11 Jun 2020

Fountains of the Paradise (fiction)

All in all, it had been a vacation from hell. Our flight had been delayed, our seats had been miserable and between two families with several misbehaving children, an elderly woman sitting beside us had spent the whole time lecturing me and my wife what wrong in America nowadays, and when we finally got to our destination it turned out my luggage was nowhere to be found.

And that was only the beginning.

We were at the capital of Santa Feminia, an island state located south of Brazil. The country had a somewhat shady reputation, and it seems it was a some sort of cross between Singapore and Cuba. It had begun opening up in the recent years after decades of isolation, but it was still a mystery to many. 

My wife and I were there the island as a joint business trip and a vacation. She was there for an  important seminar, but I was along only for the ride. As soon as the seminar was over out plan was to do some sightseeing. Neither of us weren't well off, and we knew we might not get such an opportunity never again. 

Perhaps everything would have gone differently if we had taken seriously the reports coming from different parts of the world before we left home, but at that point no one seemed to do so. Or that if something hadn't gone wrong with our travel arrangements. The thing is, by the time we tried to check in out hotel, it turned out our reservation never reached it, or something else had happened. 

We also soon realized every hotel we could think of was equally full packed. We were in city of several million people, with nowhere to sleep in. Finally we managed to find one hotel with room, but there was only one problem. It was all female hotel. No men allowed, period. 

We had been at the reception for fifteen minutes, explaining our situation. Or rather my wife had. She spoke Spanish, and even though the receptionist, a dark haired middle aged woman spoke English, very few people on the island seemed to do.

The receptionist was adamant, however, and kept shaking her head. She was explaining for the tenth time Hotel Solanas was an all female hotel with very strict rules. My wife could check in, but not me. Then she kept a small pause.

"There is one possibility, but am sure you won't be interested in it."

"We'll take it!" I cut in. "We're desperate!"

The receptionist started to talk and the further she got the more preposterous it sounded. My wife could check in to the hotel, and she could have with her one, as the saying went, companion. There was only one catch. Companions weren't allowed to wear clothes.

My wife and I looked at each other.

"You cannot be serious, surely?" my wife said to the receptionist. 

"I assure I am", the receptionist said handing out my wife a thick pamphlet. "You can see from here yourself."

The receptionist went over to the other end of the counter to service customers and left us with our dilemma. My wife browsed through the pamphlet, which apparently was all in Spanish.

"Yep, it's all here", my wife said finally. 

"This is insane", I said. My wife nodded. "Tell me about it."

There was a moment of silence. The situation was impossible, we were both tired, hungry, and exhausted. We needed a place to sleep. 

"Honey", my wife said after a while and looked at me. "Could you consider it?"

"What?" I said to her, shocked. "Are insane? We have to find someplace else."

"Honey, the city is completely booked", she said. "There is no place else. The conference won't begin until the day after tomorrow and we got to find a some place to stay. We just need to get checked in, and to get to our room, so we can start sorting this all out tomorrow. We'll order room service or something."

The receptionist returned and gave us a stern look. "Have you made your decision? If not, I will have to ask you both leave."

My wife and I exchanged a look. Finally I sighed and nodded.

"We'll take it", my wife said.

"Excellent", the receptionist said, back in the normal customer service mode and handed my wife the normal accommodation card. "Please fill this. I will also need your companion's clothing now." 

"Here?" my wife asked.

"Of course here" the receptionist said with a voice which was a mix of her previous tone and her customer service mode, and smiled. "Now."

I looked around in the lobby. It was a busy time of the day, and there was plenty of hotel guests there, walking back and fort or sitting in the large lounge area. I saw women of ages, mothers with their daughters, and even a large group of teenage girls with huge bag bags talking with each other excitedly. 

I felt a surreal feeling coming over me as I started to open my belt. One after another I took my vacation clothes off, until I stood next the counter naked. This seemed like a bad dream.

Every item went into a big plastic bag the receptionist had dug up somewhere, even my wallet, phone and other belongings. That was one of the rules, apparently. They would stay there as long as we stayed in the hotel, according the receptionist.

I kept my back facing the lobby while my wife took care of the usual checking in, and the receptionist told her where everything was in the hotel.

"Welcome to Solanas", the receptionist said finally and gave the key to our room to my wife.

It seemed our room was in the third floor, but unfortunately the elevators were temporarily out of order which meant we would have to use the stairs. I had no luggage, of course, but my wife had plenty. Naturally I offered to help her and she gave me one of her shoulder bags and a handle of one of her suitcases.

I tried to keep a straight face as we walked across the lobby. It still felt surreal. I kept my eyes on the floor, but looking down merely made me more aware of my nakedness. Instinctively I  walked past a step or a half behind my wife, perhaps trying to find some imaginary cover that way. 

In some way, however, that made me feel like a naked sherpa. The suitcase was the kind you dragged behind you and the straps of the shoulder bag were too short in order for me to cover my groin with it. As we walked past the teenage girls on our way to the stairs I heard them bursting into giggles. Who could have blamed them?

After we got into our room I dropped everything, collapsed into an armchair, and covered my face into my hands. "Oh my god! This is a nightmare!" 

I felt my wife patting my hair. "Poor thing", she said. "But it's over now."

My wife started unpacking and I looked up, glancing the room. It was a basic hotel room, albeit a very small one. In addition to the armchair, there was a desk, a small closet for clothes, and a double bed.

"Bad news dear", my wife said, reading a hotel pamphlet she was holding in her had. The she looked up and there was a serious expression on her face. "According to this one there's no room service in this hotel, only the restaurant downstairs."

A quick phone call my wife made to the reception proved this to be true. Delivering food to a room, especially in this situation, was quite out of the question. We were both starving, and since there was no other way, we realized we'd have to dine downstairs.

Again I sought cover by walking slightly behind my wife, even though I knew how futile the attempt was. I kept my eyes on the floor, but had to look up now and then and noticed my nakedness didn't go noticed by anybody.

Each time we came across anyone I noticed the glance directed at me going up and down, many of the guests clearly tried to prevent or hide their wandering look, but were usually unsuccessful. Then again, who could blame them? 

We walked past the lobby and entered the restaurant, where we were welcomed by a young woman in a smart looking head waiter uniform.

"Ah. Our special guests", the woman said directing her words to my wife. "Here is our menu. Please follow me, I will escort you to your table."

When we got to our table I was in for a surprise. The table in question was so small it was clearly meant for only one person, and there was only one chair. On the floor, however, I saw something then eerily looked like a dog bowl.

I looked at the bowl as the waiter pulled the chair to my wife, and realized I was expected to kneel in front of it.     

After the waiter had given my wife the menu and the wine list she finally looked at me. "Please take your seat, sir."

I looked at my wife, who was looking at me sympathetically. I sighed and went on all fours. A moment later I heard my wife and the waiter starting to discuss about the menu. After my wife had made her order the waiter left. I watch her high heeled shies walking away, still couldn't believe this was happening.

"Are you doing okay, honey?" I heard my wife's voice from above.

"I manage", I told her. There was no way I would show any of this was getting to me.

It took quite while for the food to arrive, and I felt my knees aching. Finally I saw the waiter approaching the table again. She served the food to my wife, and there was the usual small talk about it as well. 

A moment later a saw a big vat appearing to my field of vision, and then the waiter scooping out of it something that looked leftovers from previous meals. Several scoopfuls dropped into the dog bowl in front of me, and then I heard the waiter's voice again.

"Enjoy your meal." 

The situation was absurd, but at that moment I didn't care. I was starving, and exhausted, so I put my head in and started to eat. 

While I was in half way of emptying the bowl I heard the waiter returning.

"I am awfully sorry to disturb you", I heard her say, again directing her words to my wife. "But the rules of our hotel requires the companions to wear this for the remainder of your visit. The receptionist forgot to mention it earlier."

Before I understood what was happening I heard fingers on my neck, and then something being attached around it. I felt it tighten, and then there was a sound of a buckle being closed. 

"Also, it is required for him not to walk on the hotel premises unattended or in walking position. Here's a leash to walk him with." Again there was a click, and I  felt a slight tug in the collar. "Here we go. I hope you understand. Sorry for the inconvenience."

A moment later I felt my wife ruffling the hair at the back of my head. 

"You poor thing", I heard her say. "But this will be over soon, and we can go back to our room. I'm almost finished."

After we had both finished our meals my wife got up. I felt her taking hold of the leash attached to my collar and giving it a light tug.   

As we were returning to our room I realized I almost preferred walking on all fours, as opposed to upright position. This way I could avoid looking people in the eye, for one. 

In our room there was another surprise waiting for us. The double size bed was gone now, and it had been replaced with a narrow one person bed. The bed was way too narrow for two persons. 

On the floor beside it however, was a dog's sleeping basket with a blanket. It was clearly a basket for a rather large dog, but clearly, meant for an animal. One of the many rules the hotel had, apparently.

"Oh dear", I hear my wife say as she put her key on the desk. "I could call the reception and ask..."

"No", I said. "Let's just go to bed. I'm too tired."

Next morning there was the same routine at breakfast. My wife walked me downstairs on a leash behind her and again I was grateful my position made me possible to avoid looking at people. The stairs caused a bit of problem for me but otherwise I managed.

When we got back to our room we were faced a new problem. We had planned to spend the Sunday acquainting ourselves with the city, but that was now out of the question. My wife had her laptop so she could work on her presentation, unlike me. With my luggage I had lost everything I had taken with me, and even my clothes were now at reception. 

Soon the question became meaningless, though. After my wife had worked on her computer for a while she started to shake her head and sigh, and before I had a chance to ask what was the matter she asked me over. I leaned over her shoulder and looked at the screen.

Apparently the news we had heard before leaving home were only a beginning, and an outbreak of some kind of virus all over the world was a reality. People should avoid physical contact and take care of their personal hygiene. Strict measures had been put in place everywhere, including Santa Feminia. A marshal law had been declared mere hours ago.

"Is this for real?" I asked shaking my head. My wife did the same, and sighed. "Looks like it."

An hour later or so there was a knock on the door and the receptionist we knew opened the door. 

"Good morning, she said. "I take you have both heard the news." We both nodded.

"As of today, this whole hotel is in lockdown. Only essential deliveries in and out are allowed. All hotel guests must stay in the hotel. There is nothing to worry though, all the guests are completely safe."

We nodded again.

"Your companion, however, is another matter entirely", the receptionist said. "Technically, he is not a guest in this hotel. Furthermore, during a crisis a marshal law requires us to confiscate every piece of property which could have use in these conditions. Naturally hotel guests seldom have such possession. But not in this case."

"What do you mean?" my wife said.

"Unfortunately I have to temporarily confiscate your..." she said and glanced at me. "Hm, property."

"What?" I said. "I am not anyone's property!"

"He's not", my wife said. "Surely?"

The receptionist shook her head. "By Feminian law, he is. If you resist I can always call in the militia, in which case he will be taken away, and I cannot do anything to ensure his safety. This is all for his own good."

We looked at each other. I had difficulties understanding any of this. 

"Perhaps you should go" my wife said finally. "It seems they mean business. There's no telling what would happen if we don't co-operate."

"But will you be okay?" I said. 

"I will be fine. I have work to do anyway."

I looked at the receptionist.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Please turn around."

My wrists were tied with a piece of cord. Then I was told to turn around again, and the receptionist took a hold of the leash. "Now, follow me."

We walked downstairs, with the receptionist leading me on a leash. Suddenly I missed having being on all fours. With my hands behind my back, I had no way whatsoever to cover myself, and I felt terribly exposed.

And true enough, when we walk across the lobby on the first floor I saw head all over turn. One couldn't blame them of course, me being led on a leash by a staff member of the hotel like a circus animal must have been quite a sight.

Still, the embarrassment was almost too much to bear and I had trouble keeping myself from panicking. However, I knew I would merely made my situation worse by resisting. Besides, I had nowhere to go or run to.

We walked into restaurant, then across it and finally into the kitchen. I looked exactly like one would expect the kitchen in a place like this to look like. It was big, messy, filled with cacophony of sound, steam, and the kitchen staff walking back and forth.

The receptionist walked me to a large kitchen sink and started to talk with a group of women there. The language seemed to be either Spanish or Portuguese, but I wasn't sure. All I knew I didn't understand a word of their fast paced conversation.

As they were talking a glanced around, and noticed the kitchen staff consisted of only women. There were women of all ages there, but most of the staff seemed to be in their thirties. They all looked the way I had noticed women to look on this island, and had a light brown complexion.

I few minutes later I was already wearing dishwashing gloves and washing a huge pile of dishes by the sink. A chain leading from a bolt to the floor to my collar made sure I wasn't going anywhere. Escape would have any case been impossible, since I was constantly surrounded by the staff, and where could I have escaped to?

According the receptionist electricity was strictly regulated during the emergency, and therefore using the washing machine for the dishes was out of the question. Luckily the hotel had now me, the receptionist had said with a smirk before leaving.

