21 Aug 2019

Do You Have Some Time For Me? (fiction)

It all begun on a particularly cloudy Sunday afternoon in August, after me and my girlfriend had decided it would be nice to go for a walk by the riverside. It was a day like any, but it turned out to be one I would remember for a long time. 

We were walking along a cobblestone pavement, and watching over the murky water. The river ran through the city lazily, and looked like it wasn't in big hurry going anywhere. It wasn't officially autumn yet, but looking at the weather it was clear the summer was already over. 

Here and there on the side of the pavement there was benches, old style lamp posts, elm trees stretching their branches, and everything else you could expect. This wasn't the riverside of Seine, but it was the closest thing to it there was around these parts.

Despite the weather there was a number of couples as well as whole families on their Sunday walks. Many couples were holding hands, just like us. Somehow the surroundings made it seem appropriate.

At the bank of the river there was a grey-haired man selling balloons. This wasn't the usual season for them, and it looked like the man didn't have many customers. The balloons were the old-fashioned kind, round and made out of rubber instead of foil. My girlfriend noticed the man and stopped. 

"Could you do me a favour?" she said to me. "Could you go and get some of those for me? As many as you can, all if possible. I'll go sit over there on a bench."

It was a curious request, but I had learned it was wise to comply when it came to my girlfriend. She always told me what I needed to know, when it was time for it. 

A few minutes later I came back holding a huge amount of balloons in my hand. As I was walking I realized people had noticed my unusual purchase. As I handed them over to my girlfriend I noticed several of them smiling at us. The scene must have looked extremely romantic.

"He said didn't have more than this to sell, for some reason", I said as I sat down. "There's two dozen balloons there."

"I think it's more than enough", my girlfriend said giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Thank you honey, they will be perfect for what I have in mind."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, the thing is, I've been thinking I should start limiting your orgasms more", she said. "I know we've done all sorts of wonderful things in the bedroom. I just love fucking you in the ass, and I love you eating me out. I love making fun of your tiny, impotent dick."

I felt blushing a bit, and saw her smile.

"But most of all I love to control your orgasms. Or rather, deny them from you. You know I do. And we've done it a bit in the past. But I've been going this over in my head, and I  think want to do it properly now."

"Okay", I said and nodded. "What did you have in mind?"

She looked at the balloons in her hand. "Well, I was thinking about the following year. One year, exactly. You would have right to as many orgasms as there's balloons in my hand."

She looked at me and smiled. It was an excited, enthusiastic smile, and she looked like a child who had just gotten a new toy. Or thought of a new, fun game.

"How many did you say there was here?" she said giving the balloons a glance. "Twenty-four? What would that make? How long would you have to wait between each orgasm, on average?"

I thought it for a moment. My heart was racing and it was hard for me to think straight, all of a sudden. "Couple of weeks, or so?"

I saw my girlfriend shaking her head. "Honey, we're talking about your orgasms here. I want you to be precise. Use a calculator if you want."

I took a phone out of my pocket and opened the calculator app. My fingers were shaking, but finally I got the result my girlfriend wanted. "F-Fifteen days", I said with my voice shaking a bit. "Two weeks and a day."

"Hmmmm..." my girlfriend said. "That's not very long. You've been cumless longer for me in the past, and I'd love to deny you even longer."

My girlfriend looked at the colourful balloons above us and seemed to be thinking something. Then she pulled one of them apart and let it go. The balloon rose silently into the autumn sky. My girlfriend looked at me and smiled. "Tell me, how long is it now, honey?"

I tapped my phone, with my fingers shaking even more now.

"W-Well, if you round it up, sixteen days." 

My girlfriend looked disappointed. "I thought it would be longer. I should have asked you buy less of these if I had known."

My girlfriend looked at the balloons for a moment, then reached up and took a second one apart. She handed it to my direction. "Take it."

I took the balloon and held in my fingers. My girlfriend looked at me and smiled. "Now, let it go."

I did as I was told and we looked as the green balloon rose to the sky, and got flown away by the brisk wind. Then my girlfriend gave me another one. "That one as well, dear."

A moment later we watched the red balloon spinning in the air by the force of the wind.

Suddenly we heard a voice:

"How come you're letting your balloons go?" We looked and there was maybe a six year old girl with her mother standing next to our bench. The girl was wearing pink overalls and she had her hair in two unruly ponytails. She looked at us inquisitively.

"Well, we're just playing a game", my girlfriend said and then looked at the balloons. There was a little pause, before a smile appeared of her face and she continued. "Would you like to have one?" My girlfriend looked at the mother standing beside the girl. "I hope it's okay?"

"Please, mommy! Can I have one?" the little girl said, tugging at the hem of her mother's skirt. After getting the permission my girlfriend lowered the balloons so the little girl could take a better look at them. "What colour would you like?"

The girl looked at the brightly lit balloons, turning her head from one side to another. "A pink one!" she said finally.

