22 Aug 2014

The Brave New Life (fiction)

A sequel to “A Change Of Heart”

“Honey, I’m home!”

Sound echoed in the gigantic foyer, but there was no answer. He put the briefcase down and walked on.

After taking a few turns he stepped into a huge, tastefully decorated living room. His wife sat on the couch facing a big, widescreen tv that seemed to fill half of the wall. She was reclining and holding in her other hand a remote controller, while channel-surfing absentmindedly. Her other hand was in her loose pants, and she was masturbating herself, equally absentmindedly.

“Oh hi, dear”, she said, not stopping her masturbating. “Nice say at work?”

“Yes dear”, he said and leaned down to kiss her on the forehead.

“That’s nice”, she said. Then she smiled and looked at him. “Go get rid of your clothes, dear.”

“Yes, dear.”

He went upstairs, put his suit in the rack and returned downstairs a few minutes later totally nude. The staircase was made of glass and faced the street, but his wife had said that he has nothing to hide.

His wife had removed her loose pants while he had been away, but had still her Daffy Duck t-shirt on. Her legs were spread wide apart and her beautiful pussy was clearly visible as she masturbated it slightly. When she heard him approach she smiled and put the tv on mute.

“Start, honey.”

He put his legs slightly apart and started to masturbate. He knew that in matter of minutes his wife would have a beautiful orgasm, while he would stay on the edge. They had become very skillful in timing their actions, so that they could both enjoy their mutual orgasm. Her orgasm.

It hadn’t been always so. A mere months ago, when his training had begun, he had needed much supervision from his wife. It had been very tricky, not to bring himself too close to the edge. He had to tell his wife when he got near the threshold, and his wife had to told him when to stop. There had been close calls, but together they had been able prevent his cumming very efficiently for months now.

It had required great deal of training, to get where they were. Nowadays his wife could concentrate solely to her own orgasm, and enjoy watching him suffer the sexual frustration. Because she knew her husband could control himself completely now, could bring himself right up to the edge, keep himself there, then cool down and start all over again. 

It didn’t take long for his wife to reach an orgasm, and for him to masturbate himself on the brink of an ejaculation. His wife looked at him approvingly as she was enjoying the post-orgasm sensations. She was looking at his bright red cock, which he kept firmly in his grasp.

“That was… unexpectedly fast”, she said, fingering her clit and labia lips gently, slightly out of breath. “Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes dear”, he said, trying to make himself breathe calmly as well. “It was very beautiful.”

“Mmmm… So good to hear.”

After a few moments she looked again at him and smiled.

“Continue, dear. I want another one.”

He started masturbating again. After a while he went into a semi-kneeling position, a bit sideways to his wife. This way his eyes were bit lower than his wife’s, His wife looked at him approvingly and rubbed her clit in rotating motion, legs spread wide.

“Mmmmm… Give me something to watch, honey. I want to see how much you enjoy suffering for me.”

“Yes, dear.”

He started to caressed his chest and then squeezed his other tit on a very feminine manner. Then he brought his hand to his side, and finally backside. He caressed his ass, and then let his hand slide towards his knee, then all the way to his to his groin. Then he took a good hold of his big, full testicles and squeezed them lightly.

His wife smiled at him and started to masturbate with more determination, preparing herself for even more powerful orgasm. He pulled his tummy in and followed her example, and continued masturbating more furiously.

“You’re so beautiful, honey”, he said, slightly out of breath.

“Mmmm… You’re not that bad to look at either,”

He blushed. It was still hard to take in compliments like that, even though he knew his wife was right. He wasn’t bad to look at nowadays.

He had started to work out some months ago on his wife’s request. She had said she wanted his handsome husband to look good, when he masturbated to her. He had quite agreed and had started a diet as well. In a matter of months he had managed to get rid of his flabby tummy.

His wife, on the other hand had always been the typical glamour wife. Lately, however, they had come to the mutual agreement that there was no need for her to have the skinny model figure anymore. At least not in the the sense that she would have to look good for HIM.

She had started to eat more tasty treats, and getting because of it very nice curves and more womanly figure he liked quite a lot. She had also started to wear more comfortable clothes around the house. At least on those occasions she bothered to wear anything.