Those were in fact the last words in English I heard for the rest of the day. None of the kitchen staff didn't seem to know a word of English, and didn't seem to be interested talking with me to begin with. Sometimes when I new pile of dished were brought to me the woman doing that might have said say something in a commanding tone, apparently not caring whether I understood or not.

Since there wasn't a clock anywhere to be seen I had no way of knowing the passage of time. At some point, most likely at noon, a young women came to me and placed on a floor the familiar metal bowl, full of what looked like more food scraps, and another with water. 

She looked at me, said something in a sharp tone and walked away. It was my meal time, apparently. After I had finished my meal another woman came to me, took away the bowls and there was a sharp tug on the leash.

I struggled to my feet, and saw the woman placing the bowls on the kitchen sink, on which there was now a new pile of dirty dishes. She pointed at them, giving another sharp command and walked away. I sighed and continued my work. At least I wouldn't starve.

At some point the flow of dirt dishes started to run out, and finally they were all done. I looked around, unsure what I was supposed to do now. 

I didn't have to wait for long. A moment later another member of the kitchen staff, another brown skinned young woman, approached me. She placed on the floor a metal bucket filled with soap water and a mop. Again there was series of sharp commands, and even though I didn't understand a word their meaning was clear.

The chain was taken off and I started mopping the floor. Gradually the kitchen started to empty until I was working there alone. Occasionally I looked around, and considered the possibility of an escape, but was again faced with the same question. Where would have I escaped to?

It was already getting dark outside when couple of the young women I had seen working in the kitchen came down from what seemed to be stairs from the floor above. Neither of them weren't in their kitchen uniforms, but were wearing something that looked like white nighties.

I was surprised, since I was now expecting for someone to escort me back to my wife. After all, I had co-operated fully all during the day. Instead I was led up the stairs into a something that looked like a large albeit rather barren dormitory. 

There must have been at least two dozen metal beds there, and lots of women walking back and forth in similar white nighties. The whole room was filled with cacophony and it seemed the whole dormitory was getting ready to go to bed. 

I looked around and wondered was I supposed to sleep in one of the beds. Truth to tell, I was exhausted and just wanted to rest. Finally one of the young women in a approached me took a hold of the leash and without saying a word and led me to what was apparently her bunk. 

Before I understood what was happening we were both on the bed, her laying down with her legs wide apart, and my face between them. When I didn't react immediately there was another, more forceful tug which pulled my face to the woman's bush.

I heard the woman snap at me, and even though I still didn't understand the words they seemed more angry now. Then I felt a third pull, this time so forceful I was unable to breathe. Unable to do anything else I pushed my head in and started licking. 

It took a few moments before the pull on the leash stopped. And I can only suspect she wanted first to make sure I had gotten the hint and wasn't going to stop.

I few moments later I heard the woman saying something in more calm, even cooing sound, and felt fingers ruffling my hair.

I have do idea how long my face was buried in her crotch. There was few times when I suspected she might have had an orgasm, but I didn't dare to stop altogether, and a few moments later there was another pull, and I understood it was time to speed up again.

I also started to pick up some words as I continued my work in the darkness of the dormitory. There were two commands, other being something ending with "rapido", which I guessed meant faster, and another that must have meant slower. Talk about a crash language course.

Finally I heard the girl saying something again while breathing heavily and then pushing my face away from her crotch. I felt her legs starting to move and before I understood what was happening I was on the floor.

Before I had time to recover from the experience I felt a tug on the leash again, this time from the other direction I was forcefully pulled to my knees, then on the bed until my face was in another crotch. Again there was  a voice, this time somewhat lower than the previous one.

This time I knew what I was expected and begun before the woman in the bed had time to start strangling me. A few moments later I felt a forceful hold on the pack of my head, fingers going through my hair and then gripping it. 

My face was pushed in deeper, and at the same time I heard the low woman's voice cooing to me in the darkness. This one seemed much more chatty than the previous one. Too bad all her pillow talk went to deaf ears, since I still couldn't understand a word.

Finally, after a time that seemed even longer than I spent on the first bed I heard the woman pushing my face away from her crotch. She didn't say anything, merely breathed heavily. and I was uncertain what I was expected to do.

Suddenly I heard a bed creaking nearby, and there was again a tug on the leash. I heard two female voices in the darkness, the low one I knew and  third. The voices seemed amused, but I can only suspect what their private joke had been. 

I was pulled away from the bed, to a third one. This time the woman on it didn't seem to be very interested talking to me or directing me at all. All she did was lay motionless and let me work with her nether region. Occasionally I heard her breathing picking up pace, and I could only suspect I was doing something right.

This went on for the better part of the night. I quickly lost count how many women made me service themselves. I was, after all, extremely tired, and all my world consisted now was a crotch  after a crotch. I had recollections of few minutes of light slumber in between, before another tug on the leash woke me up.

After I was kicked away from yet another bed, I was expecting another tug. When there wasn't one, I decided to take advantage of the situation and kept my eyes closed, and fell asleep immediately.

The next thing I realized was another tug on the leash, but when I opened my eyes I realized the room was filled with daylight. All the beds in the dormitory were made, and I heard commotion from the kitchen downstairs.

I looked up and saw another young woman holding the other end of the leash. In the back of my mind I wondered whether she was someone I had made to service during the night. The experience seemed like a dream now.

Before I had time to do anything else though, the woman pulled on the leash again looking angry, and gave me another sharp command. I started to get on my knees and was soon being led on the leash downstairs.

There I was again led to the sink, where I was welcomed with a new pile of dirty dishes. The woman who had led me there attached the chain to my collar again, and disappeared without saying a word. 

Still half asleep I put the dishwashing gloves on and started to was dishes. I felt incredibly disoriented, and I had trouble accepting the events of the previous night. Now and then I glanced around and looked at the women working there. It was hard for me to understand this was all true.

As hard as it would have for me to believe it mere says earlier, this soon became my new routine. I worked days in the kitchen, and nights in the dormitory above it. 

I still didn't get to see my wife, but I was given notes form her, time to time. In her notes my wife told me the seminar was progressing, but due to circumstances, everything was done virtually. She told me she was doing okay, and hoped I was too.

Even though I wasn't allowed to reply her, those little notes were a ray of light for me, and something that kept me sane. And quite frankly, if I had a chance to reply, I didn't know what I could have told her.

No one still spoke any English to me, and a usual way for them to make me to understand a command was to say it again, only louder. Fortunately over the time I started to understand more and more of the phrases they used, or at least guess their meaning.

As time went by the women got more imaginative using me, and some of them started riding my face as well, instead of just passively merely making me to eat them out. There was times when I was genuinely afraid for my life, or at least passing out under them.

Gradually my duties became more diverse, and I was given chores to do elsewhere in the kitchen as well. Even though was nice in terms of expanding my world, it also meant a lot more way I could misinterpret what I was being said to.

No one still didn't speak a word of English to me and if I didn't understand what I was supposed to do, even after the same thing had been said to me with louder voice, none of the women didn't hesitate to slap me, or use force in some other way, to get their points across. 

Some of my new chores too me even outside, albeit only the back yard of the hotel to which the only door seemed to be the one from the kitchen. It didn't look like any yard of an hotel I'd soon, and looked more a yard of a farm house. 

There was a veranda, and then the unpaved dirt yard surrounded from all three sides by a white stucco wall. Here and there grew grass on the dry ground, and further away there seemed even to be a small plowed field. All that was missing was a scraggy stray dog.

On the right side on the wall there was a gate which was almost always closed and through which all the deliveries to the hotel were made, and next to them the garbage bins which soon became familiar to me as it was my job to empty the trash after each day.

Another part of the yard that soon became familiar to me were the few rows of clothing line next to the small field. since it was my job to do the laundry and then hang it to dry. Each day I was doing this I tried to gather as much information as possible, since I knew I would have to escape somehow.

One evening, after I had once again had been left to clean up the kitchen I finally snuck to the back yard, put on a large white nightie, removed my collar and threw it to the trash. Then I climbed on top of the trash bin, and then over the wall.

My idea was to somehow find a US embassy and seek asylum of some sorts. Naturally I wanted to get my wife out of this insane place, as well. Who knew what was really happening in this madhouse of a country? What proof I had she wasn't coerced to write those notes to me? What if she was prisoner here just like me? 

My great escape, however, was over before it had barely begun. I had only walked a few blocks when a two members of militia, man and a woman, both in dark uniforms and mirrorshades apprehended me and started questioning me. 

After they realized I didn't understand a word, the male officer pinned my hands behind my back while the woman took out a radio out of her belt. As I felt the man starting to handcuff me I felt a panic coming over me.

"Hotel Solanas!" I said. "Please! Por favor! Hotel Solanas!" I understood the only way for me was to be taken back, if I wanted to avoid being thrown in a Santa Feminian jail. The officers look at each other and started to talk. It seemed they were having disagreement as what to do with me. 

It was hard to say which one of them won, but after a moment or two we were already on the way back, me with my hands cuffed. I was dragged through the main doors of the hotel and then across the lobby all the way to the reception desk.

The entrance the officers made was dramatic, to say the least, and I saw several head turning. The receptionist looked the officers, first shocked, then surprised and finally alarmed. The officers sounded angry, and the receptionist was talking fast, almost as if she was pleading. What exactly, I had no idea about. A number of other female members of the staff was gathered around us as well.

After a moment or two the officers seemed to reach some sort of agreement. Cuffs were taken off, and the officers said something that sounded like a serious warning. The receptionist sounded relieved and seemed to be thanking the officers before they left.

Then the receptionist looked at me. Earlier she had merely glanced at me. Her expression was filled with contempt, disgust and barely controlled rage. Then it broke out, and the receptionist slapped me on the face, extremely hard. 

I looked at her unable to utter a word, for this was the first time anyone had slapped me. I felt hurt, but incredibly ashamed as well. I didn't take a genius to figure my escape attempt had been an incredible disappointment for her. 
I would have wanted to say something but I feared it wouldn't have any effect to the situation.

The receptionist started talking to the women around her. A moment later my hands were tied with a piece of cord and a piece of rope was looped around my neck as a makeshift collar and a leash. One of the women grabbed it and started to drag me behind her. We headed to the kitchen again, where I was thrown into one of the broom closets, and the door was shut behind me.

It was hard to say how long I was in the closet. Finally the door was opened and I saw the receptionist again. She grabbed the rope and without saying anything pulled me out of the closet. 

She dragged me after her through the kitchen, and I could see most of the staff was there. They all stood silently, arms crossed and looked at me with something I had to interpret as hostility. The atmosphere was ominous, to say the least.

I was dragged to the back area of the kitchen,  with a large area usually reserved for grocery deliveries, but which was now empty except for two wooden pallets. A number of women surrounded me and before I understood what was happening the cord around my wrists had been attached to a hook in the ceiling. 

Cords were tied around my ankles as well, and the other ends were attached to two the pallets, spreading my ankles as wide as they would go. Also my hands were tied so high up I had trouble standing properly.  My concerns over my discomfort soon became secondary though, as I saw the first woman taking her place a few meters in front of me. 

There was a lot of talking going on in the kitchen, in a language I still couldn't understand. The woman in front of me seemed to be joking about something, and it was like several other women were giving her advice on something. Gradually I realized, on what. Oh my god, I thought. This couldn't be happening. They couldn't be serious?

The woman in front of me took a couple of steps back, then lunged forward and a moment later an incredible pain surged through my body. I let out a long wail and suddenly the kitchen was filled with excited whoops and laughter. The pain made me close my eyes and I hung there like a rag doll for a few moments.

As I opened them I saw a second woman taking her place in front of me. Oh please no, I thought. The second kick had a similar effect one me as well as the crowd, even but somehow this one hurt less, apparently due to the fact the aim had been a little off. 

I opened my eyes again and I saw the woman was arguing about something with the rest of the crowd, but finally had to let the third woman to take her place. I could only gather there was a one kick limit. As I saw the third woman stepping back I was already bracing myself, even though I knew it served very little use.

At some point I started to plead the women to stop. I knew they didn't understand my pleads but I hoped they would have at least some sort of effect. That it did, but not the kind I had hoped for. The kicking was stopped for a minute, and three women surrounded me again. 

Fist I was gagged with piece of rope, and then something was put on my head. A moment later a piece of rope was put around my neck and tightened. This seemed to please the audience and I heard the women applauding.

Even though I couldn't see anything anymore I knew my ordeal wasn't over. I heard women talking excitedly, and a few moments later there was another rapid series of steps and a new surge of pain went through my body. Again, I let out a wail, but this time it was muffled by the gag. This too, seemed to amuse my audience.

I don't know how long this lasted, and how many kicks I got. I there hung like a rag doll, and the wails from my mouth became less and less audible. I also have a feeling I must have passed at some point between the kicks, and I felt becoming more and more delirious.