"Pink it is, then", my girlfriend said, and started to look for the right string. A moment later the little girl was holding the pink balloon, looking awfully happy. 

"Tell me, do you have any brothers or sisters?" my girlfriend asked.

"I have a brother, but he's only three", the little girl said, sounding important. 

My girlfriend took hold of one of the strings and handed a moment later a bright blue one to the girl. "Well, here's one for him as well."

I had watched the little scene silently, without uttering a word. I doubt whether I could have even managed, if I had tried, or had any idea what I was supposed to say. My girlfriend watched as the mother and the little girl walked away.

"Such a cute little girl", she said and then turned to me smiling. "I hope you didn't mind giving your orgasms away?"

"N-no", I said. "Of course not."

"I'm so glad to hear that", my girlfriend said, and looked excited again. "Well, how long is it now?" 

I tapped on my phone again. My heart was racing, and I felt at the same time powerless, and extremely turned on.

"N-nineteen days", I said finally.

"Hm, that's still not very much", my girlfriend said. "Not even three weeks?"

I nodded.

"I want to keep you denied of orgasms more than that", my girlfriend said looking glum. "A lot more."

Seeing her sad made me feel guilty, but I didn't know what I could say to make her feel better. 

"Hmmmm, tell me", my girlfriend said then. "Since you're so handy with that thing, how many of these would we have to let go if we wanted to get at three weeks interval for your orgasms?"

This took me a bit longer to calculate. 

"Well", I said finally. "This says 17 balloons, and if there was 24 at the beginning... Well, two more, or three, I'm not exactly sure."

"Three it is then", my girlfriend said, taking three balloons more apart and then letting go of them. Together we watched as they rose to the grey autumn sky.

"There they go", my girlfriend said looking at the sky. She sighed and leaned back, looking happier than I had seen her in a long time. 

"Three more of your orgasms", she said turning back to me and practically beaming. "This is so much fun, isn't it? I love how easy it is to get rid of your orgasms."

I nodded. "Y-yes it is, dear."

We got both up and started walking. The wind had begun to blow harder and there was dark clouds gathering over the buildings on the opposite bank.

"I know", my girlfriend said suddenly, sounding excited. "Let's play a game. I'd like you to tell me what's the feature you should appreciate in me the most. Not the one you do, mind you. So think carefully."

I thought it for a while. "Your eyes?" I said. "I have always they're the most beautiful thing in you."

"That's nice to hear, but wrong answer", my girlfriend said, took one balloon apart and let it go. Silently the purple balloon rose to the sky. "Try again."

"Your... lips?" I said, and saw my girlfriend shake her head again. There was a wide grin on her face and it was clear she was enjoying this immensely. Again, a balloon rose to the sky. 

I tried to think frantically. "Uh..." I said. "Y-your hair?"

"I'll convey thanks to my hairdresser the next time I go there, but it's not my hair." 

We both looked it another balloon rising into the sky. My girlfriend looked at it excited. "Three more of your orgasms gone, just like that."

My girlfriend looked at me and smiled. "So, where are we now?"

I took my phone out and started tapping it with my hands shaking. "T-twenty eight days", I said, unable to keep my voice from shaking.

"Now we're talking", my girlfriend giving me a smirk. "Four weeks already. But I'm sure we can do better. Let's continue. I can give you a hint it's not anywhere on my face."

I looked at her body. My girlfriend was wearing a black leather jacket and underneath a basic plain white t-shirt. On her legs there was black leather boots, and a short black skirt. My mind was racing as I tried to think of the options.

"Y-your legs?" I said finally.

"They are quite lovely, and I know how much you like to worship them", my girlfriend said, chuckling. 

Stopping, she stepped back and made a little spin before me, so I could admire her legs better. I swallowed, and had trouble taking my eyes off them. 

"But unfortunately for you I didn't mean them, either", my girlfriend said and let another balloon go. "Try again." 

My gaze wondered upwards. "Is it your..." I said lowering my voice. "Well, your breasts?"

My girlfriend smiled, clearly enjoying my embarrassment. Placing a hand on her side she slid it upwards until it was on her other breast.

"I must admit my boobs are pretty magnificent", my girlfriend said, and giving her breast a little grope, moved it to the other. She looked at me and smiled.

"But no, I don't wish my big and lovely boobies are your favourite thing in me", she said and let another balloon go. Smiling she looked at the sky, and beamed. "And there it goes!"

Then she looked at the balloons in her hand. "Oh my, we've gotten rid of these quite nicely. Be a dear and count them for me." 

I did the way she had asked. "I think there's t-twelve of them", I said finally.

"Twelve!" my girlfriends said and looked at the balloons with a wide smile on her face. Then she turned at me. "Just imagine, an orgasm a month."

I nodded.

