intention of getting a better position. Unexpectedly he felt something hitting it.

It was Heidi's hand, which was apparently moving about without much control. Then the hand returned and, still moving about, started to look for Johan’s hand. He raised his hand a bit, and as if by mutual agreement their hands found each other. Fingers slid to each other, and Johan Heidi felt the girl squeezing tightly.

It was now or never, Johan thought. He lifted his face out of the girl’s cunt and pushed the four fingers in as deep as possible. With the same time rotating his thumb on the wet and slippery godhill, he bent his fingers and pressed hard against the inner wall of Heidi’s cunt.

The effect of the movement was surprised even Johan with its ferocity. The girl's breathing seemed to suddenly come to a halt, her body arched and started to tremble and the small fingers between Johan’s squeezed tightly. Not knowing whether the girl felt it or nor, Johan squeezed back.

Daring not to breathe, he kept his hand steady inside the girl. He moved his fingers a bit with careful motions, but kept the pressure on. Heidi breathed in fast, short, intense gasps, almost as if she were suffering. Gradually her body relaxed a bit and her bottom touched the velvet of the altar bench again.

As the final notes of the hymn echoed in the church, and the organs stopped, he heard the girl's intense breathing slow down and felt the twitching of her body gradually stop. He let his fingers slowly slide out of girl’s gunt. He felt sad, having to leave that wonderful place.

Feeling overwhelmed, Johan leaned over and kissed the wet cunt lips a few times, as a goodbye, as a thank you. He felt the girl’s body twitch again. Johan had almost irresistible desire to start licking the girl immediately again. Slide his tongue deep into Heidi’s wonderful cunt, to drink her delicious juices, and to give fulfillment to her over and over again.

But the time for it was not now, if ever again. Johan stood up up, and having almost to force his fingers out of the girl's grasp, pulled his hand away.

He looked at Heidi and was startled a bit. There was a wild, unfocused look in the girl’s eyes, her hair was a mess, and her lips looked dry. It was as if Heidi was waking up from a dream, and the expression on her face was a mixture of puzzlement and relief.

But then look on her face changed and in their place there was a tired, but extremely happy smile. Heidi's mouth opened and closed a few times, as if she had wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Daring himself to smile shyly Johan answered her gaze, and then turned around.

First thing he noticed was Father Stephen, who was standing in front of the altar railing fingers crossed and looked at them approvingly. The church was quiet, except for the distant sighing and moaning of women.

Three places on the altar were empty. Despite Johan was happy, he could not help feeling sadness for his peers. On the other hand, he was indescribably relieved, as he realized he had been worthy of the responsibility God had entrusted on him.

Johan glanced down and looked at his manhood, hanging limp between his feet, small and shrunken. A smile rose to Johan's face. You do not have power over me anymore.

"Congratulations, you men chosen by God!" Father Stephen declared.

Then the silence that had prevailed, broke as the first people begun to approach the altar. Johan heard other boys being congratulated. The men and women of Fickburg embraced their sons and brothers. Within moments there was a complete chaos on the altar as family members of young men filled it.

Johan looked around somewhat lost, and felt like a chip of wood in a stream, until the first man of his family took him unexpectedly in a bear-like embrace. This was followed by a never-ending stream of hugs, congratulations, compliments and claps on the shoulder.

Johan felt as if the stream had suddenly turned into a stormy sea. Faces after faces appeared in front of him and he was flooded with compliments. Everyone seemed to speak at once and Johan had trouble understanding any of them.

In the corner of his eye Johan noticed a row of girls in white cassocks departing the altar and walking towards the side doors of the church without anyone paying attention to them. He turned to look at the girls and saw Heidi. She was looking at him over her shoulder and smiling.

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  1. Great story, although I probably would have never been able to do that in my youth. Today, it would be a little less difficult, but would still have a chastity on to be sure.
    With the aid of chastity, I could become part of this religion.