Finally I felt around my body again. My legs were cut loose, and I was taken down from the ceiling which made me immediately collapse on the floor. I heard the women talking with each other, and it seemed to me they were having a disagreement of sorts.

Then I felt another tug on the leash and I was dragged on my feet again. I could hardly stand but I fought to stay upright, since I knew collapsing back on the floor wouldn't lead to anything good. Then I felt being pulled somewhere again I had to work hard in order to walk straight.

Suddenly I felt outside air on my skin. Its coolness and the sounds of crickets told me it had to be very late at night already. I was led forward until there was a sudden stop. I heard something that sounded like chain, or a lock of some sort, and then there was another sharp command I didn't understand.

I didn't know what to do, and due to lack of vision I had no way of figuring out what was going on. Suddenly I felt a kick on my legs from behind, which made me collapse on the ground. The kick hadn't been hard, but it was enough for me. 

A moment later I heard someone walking away. Even though my body was in agony, I closed my eyes and fell asleep almost instantly.

I was waken up to the feeling of hands on my body. Someone was saying something and then I realized the rope around my neck was being loosened. A moment later the sack was taken away and I blinked my eyes in the bright morning light.

Then I felt the gag in mouth being taken away as well. I opened my mouth a few times and felt sharp pain around the edges. The I saw a woman kneeling on one knee before, saying something and smiling, then even ruffling my hair a bit.

There was throbbing, numb pain on my testicles but I was afraid to look down. For one, this was the first time anyone had expressed anything approaching kindness after I had arrived here. The girl kept talking, almost as if she imagined I understood her. 

Or perhaps it was kind of thing you did with pets. The most important thing was the tone, not the words. 

The girl took out my collar someone had apparently found behind the dumpster and put it around my neck again. Then she got up, and with a sharp tug got me on all fours. We started walking, however not towards the kitchen doors, but a one in the wall. The door was almost always closed and apparently led to the busy street going past the hotel.

The girl opened it with her keys and we walked to the street. My head was spinning. During my great escape it had been evening and I had used only back alleys. This was the first time I was somewhere this public for several weeks.

As I looked up a few times I found out my guess had been right. This was the busy street I remembered. A wide sidewalk, shops and cafeterias, several lanes of cars honking and everything else you could expect. 

It was, however, more quiet now, and several people way wearing a face mask. It seemed the news were true, there was a some sort of pandemic going on. I kept my eyes mostly down, however, to avoid attention. 

The fact I was walking buck naked on all fours, on a busy street in a city with millions of inhabitants was too surreal to bear, and I was again glad I could concentrate on the sidewalk. Even though walking on the concrete was tough on my knees.

The walk took quite a while. I knew there was a busy public transportation system in the city but perhaps we didn't use it because of the virus. By the time wee got to our destination my knees sting so much they must have been almost bleeding. 

We went through glass doors and a moment later I found myself kneeling in what looked like a waiting room. The woman who had brought me here was talking to a nurse behind a glass. I noticed now she too was wearing a face mask, something I hadn't realized earlier.

A door to what must have been the examination room was opened and a woman with a large dog on a leash came out. As I looked around at the informational posters on the wall it dawned on me. This was a vet. 

We were called in and the young woman walked me in on a leash. I heard two voices talking excitedly, and as I saw up I saw the vet was an older dark haired woman, perhaps in her fifties.

She looked down on me with a smile on her face, and was talking to me. She seemed friendly, even though I didn't understand a word. Then she walked over to the examination table and patted it, indicating she wanted me on it.

t took me a while to realize the examination would be done, not with me on my back of course but on all fours. After a while I felt the doctor's fingers feeling my testicles. She was explaining something to the woman who brought me in, but didn't seem to be particularly concerned.

There was a sound of something being taken out of its wrapping, a moment later I felt my backside being wiped with something cold and then there was a sharp sing. I realized I had just been give a shot. Then I felt the sting again, and after some more ripping sounds two more. Four shots? What for?

A moment later happened something I was even less prepared for. I felt something cool on my ass, and a moment later I felt two fingers pushing into my anus. I let out a grunt, without much of an effect. I heard the doctor explaining something as she kept twisting and turning her two fingers inside me, while at the same time keeping the palm of her other hand on my back.

From the corner of my eye I noticed the women who had brought me in coming closer and leaning in, apparently to take a better look at whatever the doctor was explaining her to. I pushed my head lower, and felt my face burning.

After a the doctor took her fingers out, but only a moment later I felt something else inside me. It was smoother, and at first slid inside my almost effortlessly. Gradually however the sensation became more intense and I felt myself being stretched. 

I was just about to let out a grunt to plead for mercy, but suddenly there was curious sensation as my anus practically swallowed the thing, and I felt something, the base apparently pressing to my anus. I felt the doctor's hand slapping my hand and heard her explain something again.

A moment later I felt fingers around my neck, this time the ones belonging to the woman who had brought me in, unbuckling the collar. My new freedom was short lived though. The doctor, still lecturing about something walked next to me and started to put something around my neck.

Almost instinctively I raised my head, and a moment felt a cold metal touching my skin. Whatever it wasn't heavy, and felt surprisingly thin. Doctor kept explaining something to the woman who was now standing on my other side, apparently helping the doctor with something.

Without a warning I heard a loud noise next my left ear, which I immediately recognized as the one of a small handheld electric drill. I heard it a couple of times, and then felt the doctor pulling the metal thing a bit. It seemed my new collar was quite permanent one.

A moment later similar bands were attached first around my ankles and then to my wrists. As this was being done I noticed the bands looked extremely thin indeed, but only they both had small hooks on the sides. I also noticed the screws on the bands were the kind that were quite unable to screw loose with any tool I knew. For all I knew, my new companions could have been welded shut. 

The doctor was still had having her lecture, and a moment later I saw her giving the bands a little twist, as if to demonstrate how secure they were, to the woman, and who knows perhaps even to me.

A moment later both women were at my backside again, with the doctor still kept explaining something. Then I felt her feeling my genitals again, but this time her touch was much less tender. In fact felt her wrapping her fingers to the base of my genitals, so that her two fingers went around both my testicles and penis. 

Then I felt her tugging them a few times, surprisingly rough considering the treatment they had gotten the previous night. Her grip tightened and there was another tug, and then another. Her voice seemed to indicate she was unsure of something.

Then she pulled down again, but this time didn't let go, and kept pulling my genitals with such intensity one could have believed her wanting to pull them off, or stretch them, asi if they were made out of rubber. Finally I had to let out a grunt. That made both women laugh, I heard the doctor slapping my ass and releasing her grip.

A moment later something around them again. I felt something hard and thin around my genitals, and before I knew what was happening I heard the sound of drill again. I had mixed feelings as I listened the doctor putting in a screw after a screw, understanding my genitals had now gotten a quite permanent attachment.

Before I had time to ponder this more I was ordered off the table, this time to stand on my feet in front of the women. Suddenly I felt much more embarrassed and vulnerable again, as I had to face two women. 

I  also realized now the metallic band around my genitals sort of detached them from the rest of my body, and in a ways raised almost as if they had been on a tray. I knew I would have even more problems facing people from now on.

I was gestured to stand in the middle of the room and then to put my hands on the back of my head. The doctor started walking around me and was doing what it seemed to be a superficial inspection on my physical condition. Occasionally I felt her hand touching my skin, as she went through my body, all the while continuing her lecture.

When her fingers reach my backside I felt them on the base of the plug I had almost forgotten by now, pressing it in a bit. This made me to jump a bit, and I felt the doctor saying something that felt more pressing, somehow. In front of me I saw the brown skinned woman nodding.  

A moment later I felt her hands touching my wrist and I understood I was meant to lower them and put them in front of me. Doctor gestured the young woman to come closer, and followed a demonstration I understood without understanding the language.

It seemed each of my new attachments were equipped with similar small hooks that could be attached together quite easily and of which I was quite unable to get out of myself. This meant I could be put in several quite imaginative as well as humiliating positions. 

The two women used quite a while trying them out. The most practical for making me immobile was naturally to attach the wrist and ankle bands together while I was sitting. Also attaching my wrists to the back of my head, or to the one around genitals which allowed me to stand up but unable to resist seemed very effective.

Finally however the women settled for a classic handcuff position with my hands behind my back as the doctor continued her demonstration. In the back of my head I couldn't help but to wonder how long this would still take.

The next part however was something even I would have had trouble to believe. The doctor was holding out something that looked like a mobile device of some sort and a small handheld device with only one knob on it. The doctor was tapping the device and then looked up on me.

"Speak", she said. At first I was surprised. This was the first time in weeks someone had spoken to me. 

"What do you want me to..." I said but before I got any further the doctor raised his hand silencing me. There was more tapping and now I felt a strange tingling in my neck and the back of my head. A moment later she raised her head again. "Speak."

"But I don't underst-aaaaa-annn..." I said, and felt terror creeping over me. No matter what I did I couldn't continue. However, it seemed this was to be expected, and I saw the doctor smiling as she tapped her pad.

"Speak", she said again and kept looking at me, as well as her pad. There was a faint smile on her face again. I opened my mouth, and even though I wasn't mute no actual words came out.

Looking pleased, the doctor looked at the young  woman and started to talk excitedly, who also seemed quite impressed. She came to stand next to the doctor who was explaining something on her device. It seemed to me speaking would be something I wouldn't have to worry anymore.

After the doctor had put the two devices away she took out the third, albeit a smaller one. This was small, and looked like a miniature remote controller, but it had only one button in it, which seemed to slide back and forth. 

The doctor explained something to the woman beside her and I noticed her looking immediately more excited. I saw her taking out her phone and pointing at me. Smiling at me doctor said something and raised her hand in which she was keeping the controller, with her thumb on it. I still had no idea what was going on.

I saw the doctor's thumb move a bit, and suddenly a jolt of searing pain shot through my groin. I felt my knees buckling a bit and I opened my mouth. My first intention was to plead them to stop what came out was only a sound an animal would make.

Both of the women burst out laughing, and seemed to be overjoyed by my reaction. The younger woman who was clearly filming this had difficulties keeping her phone steady. This was, I understood now, merely a test and demonstration, and I had a feeling that has been merely a taste. 

Looking at me smiling the doctor moved her thumb again, I felt another jolt and let out another howl. The pain subsided after a while, then grew again, in tune with the moments of the doctor's thumb. I howled like an animal in pain and felt my knees starting to buckle. 

Before that happened, however the doctor moved her thumb back to zero, it seems, and the pain stopped. I was breathing hard and felt my heart racing. The doctor beamed at me. looking like she quite enjoyed seeing me in pain.

I had very little time to recover though, since naturally the woman who had brought me here needed to have a go as well. The women switched devices, Doctor gave the woman the controller, as well as some advice, and then pointed the phone at me. 

The young woman looked excited as she started to move her thumb the same doctor had. First there was only a one jolt, which make me to jump and let out a tiny squeal, making the young woman giggle. She looked like a kid with a new toy.

Then came another, and another, and yet another. I let out a series of squeals  making me sound like an excited puppy. Bit by bit the jolts became longer, and started to grow in intensity. Just like the doctor, the young woman kept sliding the controller back and forth, never bringing it all the way down anymore. I was now howling like an animal in pain, which I guess I was.

Finally she reached what must have been the maximum setting, and kept it there. I howled and tried to plead her with my eyes and make her to stop. That must have only encouraged her more, and the look in the dark eyes looked like this was the best thing ever.

Finally I felt my knees buckling and I fell on the floor. I must have fainted while doing so, because the next thing I knew was a light kick to my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked up. The young woman was looking down at me, with her handbag on her shoulder and it looked it was time to go.

The young woman waved the small controller in her hand with a smile on her face and I started quickly getting up.

Despite the things that had just taken place the past few hours, the trip back home was in a way the most tormenting part of the day. 

I was still on a leash but now kept in a normal walking position. I can only suspect I had the doctor thank to this. At some point she must have noted to the young woman concrete pavements and my knees weren't a good combination. This naturally meant the relative anonymity the all fours position allowed was now gone. 

I felt awfully exposed. Even though I had been naked more or less the past couple of weeks now this was something I had never experience. Somehow I had trouble wrapping my brains around it. I was being walked naked through the streets of a city the size of Paris, on broad daylight, during a rush hour. 

It was past noon now, and the streets were much more crowded, even though I noticed people seemed to be keeping more distance to each other than I would have expected, and everyone was wearing a mask some kind. The only one not covered in any way was me.

I still had my hands locked behind my back, meaning I had no way of covering myself, my collar made me feel like a circus animal and worst of all, what I had feared when it came to my genitals turned out to be true, as I looked down. They couldn't have been more on display.

After we got back I was put on my old dishwashing duty again, this time using my brand new appendixes. They quite a lot attention from the rest of the kitchen staff, I saw women talking about them excitedly. Some even came to me as I was washing dishes and examined them, making comments about them to each other.