"We've gotten nicely rid of your orgasms", my girlfriend said. "But you still haven't figured out the answer. You're not even close. I would like say at this point it is not a physical feature."

I tried to think. I was glad my girlfriend was enjoying the game, but I was starting to feel desperate. 

"Your intellect?" I said finally. "I've always found your wit to be so sexy."

"Awwwww, that's so sweet", my girlfriend said. "And I know you do. But it's not that." Yet another balloon rose to the sky. She looked at me, with a wide grin on her face. "Try again."

"Your sense of humour?" I said. 

Again my girlfriend shook her head and a balloon go. "But I can tell you that you're getting warmer", she said. "It has also to do with our bedroom games."

I looked cautiously around me. "Is it..." I said and cleared my throat. "The fact you like to... dominate me?"

"Closer, but not quite", my girlfriend chuckled and took apart yet another balloon, letting it to rose to the sky. She looked at me with a mysterious smile on her face. "It has to do with the game we're playing at the moment, in fact."

"Is it the fact you..." I lowered my voice. "Want to deny orgasms from me?"

"Exactly!" my girlfriend said smiling and stepped up to me. "Well done!"

Giving me a kiss on the cheek, my girlfriend started to play about with the balloons in her hand. 

"And as a reward for you, I am going to take away five of your orgasms!" she said and started taking balloons apart. Together we watched them rose into the sky.

Then we turned to face each other. Our faces were only a few inches apart, and suddenly we found ourselves kissing passionately. We breathed rapidly and it seemed we both wanted to devour each other.

When we finally broke the kiss I saw my girlfriend look at me with her icy blue eyes. "Do you love me?" she asked, out of breath.

"I love you so!" I answered equally breathless. I saw another wide smile appearing on my girlfriend's face, and we exchanged another kiss, a shorter this time. 

"And I love you, so much" my girlfriend said after it was over. "You're so sweet. So sweet... so caring... so sensitive and so..." She gave me a little nibbles on the lips. "...wonderfully spineless. It'
s my favourite quality... in you." Again, we exchanged another long passionate kiss.

After we broke it off my girlfriend stepped back. "Well now, let's see what we have", she said looking at the balloons in her hand. A mischievous smile appeared on her face as she saw how few of them there were.

"Oh my!", she said looking at me. "Poor baby. Well, be a dear and count how many we are left."

"There are..." I said and swallowed. "There's... three balloons left."

"Three orgasms for you next year..." my girlfriend said shaking her head. "That's not much. Be a dear, and calculate for me how many days that would make in average."

I took my phone out and made the calculation. My heard started racing as soon as I saw the figure.

"Tell me", my girlfriend said, smiling. It was clear she had seen my reaction, and was enjoying the situation.

"It's about... 121 days", I said with my voice shaking.

"Oh dear" my girlfriend said, shaking her head. "What's that? Four months?"

"More or less, I said."

"I must say I like the sound of that", my girlfriend said, unable to hide the excitement in her voice. "Would you be able to do it?"

I shrugged. "If you tell me to."

My girlfriend stepped up to me and gave me a little kiss, this time on the lips. "Right answer."

My girlfriend looked at the three balloons in her hand. "Truth to tell there's so few of them left they are beginning to look a bit childish", she said and sighed. "It would be less so if we could divide them between us. But how we're supposed to it with three balloons?"

Looking at me, my girlfriend took the third balloon apart. Her hands were moving slowly and she looked like she was expecting me to object. Then she let go of it and the purple balloon rose to the sky.

My hear was racing and I felt a mixture of emotions washing over me, but I couldn't distinguish any. I was unable to speak and I had to fight the urge not to fall on the ground before my girlfriend and kiss her boots.

"I love you so!" I finally gasped. I saw my girlfriend smile. "I know."

We continued on our way, both holding a balloon and each other by the hand. After we had walked a while we came across a stairway leading up to the main street. The staircase was old, built centuries ago and dimly lit.

Realizing it would be a good idea to head towards home before it started raining we started to climb the stairs. When we were in the half up way my girlfriend suddenly stopped and, pushing me to the stone wall, kissed me deeply.

"I'm not sure whether you understand..." she said, after breaking it off and starting give me smaller kisses on the lips instead, while at the same time gripping my hair tightly. "How hot... this walk of ours... has been for me. My panties... are practically... soaking wet."

We looked at each other without saying anything. I gazed deep into her eyes and couldn't believe how fortunate I had been, for finding a girl like her. My girlfriend put her hand on my shoulder and brushed it a bit. She was looking down, looking uncharacteristically unsure of herself.

"I know you'd have two orgasms left for the next year", she said. "But you know that's not I want." She lifted her head and looked up to me with her icy blue eyes. "Don't you?"

A moment later we were kissing again, deeply and passionately. Without breaking the kiss we both raised a hand and let go. We didn't look up to see two balloons rose quietly to the autumn sky. They didn't matter anymore.