His wife was masturbating furiously now, and looking at him. He followed the example and their eyes locked. They were in a frenzy, both so very close to the edge now. He saw his wife opening her mouth a bit, and there was a glazed look in her eyes.

At that exact moment he felt the edge and pulled his hand away. He felt his tiny cock twitch, helpless and unable to reach the climax, even though being so close. His wife looked at him with glazed eyes, moaned in a such loud voice he thought he could hear the chandeliers resonate, closed her eyes and started to orgasm.

The orgasm seemed to last forever, and he could do nothing but admire it. His little penis twitched, almost in sync with his wife’s movements, but he gave it no attention. He even put his hands behind his back, for them to be as far away from his twitching cock as possible. He felt a very tiny drop of precum at a tip of his penis.

His wife’s orgasm was so beautiful. All those months ago his wife had said he didn’t need to cum because she could orgasm for both of them. How right had she been.

This time it took somewhat longer for his wife to recover. She opened her eyes, breathing heavily and covered in light sweat. There were dark patches on the t-shirt around the armpits, on both sides of Daffy’s surprised head.

“Thank you… dear”, she said, out of breath, rubbing her pussy gently and smiled. “I… liked that. Could you… get me a glass of water?”

“Of course”, he said and went to the kitchen, returning after a few moments with a big glass of ice-cold water with ice cubes in it. He gave it to his wife who drank it thirstily. She had removed her shirt while he had been away and he saw several drops of ice cold water dribble on her chest.
Then she put the glass away and took again a better position on the couch.

“Continue, dear”, she said. “We’re not through yet.”

He nodded and started to masturbate again. It would have been quite a surprise if they had been.

He was glad for the few moments during which he had been able to cool down. After a while he had gotten hand of the rhythm again and felt the desire to cum rise. The familiar feeling around his balls became stronger as he masturbated.   

It wasn’t something you could call a rock hard erection. He seldom had them anymore. It had been a surprise for him, to discover that in a relatively short time, only after a few months of chastity, his body had started to adapt to the new situation.

His cock was hard only now and then nowadays, and he hoped he could get rid of those times as well in the future. He liked himself limp. After all, he wasn’t going to penetrate his wife anymore, and masturbation could be done very well even without erection. In fact, it was much easier to do it limp, with much less danger of any unwanted accidents.

His wife had said as well she preferred it limp. Horny and on the edge, but limp. According to her it just reminded him, and her, about his promise. His inability to penetrate her anymore, even if he wanted to.

They looked each other intently as they were masturbating.

“Does this feels good for you?” she said, smiling.

“Yes, dear”, he answered. “And you?”

“Oh god yes“ she said, reclining and started to reach even further with her fingers, closing her eyes. “Oh honey, you wouldn’t BELIEVE how good this feels…”

Then she opened them again and looked at him, smiling.

“But you... have only to imagine... how good this feels. Because you… can’t.”

“Yes dear”, he said.

“I want you to say it.”

“I can’t orgasm. Because you’ve told me not to. Because only women can orgasm.”

“So good… we agree on that” she said smiling. “Now, my beautiful husband. Give me something to watch. I am going to orgasm third time now. You’d like me to orgasm for us again, don’t you dear?”

“Yes, honey”, he said. “Very much! Please do. Please orgasm again.”

“Mmmmm…” his wife said. “You’re so very good at begging. Squirming like a little boy in front of me. Do some for me. Beg for me to orgasm, honey. Who knows, otherwise I may not to. I may stop this and start watching television again.”

“Oh no!!” he said, while masturbating furiously. “Please, please orgasm for me! I’d like very much to see it!”

“A bit more, honey”, she said, moving her fingers in rotating motion over her pussy. “I’m not quite convinced yet.”

He dropped to his knees, all the way down so that his backside touched his heels and he spread his legs. He looked up at her pleadingly.

“Please, honey! I would very, very much like you to orgasm! It’s the most beautiful thing I know! Orgasm again for me, please, please honey!”  

“Well…”, his wife said, starting to masturbate faster. “Since you insist.”

His wife started to masturbate with determination, and he followed her example. He realized he would have to stop soon. He was breathing heavily, drenched in sweat, and so very close.