The young woman's phone also got circulated from hand to hand, and groups of women gathered around it watch the video on it over and over again. The little clip of me being tested the new device seemed to amuse the women greatly, and I could make out my own squeal several times on tge recording during the day. 

The shocker hung now on the kitchen wall near the doors leading to the dining hall, free for anyone to use, it seemed. This made me even more eager to please, but it seemed the staff had even less patience with me. They knew that in addition to shouting and slapping, they now had the controller to punish me with.

I didn't have to wait for long for it to be used for the first time for real. It was usual I made mistakes during the day, since I still had to guess what I was being asked to do, and my slow comprehension alone was often a reason enough to slap me around.

When it came time to punish me the first time the woman in question said something in a sharp manner and pointed somewhere to her right. It took me a while to realize I was expected to bring the controller from the wall to her. 

I saw heads turning as I went to get the device. It seems this was something many had been looking for the whole day. Surprised I was let to even touch it I took it from the wall, carefully avoiding to touch the button on it. The thing seemed like a time bomb in my hands, and my heart was racing as I headed back, and finally handed it to the woman.

From the corner of my eye I noticed few women gathering around us, and couple of phones were held up again. Even though I knew now what was about to happen I was still shocked by the intensity of the pain, as the woman moved her thumb.

I howled and had trouble standing straight. The pain subsided quickly though, leaving me gasping for air. The women around me naturally enjoyed my reaction and there was several cheers and some of them talking excitedly. 

It seemed they were having a bit of disagreement with the woman holding the device, and it took me a moment to realize they wanted to see it again. Smiling, the woman in front of me moved her thumb again, and a searing pain surged through my genitals.

I howled and I was rewarded with cheers again. This time the pain lasted longer and was more intense, and it took quite a while for the woman to pull her thumb back. She was smiling and it was clear how much she had enjoyed punishing me. 

Even though it seemed the women would have liked to see it third time, finally however the woman handed the device to me, said something in a sharp manner again and pointed at the wall again. I realized it was my job to take the controller back.

This was repeated twice during the day. Every time I was first expected to first go and get the device, and return it to its place afterwards. However, it seems it was used only for actual correctional purposes, even though there would have been much more women eager to try it on me.

That made sense, if it had been made an amusement, and free for anyone to use just to see how I would react, it would have soon lost its effect. It did make me, however, more eager to please than ever before, and I did all I could in order to avoid being punished by it.  

I understood quickly things weren't going to get back to so called normal, whatever that was. One thing I soon noticed was the fact I was now forbidden to use toilet during the day. I had no way of asking the reason for this, and I didn't make my situation worse anyway.

After I got all the chores of the day done it was led on all fours to the back yard. It was already quite late at that point. It was getting dark and I hear the sound of crickets coming from the bushes. We headed towards the plowed field. Women were both smoking and talking to each other, but seemed to be paying no attention to me. 

We were in the middle of the field when they turned to me and said something. Only after one of the women gave a light tap with the tip of her the foot to my mind leg I realize I was expected to do.

I pushed and a moment or two later I felt a stream of urine hitting the dirt between my legs. According to the sounds of their comments both of the women seeped to pleased by this, but I had to keep my head down. I simply couldn't look them in the eyes I was doing this.  

After I was done the said something to me again, and I this time it sounded like a question. 

Naturally I didn't understand, so the question was repeated, and this time I could make out the words "numero dos" or something on those lines. Number two? Then it dawned on me. I was expected to defecate there as well.

Since I wasn't able to speak anymore, I let out a series of excited whimpers I hoped the women could interpret as a yes. This seemed to please the women as well. A moment later I felt one of the women starting do pull the anal plug out of me. Taking it out hurt quite a lot, and I let out another squeal, which seemed to amuse women as well.   

I got into a half kneeling position still keeping my hands in the dirt and raising my ass, and started to push. Even though it took a while, I finally felt it having an effect and moment later several turds dropped to the ground between my legs. 

Again I heard the women saying something that sounded both delighted and condescending, and one of them even  ruffled my hair a bit. I held my head down however, since it had been the most humiliating experience of my entire life.

We headed back, this time to where the garden his was kept. I was hosed down, especially my anus and genitals. I was put on all fours again and the plug was put back in. Again I let out a whimper, since the plug still seemed awfully big for me. 

I heard women chuckling, and then felt one of them patting my head, and saying something that must have meant as comforting. Then  I was taken back to where I had spent the previous night and shackled to the wall. The women went inside closing the door behind them, and I realized this was where I would spend my nights from now on.    

One could say something shifted inside my brain that day. Until this day I had desperately tried to hold of my identity, my free will and status as a free man, or at least a person. That this was all injustice, a horrible mistake that would be soon corrected. 

Now, however, I realized I was a slave. A possession. I was the property of the hotel and that it wasn't my place to question what happened to me. My place was to obey, simple as that. Even doing my business the way I had just done seemed quite normal. After all, I felt not much more than an animal now, so it made sense I was treated like one.

In a way it is fortunate that shift happened, since it prepared me to what was about to come. A few days later, which must have been Friday, even though I had no idea about it, something unusual started happening in the back yard. It was already quite late and I had just got the kitchen cleaned up.

By this time many of the things that had happen couple of days ago had become my new normal routine. Being taken out in the field was now the only time I was allowed to relieve myself during the day now. This meant I did my best to do my business every time, because missing the opportunity would have meant I would have to meant a whole day to get the next chance.

Taking care of my hygiene was done by being hosed down once a day now, which was more than enough for me. I didn't have much else use for toilet or bathroom either, because I did my business once a day on the field. It took me a while to realize though I didn't seem to need even shaving anymore. 

I had always been rather hairless, and as I watched myself now, I realized I was now more or less completely clean shaven, including my face, even though I hadn't seem a razor in over a week. The only exception was my hair. I was supposed to go to barber before the trip, but never gotten around it, and as I felt it now I realized it had already gotten to a shoulder length.

What was taking place now was something out of the ordinary though. I realized something was up when I noticed several members of the kitchen staff talking with a few men next to the delivery door which was now open for some reason. At first I thought the men were women's dates, but none of them looked like they were dressed for going out.

More and more men came in, until there must have been almost a dozen of them there. Then I noticed they each slipped a note to one of the women before being let in. But what they were paying for?

This was revealed to me when couple of the women came to me. I was put on all fours, plug was taken out and I was led to the middle of the crowd. Slowly it started to dawn what or who the men here for. My heart was racing but I knew I would only make matters worse for myself by objecting.

Four of five men surrounded me and I knew what was about to take place next. A waited on my knees as one of them stepped in front of me, started to open his belt buckle and soon I was looking at close distance a rather sizable cock. 

Dutifully I took hold of it and started to suck it in a way I had women in porn movies do. With my free hand I started to caress and feel the man's hairy and muscular leg and then slid my hand on his equally muscular and hair ass. Men around me started talking in an approving tone. A heard someone say something, apparently a joke, since it made everyone laugh. 

As I was sucking the man off, and doing my best to take the now fully hard cock as deep inside my mouth as possible, I noticed something from the corners of my eye. Two women were holding their phones up, an apparently recording the whole thing.

After the first man had shot down his load down my throat with a load grunt I was quickly given another to suck. He was skinnier, as was his cock, but I gave it my undivided attention nevertheless. I was so focused to what I was doing I was startled when I felt someone grabbing my wrist, and guiding it to another cock I saw only from the corned of my eye. 

Without even thinking I wrapped my fingers around it, and started masturbating it. Then same happened on my other side and I found masturbating two erect cocks. Knowing this all went on film filled me with mixed feelings. On some level though I realized liking the fact it was.

It didn't take long for the second man to cum. This time, however, the man put both of his hands to the sides of my head, and started to forcefully push his cock to the end of my throat ah he got closer to climax. This made if hard for me to maintain steady pace on the other two cocks but somehow I managed. 

The man grunted heavily as he shot his load into my throat and was gripping my head to tight I felt it was in a vice. A moment later he pulled out, breathing heavily. I was gasping air as well, but had very little time to recover before there was yet another cock in front of my face. I opened my mouth and started to suck him off.

This time however the man in question didn't let me finish him, but pulled out as soon as I had gotten him hard, and made room for the next customer. A moment later I felt hands on my backside, more specifically around my anus. They examined it rather roughly and a moment later I felt something warm and hard being pushed inside me.

Two big, manly hands were pressed on my hips, and a moment later I felt being fucked. I was painfully aware the only lubricant in my anus was my own saliva and suddenly I was grateful I had been plugged the past several days. Most likely they had planned this for days now, or perhaps it had been the doctor's idea, it was impossible to say.

Still, it took some doing not to let what happened behind me disturb me, in giving my undivided attention to the cock I was sucking. I tried relax my muscles the best I could, and let what was happening happen. There was nothing more I could do.

From there on it was hard to keep track how many cocks entered me. I concentrated giving the best head I could, especially since this was the first time in my life I was doing it. I was also totally clueless how many men had already left and how many new customers had arrived. 

At some point during the night I realized hearing music, and now and then I could see from the corner of my eye men with beer cans in their hand. It looked some of the younger members of the kitchen staff had joined them. It was hard to tell whether it was an actual party or the women merely entertaining the men while they were waiting their turn. 

As the night progressed more and more my customers were having a beer can in hand as I was sucking them off. Therefore it was not a big surprise the men started to get more rowdy. I was just about finishing yet another cock with my eyes closed and two other in my hand, when suddenly the man in question pulled it out. 

A moment later I felt someone gripping my hair tightly and before I understood what was happening I heard a grunt and something warm dribbled on my forehead, then on my nose and finally lips. A moment later cock slick with semen was pushed between my lips and I realized it was my job to clean it. 

I was still keeping my eyes closed since I was afraid it going into my eyes. A moment later one of the cocks I had been masturbating was pulled off, and then I heard another grunt, and something landing on my face again. 

From there on it was free for all facial cum party. Part of the time I had a cock to suck, but mostly I was merely ejaculated on. Naturally I had constantly a cock in each hand, and as soon as one was pulled out, apparently so that its owner could shoot it load onto my face, my fingers were guided around a new one. Occasionally I felt also cocks being smeared to my face and the goo on it, to my lips, cheeks and even to my eyes. 

I kept my eyes tightly closed the whole time, of course, since I realized what kind of glazed mess my face must have been by now. At some point even my anus started to lose its appeal, and all everyone wanted was to ejaculate on my face. I was amazed by their number, but then I recognized some of the voices. It seems some of the men who had already cummed inside me wanted to cum on my face as well, after missing the chance on the first time.  

At some point, almost as abruptly it had begun, it stopped. I felt and heard the men around me retreating. Apparently everyone was finally out of cum. I stayed there motionless and felt the cum dribbling on my chest. I also realized how chilly I was. It must have been quite late already, and I was basically covered in cold semen. 

However, there was nothing I could do, especially since I still couldn't open my eyes. A few moments later I heard the people's voices closer again, both male and female, and for some reason they all sounded excited. A few moments later I realized I was surrounded by people again, and several men seemed to stand very close in front of me. 

At first I couldn't understand what they could have in mind, but when the first warm spray hit my face it dawned on me. Then there was another one, and yet another one as I realized I was being peed on. At first this took me by surprise and I was gasping from the sheer shock. Suddenly there was a lot of cheers and laughter around me. 

Quickly however I realized this was my only way of washing up. Even though there was now a spray of foul smelling liquid I knew was not water coming at me from four or five directions, I imagined being in a shower and started to wash the cum off my face. What made this easier was the fact the pee was also rather warm. 

It seems this was something my audience hadn't expected and the roar of cheers became louder. Soon there was enough pee coming at me I could wash not only my face but my whole upper body with it. Then I felt several streams hitting me in the back as well, and I realized I was peen on from every possible direction. 

Apparently they though that if I loved being drenched in pee I needed more of it. I made best use of it and tried to wash every part of my body with it, until it finally started to die out one stream after another. All that remained was now three or fours streams aimed at my face, going back and forth, up and down. A moment later they were all gone. 

The crowd around me was still thrilled as ever, and I heard several people talking excitedly. A few moments later I hear another zipper being opened, time very close to my face. Before I knew what was happening I felt another cock in my mouth, this time completely limp, and two big strong hands on both side of my head. 

Before I had time to react I heard the man grunting and then I felt warm urine filling my mouth, People around me started cheering again, which in some weird way made me feel good, and I did my best to drink it all. Somehow it was hard not to think all the cum and pee that was inside me now. 

This was repeated two times but it seemed everyone was finally out of cum as well as pee. This meant using me quickly lost my appeal as well. The sounds of people around me came from farther away now, and after I finally got my eyes open I saw the party was over.

All the men were now all leaving, and women were bidding them goodbyes some of which seemed genuinely affectionate. As I looked at the sky I saw it was pitch black and I realized it was already very late. I saw women going inside one by one and started to wonder what I was supposed to do next. 

A few minutes later though two of them approached me and took me to my familiar washing spot. I was hosed down, then led to next to the wall, and shackled to it. Only after the women had gone inside I realized I hadn't been taken to the field to do my business.

Just as I had expected the next day proved to be quite tormenting for me. I still wasn't taken to the field, even though I felt a need to go in my bladder as soon as I woke up, and during the day it merely got stronger. 

It was clear the women working in the kitchen understood perfectly well in what kind of discomfort I was in. It seemed they quite liked seeing me that way. My belly was practically bulging now, and the farther the day got the worse the burning sensation in my lower abdomen was. I did my best to keep my mind occupied, but it was very hard not to constantly think about peeing. Especially when most of my work still consisted of washing dishes under running water. 

When it was finally time of taking me out it was very hard not to act like an excited puppy or to walk faster on our way to the field than the women. The moment when I was finally given the order to pee must have been one of the glorious experiences of my life, and I couldn't help but letting out an long orgasmic howl as I did it. This naturally greatly amused the women.

I can only suspect all this gave women inspiration, and couple of days later drinking the women's urine as well was added to my diet. At first the water that was served me on a bowl with my meal was replaced with their urine. At least I think it was from one of the women, even though I couldn't be certain.

Very soon however I was drinking much more of the women's urine. They started to bring me warm pints of pee to drink all through the day, while I was washing dishes or doing some other chore in the kitchen. I was to empty it with one go, while the women in question watching, clearly enjoying every second of it.

When I was finished the woman in question usually took the pint from me, said something that sounded like complement and sometimes even patted my belly approvingly. Since I wasn't allowed to relieve myself this meant my belly soon looked like I was a pregnant woman.

This visual image clearly was amusing to the women, and several times a day I was treated like I really had been pregnant. Also the fact I was naked, and had slave collars, made me feel like a pregnant child bride.

All this meant the nightly trips to the field became more important to me. I awaited it eagerly and it's not an exaggeration to say they were now the most important thing in my life. Merely being permitted to do my business had become such a privilege I was grateful each day for.

Each night my plug was removed and I was taken to the field by different women, even though it was hard to say for sure, since they were all wearing white face masks by now. 

Many times it felt this was a exercise or a social thing for women as well as it was for me. Often they kept talking among themselves the whole time, just as they would have done if they would have been if they had actually been walking a dog. 

This meant I had to try to do my business whenever they stopped, but many times I had to do it while walking. Missing my chance for it was something I didn't want to think about. Naturally this made me feel more and more like an animal.

At first this was very difficult, but as the time passed I became better and better at it. What was even more difficult though was to avoid stepping on my own turds from earlier days. Somehow I managed, but women didn't seem to mind what they were stepping on as they were criss crossing the field.

For me this proved a problem, since I was now also expected to clean their shoes with my tongue afterwards. Truth to tell, being allowed to pee was now so important to me and I was so grateful to them I didn't really mind doing this, no matter how dirty they were. Still, as I was licking off dirt or sometimes actual mud off them I was hard not to think whether I was eating my own shit at the same time.   

Equally distasteful was the habit of some women had to feed to me also the cigarette butts, if they had been smoking. Usually they made me first getting on my knees, keep my mouth open and act like I actually wanted to eat them, like they had been giving treats to a puppy. 

Every time I got the butt to swallow the way I was supposed to, I was rewarded with a compliment though, often also a pat to the head, which in some weird way made me feel happy. As we were walking towards to my wash up I realized how much I had started to enjoy my new life.

In fact, the only thing that proved to me that my prior life, or the world still existed were the notes I still got from my wife. According to her everything was going fine, but the emergency procedures were still in place. A lot of new people had to be housed in the hotel, which everyone was moved from room to room now. This all made sense, considering the workload the kitchen was now under. 

I still missed her, but on the other hand it was hard to imagine if she knew all the things that took place in my new life now, the things I regarded something completely normal. Would she even understand? In a way I was glad I had no way of writing her back.

This was especially true after I realized what had taken place in the back yard earlier, on what I know now must have been a Friday or Saturday night, was now a weekly thing. All the heart warming goodbyes the women had given to men made more sense now.

I was unsure whether the customers were all regulars, or whether the word about me had spread around. The men too were now all wearing face masks, which made it hard for me to tell them apart. All I knew there was more men present and more cocks for me to suck each time. 

I didn't mind this of course. Just like it was with our nightly trips to the field, in my eyes the women had become the ones who provided me everything I needed. Naturally I wanted to show the women my gratitude any way I could, just like an obedient animal.

It was clear to me to women it also meant a nice extra income, so the more men there was each time the better. The more men, the better income. In some way the sheer number of the men, the cocks to suck and to be fucked by, made me more eager to please them. 

What pleased me was also the fact the women seemed to me constantly thinking of new and exciting ways to use me. After a few weeks for example I noticed heavy wooden tables you often saw in outside restaurants being carried to the back yard before the guests got there. 

There was only a couple of them though, and each had room for perhaps four persons, which meant there was not nearly enough for all our guests. I had no way of pointing this out though, and I knew it wasn't my job to bother my head with things like these. Naturally I had no idea of their actual function.

The night in question progressed pretty much the same way it had been on the first time. However, this time after I had been glazed with cum I was taken to one of the tables, and put on my back on it. At first I thought the table was too short for me, since my head hung over the edge of the table as did my legs and part of my backside as well. 

Pretty soon however I understood it was the perfect length. I felt hands around my ankles and my legs being lifted up and spread wide apart. A few moments later I felt a cock entering my anus, even though from an angle I had never experienced before, and starting to move in and out. Even though he was a big he slid in and out quite effortlessly. After all, I had been fucked quote loose by that time already.

A moment later I had another surprise. I hear someone coming to stand to the other end of the table, so that his thighs must have been at the either side of my head. A moment later I felt a cock touching my lips and then sliding into my mouth, again from an angle that was new to me. It slid out, and then in again, deeper this time, until I belt a ball sack pressing to my nostrils.

I immediately understood this  allowed a man much better access to my throat, compared to a normal cock sucking position. The man kept his big cock inside me long enough for me to start panic, because I couldn't breathe now. I started waving with my hands, fearing the man didn't understand that and I heard laughter coming all over.

A moment later I finally felt two big hands taking a good hold of my cum drenched head and the cock slid out, allowing me to breathe through my nostrils. I felt cum dripping into them as well, but I didn't care, and pulled it in as if I had been in a flu. My laboured breathing and the sounds I made seemed to amuse my audience as well.

A moment later I felt the man starting to fuck my throat, and all I could do was to offer it as little resistance as possible. I realized the only way to cope was to breathe at the same pace I was being fucked, so each time the cock pulled out I breathed in. I heard  the man at the other end letting out a grunt as he emptied himself in me, and then someone else entering me.

My main focus was on the cock inside my throat, though. In a way I distanced myself from what was happening, even though I was painfully aware of the audience around me, their comments and what it must have looked like. But in the end I was merely a throat that was being fucked. Throat and an anus, nothing more.  

Gradually the pace the man fucked me became faster. Finally I heard a grunt above, and the man pushed his cock inside my throat all the way. Again I felt testicles pushing to my nostrils, but this time they remained there longer. The man's body spasmed and I felt the testicles on my nose moving as well as they emptied themselves into me.

Again I was worried of running out of air, but this time I didn't make any kind of fuss, since I knew it would most likely have no effect. Then I felt the man pulling out of me, felt the coolness of the air, and started to breathe deeply. I felt the goo on my face slowly dripping down my face, and kept my eyes closed.

A moment later I felt another cock sliding into my mouth and then my throat. Then I flet my wrists being grabbed, and guiding my fingers around two cocks. Without even thinking about it I started masturbating them. I already had my third cock inside my ass before one of the cocks pulled off and a moment later ejaculated on my belly.

This went on longer than I would have believed. Even though I tried to distance myself,  I soon realized this position meant I was much more exposed to the men. Earlier being on all fours had mostly covered me, but this time especially my ringed genitals were clearly visible, for anyone to see.

And they did seem to amuse the men greatly. I heard comments, and even though I didn't understand the words it was clear the men were amused how they looked like, especially the fact how small my undersized penis was. Occasionally I even felt it being pulled and stretched, apparently after someone had wanted either to make sure or demonstrate to everyone how small it actually was.

As the night progressed I felt more and more hands on my body. I was now most likely covered in cum, and curing the night more and more men fucking either my throat or asshole had wanted to blow their loads on, not in me. 

While I was being fucked I felt several hands smearing it all over me, my chest, my tummy and sometimes even my genitals. The latter took place especially if someone fucking my asshole had ejaculated, either by chance of deliberately on them. I couldn't blame them. My genitals were, after all quite temptingly visible as they fucked me, and it must have felt logical to cover them with cum.

This position naturally was ideal for peeing on me as well. After the last cock had been pulled away from my mouth and anus there was a moment's silence. Then I heard several people surrounding me again, belt buckles being opened and a few moments later  a several streams of warm urine hitting my body.

My legs hung now over the edge of the table, with my toes almost touching the ground, which meant most of my body, from shoulders to my knees could be covered in pee now. I felt the streams going up and down, and several men making amused comments. After all, considering what it's like to play with the stream while peeing in the toilet, this must have been even more fun.

Some men also had fun by aiming their stream to my genitals, and at times I felt three separate stream on them. Considering how pathetic they must have looked like compared to the men who I knew were all bigger than me, it must have felt great to let me know what they thought of my undersized genitals by peeing on them.

Naturally this position was ideal for washing up myself with pee as well. After I had enjoyed the warm streams for a while I started to spread it all over my body, all the way from my face and throat, over my chest, in my armpits and hands, down to my tummy and finally legs. This too seemed to amuse the men greatly.

After the men were done with me though I was left alone again. I heard the men zipping up and walking away while talking to themselves. Gradually the sounds of both men and women became more and more distant, the music stopped until there was completely silent.

I lay there quite a while, before I heard a sharp command, and as I raised my head I saw two women standing a little distance away from me. I got up, was taken to being hosed down again and then shackled to a wall for the night again. 

Even thought the experience was an extreme one, I was quite curious all through the following week whether what had taken place on the table was merely on one time thing. Therefore I was more than overjoyed when I was being taken to the table again, this time even a bit earlier than a week before. Either what had happened the previous week been a hit or the word had just gotten around and more men wanted to use me.

A week later when I was being led towards the table I got on it quite eagerly. The experience had quickly become the highlight of the week for me. Excited more than I should have I lifted my feet, reached down to my ass, spread my anus as far as possible, and then opened my mouth to be ready. 

Fortunately everyone seemed to find it amusing, and moment I was rewarded with a big cock in both of my holes.

To my delight I was sometimes got called out to the back yard even when I was in the middle of some other chore in the kitchen. I was met there with a member of the kitchen staff talking to a man. When this happened the first time I was unsure what to do, but I soon learned the drill. 

I was expected to kneel, unbuckle his belt, lower the jeans, take out his cock and give him a blow job, which I were becoming a quite good at already, I'm ashamed to admit. The women always stayed present the whole time, usually talking to the man in question, either to help him to cum or to ask how I was doing, I'm not sure.

After he had shot his load it was my job to clean him up, very carefully to put his cock away, lift his jeans again and finally buckle and zip up again. For some reason this after care especially seemed to amuse the customers. I liked doing it though, since this gave me much more time to focus on taking care of them. 

The customers also seemed to be quite amused by the way I always gave their testicles a kiss before zipping up. I felt it was merely a polite thing to do. After all, the men not were not only nice enough to ejaculate into my mouth, but paid good money for it too.  

When the customer had paid up by slipping the woman a note which she usually stuffed to her bra, the man left and I was ordered back to work inside again. Sometimes I was also fucked, but this was more rare, since it seemed the men usually only wanted to get off quickly.

After this had been going on several weeks I noticed another change in the way the hotel worked. A day or two later my wife told me in her notes the travel restrictions were gradually lifted, but all foreigners were still unable to leave the country. Also it seemed there was now enough electricity but water had to be regulated instead.

All this meant a drastic change to my daily routine, just how drastic I had no idea at first. One day I was waken up by a member of the kitchen staff, just like every morning. This time, however, I saw a big burly man approaching us as well.

At first I though it was a customer for me, but he had entered the gate on the left side wall, and that led to the busy street I remembered for my trip to the vet. The woman and the mad talked for a while like old acquaintances, before the woman handed man the leash as well, to my surprise, the shocker as well.

After the woman had disappeared inside the man gave the leash a tug. "New work!" he said, laughing. The man crossed the yard, went out through the gate and then crossed the street while holding me on a leash. Again I was glad I got to walk on all fours since it offered at least some sort of anonymity.

I was however worried since I knew how straining my previous trip had been to my knees. After a half a block or so we stopped, in front of a booth that was located next to a cafeteria and a shady looking bar. I realized it was a some sort of public toilet you needed to put coins in before entering. At the moment though there was yellow and black tape over the door and the slot machine.

The man ripped the tape off and we entered the small booth. Inside it looked just like you would expect a public toilet in a big city to look like, that is, filthy and smelly. In addition to basin to wash your hands in and a booth with a toilet seat there was two stand in urinals on the back wall, both of which were now covered in plastic. 

I was put to kneel between the urinals and the hook in my the back of my neck collar was attached to a bolt on the wall. My wrists were attached to similar bolts roughly at the same level with my eyes. The big burly man did all this very efficiently and without paying much attention to me. 

After attaching me to the wall he took out the shocker from his pocket and attached it to a short piece of chain that hung from the wall. next to my head. The bolts and the chain looked shiny and new, and I got a feeling they had been put there only recently. Finally he took out a long black scarf and tied it to over my eyes. A couple of moments later I heard the door closing, and I realized I was alone. 

I didn't have to wait for my first customer. First I heard a click apparently made by the coin machine outside, then I heard the door opening and someone walking to me. I heard the sound of a zipper and then felt a penis being put inside my mouth. Dutifully I had kept it open since I had a nasty feeling I knew what the shocker hung on the wall for. 

I heard a male voice let out a deep sigh, and then I felt warm pee staring to flow from the penis. With an expertise I already had I started drinking it hungrily, almost like a calf being fed by its mother. 

Gradually the flow died out. Before the man had a chance to pull it out though, I gave it a small suck, in order to get the last drops out. With my lips still around it the man pulled his member out, which created a funny plopping sound, zipped up and left. A few minutes I heard another click at the door. 

The flow of customers using the urinal kept steady all through the day. The procedure was always the same, they came in, put their penis inside my mouth, peed inside me, sipped up and left. None of them never ever said anything, but then again, I didn't use to have the habit of talking to my toilet seat or public urinals either. 

Naturally this also meant my belly was rapidly filling, and the familiar burning sensation was creeping towards my lower abdomen. I could feel the movements of my belly, and I could only imagine what I looked like. Chained to a wall, blindfolded, naked, tiny genitals peeking from between my legs and belly bulging obscenely. 

After a dozer customers or more I heard the door being opened again, and I was already keeping my mouth open, as I suddenly felt the blindfold being removed. I blinked my eyes in the light and realized it was one of the young women from the kitchen. As we returned to Solanas, with me walking on all fours behind the woman, I realized from the heavy traffic it must have been about noon. In the back yard I was again led to the middle of the field and allowed to do my business there. 

After I had cleaned the young woman's shoes with my tongue and had a quick lunch of food scraps from a dog bowl I was led back to my, as the man had earlier put, to my new work place. This time however, I was kept in normal walking position, with my knees attached to my neck. As usual, I found this position to be much more humiliating, at least in terms of exposure. Again I saw heads turning as I walked behind the young women like a prize animal. 

At the booth there was another surprise for me. Next to the door there was now a poster with a lot of text in big bold letters I didn't understand, next to a photo I hadn't seen before but guessed when it must have been taken. It was me all right, standing naked on a busy street with my hands behind my back. Someone must have taken it on out way back from the vet. 

After the young woman had led be back in, attached me to the wall and left the situation I was in made me feel much exposed I had been in a long time. I kept thinking the poster on the door and tried to figure how many people had already passed it.

Then again, I thought, I was a possession. Naturally whoever had organized this needed to advertise me. As there was a click at the door a few moments later I spread my legs a bit, took better posture and opened my mouth. If I was toilet now, I might as well to be the best toilet possible. 

It is hard to say how much my photo had to do with it, but I was busy all through the afternoon. So busy in fact my belly felt like it weighed a ton and my bladder was literally burning up by the time the day was over. 

As I was relieving myself I tried to figure how many men had used my mouth and belly instead of a normal toilet during the day. If I recalled correctly one flushed used around five litres of water. Naturally I had no way of measuring time, but if the toilet was used for example five times an hour, that meant around 25 litres of water. 

Multiplied with eight hours that meant 200 litres of water just in one day. That made my head spin, and I realized how ingenious using me as a toilet was, when it came to saving clean drinking water.

All this became my normal routine. Each morning the familiar burly man came to pick me up, and dropped me off after the business hours at the Solanas. As usual I was allowed to urinate before going to sleep as well, which I was glad about. 

More often than not all the pee I had drank during the day didn't come out when I was allowed to pee after I was being dropped off at the hotel. At mornings the burly man picking me didn't see a need to take me to pee either before taking me to my work place. That meant I often had a full bladder even before the day started.

A few days later I saw new notices also inside the toilet, above and beside to my spot. They looked similar to the one that was on the door, and had lots of text in big bold letters, instructions on how to use the toilet, most likely. I wished I had known how to read them. 

After my work day as an urinal I still had some of my normal chores to do in the kitchen of course. Most importantly this included mopping up the floors and making sure the kitchen was in top notch condition for the next day. 

This usually took me all the way to sundown, because the women had the habit of leaving quite a mess after them. I tried to do as good work as possible, though because I knew every mistake I made or spot I missed would mean by being punished by the shocker the next day.

What made it sometimes hard to concentrate though was the fact that after a full day as an urinal not nearly all pee got out when I was taken to the field after my day was over. This way I had a full belly and burning bladder even as I worked. However, I had no option but to endure, since I knew the next chance to pee wouldn't be until bedtime.

It took three days I got my first cock to suck. I should have been surprised it hadn't taken place earlier. After all, it was something must have happen in public toilets quite a lot. Each time the men, or as it was in some most cases, boys were in such a hurry though I was worried whether they managed to enjoy it at all. 

Naturally I understood their hurry, taking up time pleasuring yourself in a public urinal was not what you were supposed to do there. For me these visits offered welcome diversity to the monotony of my days. Also, the more cock I sucked during the day, the less my tummy hurt. 

I was shocked quite rarely, I'm glad to say. In fact, in most cases it was mostly the case of people simply wanting to see how I would react to it, which was understandable after all. Surprisingly big number of the customers also shocked me after they had ejaculated into my mouth. I can only guess in those cases it was about some issues they had themselves, and punishing me for tempting them was more about punishing themselves. 

Some men on the other hand used it before the ejaculation or during it. To some men, it seemed, me moaning in pain with my lips around their cocks was a huge turn on and helped them to reach climax, or at least added a new and exciting element to it. In those cases I didn't mind being shocked one bit. I was there to serve, after all, and my pan was a small price for their pleasure. 

Only a handful of times the man holding the shocker got so carried away while approaching the climax I actually passed out, and became conscious only after they had left, and woke up with cum dripping from my lips. To most of my customers though, shocking me was merely a bit of fun, or their way of saying goodbye before leaving. 

A number of my customers, even the ones who had used me only in the way a toilet is supposed to also took a photo of me before leaving. They wanted a souvenir, I suppose. 

One thing I was quite worried about was the fact whether my new responsibilities would affect me being used at weekends. Fortunately this wasn't the case, and it continued as usual. The first time I saw the men and women starting to gather in the back yard  after I had started as a public toilet made me extremely relieved, and I'm afraid I was perhaps a bit too eager to please everyone that night.

The only actual difference to the proceedings was the fact the men or me didn't have to wait for the urine fun to start to the wee hours of the night.

At first though I was being given a big cooler with a shoulder strap, sometimes two, filled with ice and beer or soft drinks. I had no idea how much the men pad to get in, but apparently it was enough to cover the costs of the beverages.

The coolers were quite heavy, but I did my best as I circulated among the guests offering everyone something to drink. Usually this might have taken better part of an hour, and often I was sent to kitchen to get another load.

After it looked like everyone had a can in their hand it was my task to continue circulating among the guests, but this time on all fours. The men were gathered as small groups, of perhaps five or six, sometimes including women as well to keep the party going. 

It was my job to stop in front of a man after a man and to look up. If he ignored me I knew I was supposed to continue on my way, but if the man in question looked down and nodded I knew I was expected to take his cock out, let him relieve himself into my belly, then zip him up again and continue on my way.

Sometimes I even got to suck a man off instead of being used as an urinal, while he was talking with his friends. However, a thing like that took guts and not many men were up to it. Pleasantly many were, though, and often I had several loads of cum in my belly even before the main event, so to speak, started.

Not all men wanted to use me as a urinal quite that publicly of course, and sometimes I was pulled aside, somewhere we weren't seen and a man emptied his bladder into me there, just like he would have if he had taken a normal leak outside. Sometimes being taken around the corner could also lead to being fucked in the ass or giving a blow job. 

Giving blow jobs while being surrounded by people was much more fun though, since that way I got to hear the comments of his friends as well, even though I didn't understand them. There were also times when a progression from a circulating urinal to a public fucktoy took place spontaneously, when a one blow job let to another, which in turn drew more and more men to join the fun. 

Before this happened though I got to drink a lot of pee, which meant my belly was often nice and full even before the main event. I noticed men seemed to enjoy seeing me like that as well, but it is hard to say why. Perhaps it was because they knew how painful it was to me, perhaps because it made me look like a woman. Perhaps both.

For me all this the spontaneity and unexpected variation when it came to how the night each time progressed was a welcomed surprise. Over time I had learned to enjoy not knowing what happened to me next. On Friday nights this was exceptionally true. and made even more eager to please.

Naturally also the pee inside my belly and being in constant pain made the evening much more exciting, as well as acted as incentive to please, and to get the men off as quickly and as efficiently as possible. I knew I usually wasn't being allowed to relieve myself until the party was over.

Like I said, that was the case usually. Sometimes I had managed to drink so much pee during the night my belly looked I had swallowed a beach ball, and pee started to dribble out on it's own as I was being used. On those cases I was given a pint to pee in, and then made drink it all up.

This too amused my audience greatly, since they knew keeping the pee inside me meant it was only a matter of time before I had my bladder full again. I was well aware of this, but I valued these short respites greatly, since I knew I could getter concentrate the cock sucking as my bladder filled up again.

Sometimes seeing me drink my own pee made the young women at the party joined the fun too. After all, it was relatively easy for them to slid a pint they had just finished under their dress, then relieve themselves into it and then give it to me to drink. If there wasn't a pint at hand it was my job to go and get one for them from the kitchen.

Over time this became very popular among women and one of my tasks was to ensure there was enough empty pints available at the party for this purpose. This was only natural, of course. After all, it was women who had arranged it all, so why would only men have the fun of seeing me drink their pee.

My full bladder and belly naturally made also being fucked on the table much more exciting. First of all there was the visual effect as the position did much more justice to my huge belly. I looked now even more than a woman, and I guess gang banging a pregnant woman did have its fantasy value. The only difference being that by fucking me instead there was no danger of hurting anyone that mattered, mother or a child.

My huge belly also gave the men much more possibilities, as they were smearing the sperm on me while I was being fucked. One of them was the excuse to press my lower abdomen, apparently to see how painful it really was and how I would react. Usually this was letting out a long howl, muffled my a huge hock inside my throat, which always made everyone laugh.

The thrusting movement alone, especially the one that took place inside my anus, also caused quite a lot of discomfort. Every time the cock entered me, especially if the man in question thrust it into me all the way, I felt it as a sharp pain in my bladder. 

The more excited the man was to fuck me, or more closer to the orgasm he got, the worse it naturally became. Usually the last minute or so was sheer torment for me, as the man pounded his member into me faster and faster, before ultimately shooting his seed into me, and made me to whimper and howl out loud, despite the fact my face and throat was being used at the same time. It seemed men liked this as well. 

Sometimes all this was too much for my bladder to take, and even though I did all I could to keep it in, I started to feel more and more pee starting to leak out as tiny dribbles out of my tiny penis. If this went on too long the throat fucking was usually stopped for a while. 

Another penis, this time a limp one would then be put into my mouth and I felt being urinated in again. The fucking didn't resume until the men felt I had gotten enough refill, which usually meant being peed into more times than once. It was clear the men liked to keep me as full as possible.

I have a feeling men also quite enjoyed seeing me showering in their pee, with my belly being as obscenely full as it was. After all, it wasn't every time you got to urinate on a pregnant mother, and to see her bathing herself in your pee. 

Therefore the last phase of the night was quite popular. I could only guess many of them must have waited quite a while to relieve themselves on me. What I could see often there was over twenty men or more urinating on me, and letting the streams of pee going up and down, left and right on my body.

By the time they were finished I was completely drenched in pee, including my hair which had gotten quite long by now. This was partly due to the fact that even though my head was now hanging over the edge of the table, pee kept running down my face and into my hair. 

Mostly though it was because the men who were at the head of the table and peeing on me, took great care to ensure my head and hair weren't neglected and got their share of the pee as well. Usually I had three or four men around me at that point directing their pee straight into my face, and making my hair completely soaked. 

After everybody was done with me I was left there. I didn't mind this, of course, The idea of the party was to use me, and after it was done and I wasn't no use to anyone, it would have made no point to pay attention to me. Besides, this gave me good time to dry up a bit.

Even though I was now in constant pain and felt an almost intolerable burning on my bladder, I didn't even dream of getting up or relieving myself there. I knew the women would come to get me eventually. I simply lay there, and listened the voices in the yard gradually become more and more distant, until the only thing I heard was the sound of pee slowly dripping from my soaked hair.  

On some occasions this did take quite a while for the women to come and take me to do my business and being hosed down. I knew it wasn't my place to complain though. Afterwards it was naturally my job to clean up the back from the mess the party cad cause, such as empty cans laying everywhere, before I was being shackled to the wall again. 

The women who were in charge of me at that point usually spent that time talking with each other and smoking. Sometimes, especially if the women were in a hurry to go to bed, though, I had to do this before being allowed to relieve myself. Women knew just as well as I did that burning bladder made me work so much faster.

The Saturdays were usually quite tormenting for me as well, because all the pee in my belly never got out even when I was allowed to relieve myself. Since the public toilet was closed on weekends, I spent the weekend doing errands in the old way in the kitchen. In some way appreciated weekends even more now, since it was now more or less my only chance of seeing the women during the day. 

I had a feeling the women enjoyed seeing me there as well, especially thanks to the activities on the previous night. My bladder and belly were full already in the morning, still making me feel and look like a pregnant child wife, and over the day I got a lot of attention form the women I had already begin to miss. 

Despite my belly being the way it was, the women still made me drink their pee as well, of course. I was more than happy to do this, even though I did how much more in pain I would soon be. I was now away the weeks, and making this the only chance for them to see me drinking all their pee, which was something the women more than deserved.

After two weeks had passed there was again a new variation to my daily schedule, albeit not a big one. I had just finished my day as a toilet, and being brought to the field to do my business as usual. This time however, I noticed a big apparatus looking like a some sort of hydraulic machine, next to the field though and for some reason most of the kitchen staff had been gathered around it as well.

I was doing my business the same way I always did, and pushing out a big log, when I suddenly heard the machine being turned on and then I felt a stream of liquid hitting my ass with a force, as if I had been hosed again. Instantly the crowd of women started to cheer and holler, almost as if they had waited for this the whole day. I knew I was nowhere near the water hose, and the familiar smell told me it wasn't water. I was being hosed with urine.

At first the experience took me by surprise. The force of the stream even made me fall down to my side, and I heard the women's laughter in my ears, as well as more cheering. The stream went up and down my back and I was soon lying in pool of runny mud. 

Soon though I heard women starting to chant something and as I turned over I understood they wanted me to get up. With the yellow stream still hitting my body I got up and walked out of the puddle to a more dry spot on the field. With the stream going up and down my body was being hosed down, first from the front and then back until I was totally drenched, from head to toe.

Finally the stream started to die out, and the cheers of the women stopped. The crowd went back inside, except for the woman holding the hose and wearing what looked like a fireman's gloves and a rubber apron and rubber boots. I was being taken to hosed down again, this time with water, and finally led inside again. The fact I was dripping with water didn't matter much, because my next job was mopping the kitchen floor.

As I was cleaning up the kitchen, I understood what had just taken place made perfect sense. After all, I was now working days as an urinal, women didn't get to see me drink their pee, so hosing me down with it was the next best thing. Also, this way the kitchen staff didn't have to use normal toilets for peeing during the day, thus saving water. 

This became routine for me, and I was hosed down with urine after each day. The only difference was there wasn't same kind of crowd anymore, usually only one or two women with similar protective clothing doing the hosing. 

Another effect all this had was also the fact my trips to the field soon became much more unpleasant, because much of it was now runny mud. Fortunately there was several pairs of rubber boots in the hotel, and the women could now walk through even the muddiest parts without the fear of soiling themselves. Naturally it was still my task to lick the boots clean afterwards.

It took me a few days to realize something. After I had made a few calculations I understood there was way too much pee hosed on me after each day for it all to come from the kitchen staff. It was quite possible all pee in the hotel was now collected for this purpose. I tried to figure out the amount of water saved that way and soon understood the amount was staggering.

I was so used to my new work as a public toilet that kept me most of the time outside the everyday life of the hotel I most likely didn't realize things changing again. Therefore what happened next took me completely by surprise. 

One Sunday I was taken to the kitchen that was now completely empty, and made to sat down to a table my several of the female staff. By now I was quite used to being treated this way, like an animal or rather an object. 

I was rather curious though as the women worked around me. My wrists and ankles were attached to the chair and then I was left there alone. On the table, I noticed, was two objects, the shocker and the device with the turn button I hadn't seen since my trip to the vet.

I few minutes later my wife walked in. She was dressed smartly, and in total contrast to myself. I was speechless. During the past weeks I had in a way forgotten how she looked like, or that she even existed. In a way I had lost hope of ever seeing her again.

My wife approached the table without saying anything, then placed her overcoat on it and sat down. She looked at both of the objects on the table, then picked each up and turned a few times before putting them back down.

Part of me was relieved, and suddenly everything I had endured became only a bad dream. On the other hand the realization it hadn't been that, but hundred per cent reality. Being faced with my wife again I also realized how underdressed I was.

However, I was unable to do anything but just look at her. Finally my wife turned the button on the device on the table. 

"Hello dear, it's nice to see you", she said then. "How are you?"

How was I? How was supposed to... Then I opened my mouth, and first time in longer time than I cared to remember, I heard words coming out.

"How am I..." I said and stopped. My wife looked at me smiling.

"Oh god! It's so good to see you!" I gasped. "Please, honey! Tell me what's happening?"

My wife smiled. "You decided to cut the chase and start with the big picture?" she said and then continued with a matter of fact tone. 

"Well, the emergency procedures have now been officially lifted. The situation is still far from normal, but all foreigners are now free to leave and take their property with them. My plane leaves in an hour."


"Well, it's hard to know where to begin, really. The thing is, all... well, property that was confiscated during the emergency act is now available for the previous owners to claim. I have, however decided not to do that."

I looked at her speechless. "I'm sorry. I don't understand. What does that mean?"

"It means I will not be claining you. And if I do not claim you, you stay as the property of the hotel, and I will get a nice compensation for you. I've decided to sell you, plain and simple."

At that moment something snapped inside my head. Everything that had been a part of me ever since my mental shift in the back yard was suddenly gone. I started to struggle in my chair and then protest loudly.

Letting out a sigh my wife turned the knob in the device and then pushed the button on the shocker forward and then back. I let out howl but was unable to do anything else. My struggling stopped immediately.

"Ah, this is what it feels like", my wife said and smiled. "I must say it is quite addictive."

My eyes widened as she pushed the button again, this time more, and kept it there a while before pulling it back. A low whimper came out of my lips and I was breathing heavily.

"Are you ready to listen to me now?" my wife said and I nodded. My wife seemed to be thinking it for a while and then turned the knob again.

"As I was saying", my wife said clearing her throat. "I have let the hotel to claim you. The fact hotel is willing to pay anything for is beyond me, truth to tell. So if anything you should be flattered." 

"Sell me?" I said, still not believing my ears. "But that's not possible!"

"Possible? Of course it's possible", my wife said and took out her phone. It seems she had expected a reaction like this. "And it's totally legal by the Feminian laws. Look for yourself, if you don't believe."  

My wife was holding her phone up so I could see the balance of her bank account. It was a sum neither of us had never even dreamed of. Above it, I saw where the deposit had come from.

My wife looked at the phone and shook her head. "That kind of sum for you. I would have never believed it. But I'm not complaining." 

"But... you cannot just sell..." I said trying to put into words the things spiralling in my head. "I mean, I'm a human being, an US citizen. How is this possible? Doesn't no one care?"

"You mean US officials, and so on?" my wife said and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, no. But there's a simple reason for it. The thing is, you died several weeks ago. It was all very tragic and all."

My wife looked at me and continued with a matter of fact tone.

"It took place during the first two weeks of the epidemic, when hundreds of other people all over the world died too. Feminian officials have been very helpful making out the documents, as has a woman I know at the US embassy. The obituary was in the papers some weeks ago. It looked very convincing, even if I say so myself."

This had to be a bad dream, I thought. "Just like that?", I said, not believing I even considered the possibility this could be all true. "No one demanded to see the body? How is it..."

"Honey", my wife said. "I know you have had other things to do the past weeks, but rest of us live in the real world. It's an epidemic out there. All the bodies has to be cremated, and therefore you were as well. Thousands of people in USA alone die each day. Thousands, honey. Do you really think anyone has time?"

I nodded. To what, I was not exactly sure.

"Also, you do understand the things being the way that are you could have just... well, disappeared? I mean permanently. You should be thankful you're even alive. After all, it would have been much more tidy."

"But..." I said, looking at her pleadingly. Why are you doing this?"

My wife leaned back and lifted her other foot on her knee. "Oh, I have lots of reasons. This is all for the best, believe me. But there's more. Wanna hear? I just love the next part."

I looked at my wife and nodded, knowing what else to do. I had a feeling she would have told me what she had to say anyway. 

"Shortly before we made everything official, my friend at the embassy helped me to get a quite sizable life insurance for you. It was just before the shit hit the fan back home, so to speak. She has assured the things being as chaotic as they are no one will have time to dig up the details of your death, if the paperwork is under control. "  

My wife smiled. " In other words, you have made me quite a wealthy woman, dear. Naturally all the funds you had on your personal account have now been transferred to mine, as well. I will show you."

My wife held the phone up to me again and sure enough, there it was. Even though it wasn't much everything that I had owned was now on my wife's bank account. Then she turned the phone back the herself again.

"The insurance money hasn't come through yet, of course, the things being the way they are, but when they do, I will be so fucking rich. Compared to it, this is nothing, and I could donate it all to charity, if I wanted." 

I saw my wife swiping her phone practically beaming. Her eyes had a glazed, almost euphoric look and it was clear as day how happy the idea of all that money made her.

Then she looked up from her phone, smiling even more.

"And since you're now officially dead you don't exist in any database anymore. Quite simply put, you do not exist anymore. God it feels so good to say that out loud. I have waited this for so long." 

Suddenly my wife seemed to remember something. "Speaking of things you used to own, remember your luggage?" 

I nodded. My wife smiled almost as if to a some private joke. 

"Well, they arrived", she said. "A few days after you had been taken to you... well, new duties. It's a good thing they did. At the moment the international air traffic is in lockdown, just like the rest of the world, and you things might have still be where they ended up."

I nodded. Well, that was something at least. "Where it is now?"

"Destroyed of course", my wife said and sounded like she was actually taking a pity on me. "What did you think? That you'd have any use of clothes anymore, or anything else, as long as you live? Honey, you cannot have property anymore. You are property!"

I opened my mouth but didn't know what to say.

"All your clothes, books, including the things you left at the reception when we arrived here, such as your phone, wallet and so on. Everything you owned. We had such fun burning them in the boiler room downstairs the day we got the paperwork through."

She smirked as she continued. "Just imagine how good it will feel to do the same the rest of your belongings after we get home? I cannot wait to destroy every piece of evidence you ever existed, dear."  

I listened to her speechless, and then something she had said made me curious. "Who we?" I said finally.

"Ah yes", my wife said smiling. "I haven't gotten to the really good part, have I?" 

My wife seemed to be thinking something over for a while. "Well, do you remember the thing I mentioned to you about the room shortage here?"

I nodded.

"Well, as it happens I was put in the same room with a woman named Susan. She works in the same field than I do and everything clicked immediately. She's smart, and funny and... Well, we sort of ended up to bed together. I didn't plan it, it just happened."

Again something in me got loose. My wife listened me a while, then turned my speech button to zero and kept the shocker halfway for a while. Then she brought it down and gave me a few moments to recover. This time, however she didn't turn the speaking knob back on again.

"At first I hesitated of course", my wife said calmly. "Feeling I shouldn't give in to my urge, but I knew right away, after our first night together, that I had made the right choice. Oh honey, she is so, so much better in bed than you are. She really is. You wouldn't believe it. I could have never believed sex could be that good." 

My wife took out her phone, tapped it for a moment and then held it up to me, starting to flip through picture in her camera roll. "Just look how beautiful she is."

There was pictures of rather attractive dark haired woman there. First were taken in what looked like a hotel room here, then there was pictures of my wife and her having a dinner in the dining hall, then selfies of them both, and finally ones that clearly were taken in bed. They looked so happy I had to close my eyes.

"She has made me cum more often I never did during our so called marriage", my wife said, not letting my reaction to slow her down. "And the best orgasms I've had with her. Oh god, if I took all the orgasms I've had with you and put it all in one, it wouldn't be even half as good."

I opened my eyes, and since I was unable to speak, I pleaded with my eyes for her to stop. My wife looked at me smiling, then looked at her nameless that was now missing a ring.

"It did cause me some concern, you know", she said. "You know, even after our first night together, my mind blowing orgasm and realizing how good sex can be I felt guilty, for a while. We were married, after all. I was having an affair. I was fucking cheating on you and feeling good about it. It felt so good cheating on you, which in turn was even more hard to handle."

The she looked up at me again and smiled. 

"But then I realized it was because I loved Susan. And the more I became comfortable with the idea the less I realized loving you. Because everything was better with her. Sense of humour, interests, personalities, taste in so many things."

I tried not to listen her words and held my head low.

"So it's not just sex", she said sounding amused. "Even though there has been a lot of it, make no mistake about it. Insane amounts of it. Mind blowing great lesbian sex. After all, there's very little to do here, and there has been days we haven't bothered to put anything on and just fucked like rabbits."

I looked up and tied to plead her to stop with my eyes again.

She raised her fingers to her nose. "You know what? I think I can still smell her in my fingers. We fucked the last time only a couple of hours ago. We had an hour to kill before she would have to take a taxi to the airport and I would come here to talk to you. God her pussy tastes good."

Then I saw her looking at me again. 

"Oh, you poor thing. Too much for you to hear honey? I really pains you to hear all this, an me talking about her, does it?"

I nodded again.

"Too bad, because that just makes me want to keep going", she said. "You do understand that?

I nodded.

"And I really do want to hurt you. I'm entitled to it. I want you truly to understand how happy I am fucking Susan, how happy I am with her. How much happier I am now that I get you out of my life for good."

That felt like I had just peen punched straight into my heart. I felt paralyzed and powerless, as I realized there was no way I could make her to stop.

"Naturally we plan to get married as soon as possible", my wife continued. "We even considered having our wedding here on Santa Feminia, but truth to tell, I want to leave this place, and you behind me as soon as possible. Also, I want to be surrounded by the people I love when I declare my love for Susan."

I saw her looking at me again and smiling.

"Every time I mention her name you twitch, have you noticed? Merely hearing her name makes you feel that bad?"

I nodded again.

"That's so funny dear. I cannot wait I get to tell that to Susan." 

Again my wife gave me a smirk. Then he looked down to her hands and sighed though.

"At the moment things are too crazy though", she said in a more serious tone. "It will take a while the things to get to normal back home, which means we have plenty of time to plan everything. And I do want ours to be the biggest, the gayest, the queerest lesbian wedding, and you cannot do it without money. Thanks to you Susan and I have now plenty, and enough time to begin a new life together."

My wife looked at me, then reached out and turned the knob on the device on the table. Apparently she had grew tired of speaking to herself. 

"Well, you've been quite for a while now. You don't have anything to say?"

I looked at her pleadingly. "Honey, don't you care what my life down here has been like? What I have been made to do?"

To my surprise my wife burst out in laughter.

"Oh, honey! Of course I do! In fact many of the things that has happened to you have been my idea, not the girls here. You're just too much."

I looked at her, again not understanding anything.

"Even though they have been very eager to help", my wife continued and then looked at me sternly. 

"That extremely stupid escape attempt was incredibly stupid, and put so many people here in jeopardy. That thing with shots for example was the hotel's idea, when they realized you would be a more permanent guest here. I would have even been able to come up with that."

"Shots?" I said, even though I had already guessed the answer.

"Yes, the ones you got at the vet, if I'm not mistaken? They have kept you nice and smooth, but made your hair longer. The idea was naturally to make you look more like a girl. It seems the men you've been entertaining quite like you that way. The past couple of months you have also been getting small doses of female hormones in your... hm, food."

That piece of information surprised me, even though it made perfect sense.

My wife smiled. "And I must say it's working. I know there's not mirrors in here, but believe me when I say you look much more slender and girly than you used to. Also, your new low fat and carbohydrate, high protein and liquid diet has made wonders to your physique."

"Thank you", I said, even though I knew none of it was my doing.

"You're welcome", my wife said. "That's all been mostly a very welcomed side effect. What most people has been interested in has been to make your life as miserable as possible. Susan has helped, of course. We've had such fun trying to think of ways how to make your life a living hell. It's been a wonderful foreplay. I'm proud to say after all I have told her about you she hates you as much as me, maybe more."

Again, I saw a smirk in my wife's eyes. "But yes, she has been very helpful. Remember all the pee you have been drinking in the kitchen. Several pints of them have been from Susan and me. Ww thought it was appropriate. Your anal training with butt plugs was her idea as well."

I looked at her, and the expression on my face must have made it clear I had no idea what she was talking about.

"Honey!" she said smiling. "Please don't tell me you didn't realise we have been loosening your asshole gradually the past few weeks? We've been making you wear and wear bigger butt plugs as soon as you ass has become accustomed to the previous one."

I shook my head, but had to admit it all made sense now. But then again, I had never actually seen the plugs that were yanked out of me, or put back in.

"Oh, you poor dear my wife said. How else did you think you've become such a capable anal whore, and taking in even the most biggest cocks this island has to offer? If you saw the monster that's inside your ass at the moment."   

I shifted my position a bit, suddenly becoming more aware of it. My wife seemed to notice this. 

"Tell me, how does it feel, to have that huge thing inside you day and night? How does it feel to be fucked in your ass, like the anal whore we have made you?"

I shrugged, since I didn't know what I was supposed to answer. "Pretty okay", I said finally. "Normal. I don't usually even notice it." 

"And being fucked in the ass the way you have been?" my wife pressed on. I saw her sliding her fingers up and down on the area her conservative dress left bare, and I got a feeling she was getting turned on by this a bit.

I shrugged again. "Well... good", I said and then looked up at her. What did I have to lose admitting it to her. "It's the best thing I know."

My wife chuckled. "In a way I am disappointed to hear that. Clearly we should have but in more effort."

Even though I knew how insane it was, I nodded.

"But it has been interesting to follow your progress. The hotel has been very good in communicating with me, and they have provided me pictures and videos. They have been extremely interesting, in some cases even arousing, in an inhumane, sadistic kind of way."

I looked at her again. Suddenly I remembered all the times my torment had been recorded. And I thought of all the times I mostly hadn't had no idea of it. "You mean..."

"Yes, I've seen it all, honey", my wife said smiling. "I've seen you being kicked in the nuts. I've seen you suck cock, being fucked in the ass, ejaculated and being peed on. I've seen you drink the pee from all the lovely women working here, and your belly bulging obscenely. I have seen you used as a public toilet. And I've loved it. I really have."

I swallowed, not sure whether I should have been appalled, or hurt. But what I mostly were, was turned on, which made the situation even more absurd. My wife looked at me, looking mildly surprised.

"Why are you getting so red?", she said. "Oh please, don't tell me you got turned on by what I just said?"

I looked down and nodded. 

"Oh dear. You are starting to make me think maybe you should have wanted to be treated this way years ago. Maybe you just need to be treated like shit. Is that it?"   

I nodded and heard my wife chuckle.

"Maybe you really do. What I've seen on Friday nights would to seem to prove that. Clips are one thing but nothing beats the show you have provided us the past few weeks."

That made me looked up. "I'm sorry, what?"

My wife looked at me astonished. "Honey! Don't tell me you have actually been totally unaware of your audience?" 

I opened my mouth but nothing came out. It seems my puzzlement was so genuine there was a sense of pity in the voice as my wife continued.

"Oh, you poor thing. Honey, this is a five storey hotel, and half of the windows overlook the back yard. You honestly thought the girls at the kitchen would have been able to arrange a weekly orgy at the back yard without the guests noticing? You've had quite an audience, let me tell you."

She had a point, I must admit, and I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it earlier. It just showed how alienated I had become from the rest of the world.

"It was orchestrated by me. All of it. It's been like a gay porn reality television the whole hotel has enjoyed the past weeks."

"The whole hotel?" I said. It seemed too much to believe.

"Oh yes. The only complaint I've heard from the guests is that they've been unable to join the fun. You'd be surprised how many sadistic women would have liked to be there to use you. Well, maybe now they can. The women here also love watching you being hosed down each day with their own pee."

My wife chuckled. "It's been such fun, not only see, but to hear you as well. We've had the habit of keeping the windows open on Friday nights. It's been wonderful and listening you whimpering and moaning while I've had Susan's face buried in my crotch, or vice versa. Knowing you're suffering down there thanks to me, has made me so happy."

I hung my head down, and felt my cheeks burning. I felt ashamed admitting to herself how turned on all she said made me.

"Do you mind it?" I heard my wife say. "I mean, don't try to give me that bullshit you did earlier and play the role of the martyr. The things we've done to you. The Friday nights, and everything. Do you mind them?"

I sighed. "No, not really." That was a huge understatement.

"That's what I thought", I heard my wife say. "And that makes this all so unbelievable. In essence you have being turned to an animal, or even something much more worse. You do realize that? A fucking cock sucking pee drinking animal. And you have not only accepted but also embraced your new role eagerly. I wouldn't have believed just how eagerly, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."

There was a chuckle as she continued. 

"You know, at some point Susan and I even considered sending some of the clips we have to your parents and colleagues, making it impossible for you to return to States no matter what happened. To show the world what you have become, and to completely destroy your life without you even knowing anything about it. Finally we decided against it since it would have raised too many questions. But they still exist you know, so I sincerely hope you don't get any stupid ideas."

I looked up and shook my head. 

"I won't" I said, and then, in a calm manner. "And you can, if you want to."

That made my wife raise her eyebrows. 

"Unfortunately that would be unwise, at the moment, but thank you. That's very sweet, to hear you wouldn't have mind if we completely destroyed your life. Perhaps at some point me and Susan will make a bit more money off you, and release it all on black market, or something. That way anyone who sees it would know what kind of whore you were, before you died. Would you like that?"

I swallowed, and felt my face burning up. Even though I was somewhat alarmed to realized it myself, the thought of everybody seeing what I had done the past weeks, my family, my colleagues and friends, all the people I knew, was suddenly extremely exciting for me.    

"I would", I said, with my heart racing.

"And what about I said earlier?", my wife said. "Are you an animal now?"

I thought of all my experiences, and nodded.

"I am an animal."

"Unfortunately the thing is, I don't have a need for an animal", my wife said. "Especially the kind of filthy farm animal you have become. Would you have accepted a full grown pig or a cow grazing in out back yard? No, you wouldn't, and so doesn't Susan. There are places for beasts like you, and they are nowhere near out new life together. You must understand that?"

"I understand", I said with a sigh.

"Which really brings to my actual point", my wife said. "Even if I had any feelings for you, it all pretty much went down toilet when I saw how quickly you became what you are now. I doubt you don't have any idea what it felt to see you doing all those disgusting things willingly. It made hating and despising you so much easier."

I nodded. There was no arguing with that. In a way I understood her completely and even felt sorry for her.

"So, you see. you made selling you the only possible available for me. You have only yourself to blame for all this, in the end. And even though I know I could have just... well, let you out in the nature, and run free, the bottom line is, I really do want make money off on you, as well. I'm more than entitled to it."

I looked up and nodded. 

"So..." I said after a few moments. "What happens now?"

"What happens now?" my wife said and sighed. "Well, me and Susan are going to board a plane that leaves in an hour. It will be quite tormenting for us, because the flight here from the States takes longer we've used to keep our hands off each other. Most likely we have to book a room from the airport when we get there, and go there to fuck like bunnies. Just thinking about it makes me wet."

Then she looked at me and smiled. The expression she had again managed to put on my face had been too priceless, apparently.

"Ah, what happens to you?" my wife said and chuckled. "Sorry, I misunderstood."

Looking at her smirk I wasn't totally sure whether that was totally true.

"Well, as far as I know, the management is planning to make you... well, a hotel slut of some sort, to be used here or in a hotel belonging to the same chain. Apparently they have been quite impressed by your shall we say... flexibility. Also, not all the hotels in the chain are all female ones, apparently."

"But they may decide to sell you off as well, or perhaps lease you if they suddenly have need for extra capital, the state of the travel industry being in the state it is. On the free market your fate will be much more uncertain, however. If you're lucky, you may end up as a property of some of the whorehouses in the city. You are now an unmarked male, that can be sold and bought quite legally here."

"If you're unlucky though you will end up working in the plantations in the southern part of the island. However, from what I've heard you would be dead there under a year. That's most likely where you end up anyway after you get too old. In any case if I were you, I'd really be on my best behaviour from now on. Your life depends on it."

My wife leaned forward and looked like she had said all she had intended to.

"I have also left some suggestions on how you could be used more efficiently then you have been so far, and some other things we never got you to do. It will be interesting to see whether they will take up on any of my, or rather our suggestions. Let's just say you're life won't be boring if they do. Believe when I say you better forget everything you thought to be impossible."

My wife picked up her phone. "Oh my, look at the time. I must being going."

My wife got up, picked up her coat, turned my talking knob down and then walked around the table, until she stood next to me.

"I guess this is goodbye", she said smiling, and then leaned down and gave me a kiss on my forehead. "Have a nice rest of your life, darling. I sincerely hope it will be a living hell."