Finally he had to take away his hand and stop. He breathed in short, quick gasps, filled with pure sexual frustration. His wife noticed it and smiled. Closing her eyes she started to masturbate furiously. After a few moments he saw huge waves on pleasure shaking her body. Her body arched as she kept rubbing herself like possessed, until she finally collapsed back to the coach.

“Mmmmm…” she said after a while, still rubbing her pussy. “That felt sooo... good.”

She looked at him and smiled.

“It’s such a shame you can’t experience this. How an orgasm, a real female orgasm feels like. What an wonderful feeling it is.”

“Yes, honey” he said after a moment. “It must be something incredible.”

He was still out of breath and felt exhausted. His little penis, however, was was still tingling and twitching even though the most intense desire to ejaculate was passing again.

“Wouldn’t you want to orgasm?”

“Well, yes”, he said after a while. “But like you have said, it is impossible for me to do so.

“And you don’t mind?”

“No, honey. I don’t. And what could would it do if I did? I can't orgasm. Besides, seeing you orgasm is more than enough for me.”

“I’m so glad to hear that” she said, looking at him. “And I quite believe you. You begged convincingly, I must say. So very desperately. Was my orgasm everything you hoped it to be?”

“Oh, yes, honey! I liked it very much. You orgasm so beautifully.”

His wife smiled and continued playing with her pussy.

“You really seem to like to watch as I masturbate?”

“Oh, yes, honey! More than anything!”

“Why is that, honey?”

There was a pause, because he wasn’t absolutely certain how he was supposed to answer.

“Because I like to see YOU orgasm”, he said finally. “Because I want YOU to get pleasure. Because I love you so.”

This answer seemed to please her.

“I love to watch you orgasm”, he continued. “I love to experience orgasm through you. You can orgasm for the both of us. And therefore it is best for me to stay cumless.”

She smiled again. He knew what she wanted to hear.

“For how long, honey?”, she said.


Suddenly her hand started to move faster.

“Say that again, honey.”

“Therefore it is best for me to stay cumless forever.”


“It is best for me to stay cumless and sexually frustrated forever, honey. Forever and ever.

“Again, honey!”, she said masturbating even more furious now. “Be more precise.”

“It is best for me to stay cumless forever, honey”, he said. “I’ve promised you I’m never going to ejaculate again, and I won’t. As long as I live.”

“Please, a bit more!”

“I won’t ever cum again, honey! Because you say so. I know I could cum, but I won’t because I  love you. And therefore I will stay sexually frustrated the rest of my life. All my cum will stay in my balls forever. All satisfaction I get will be watching you orgasm.”

She started to orgasm again, her fingers deep inside her pussy. A wave of pleasure shook her body, and she let out a long, wailing cry that seemed to last forever.

“Mmmmmm…” she said after a while. “Thank you dear. Very… precise.”

Then she continued, without opening her eyes.

“I want you to tell it me once more, because I like hearing it so”, she said smiling. “You don’t mind this?”

“What, honey?”

“Being cumless. Me denying you this way.”

“No, of course not, honey. I like it.”

“Being denied sexual relief forever?”

“Yes, honey. Very much.”

“Hmmm. Why, honey?”

“Because I know how horny it makes you to see me horny and frustrated.”

“Mmmmm…” his wife said.

“And that is all I need.”

“Good”, his wife said, opening her eyes and smiled at him. “Come here.”

Knowing that getting up would be useless he crawled to her on all fours. She ruffled his hair and smiled at him.

“You do know I love you very much?” she said.

He nodded, but didn’t say anything. She smiled at him. How beautiful his wife was when she smiled, he thought.

“Now, she said”, spreading her legs so that her pussy was directly in front of his face. “I want to feel the magic your tongue does. Start licking.”

Dutifully he obeyed. Usually he would have started with thorough foreplay. This time there was no need for it, though. His wife was so wet she was practically oozing pussy juices on the white couch. Looking at it, it seemed he would have to buy new one again very soon.

Soon loud slurping noises and his wife’s moans filled the room.

After what seemed like an eternity, after so many orgasms he couldn’t count them anymore  he felt his wife backing up and the pushing him farther with her foot. She collapsed backwards, breathing heavily, eyes closed. Her lips looked parched and her face was glistening with sweat.

He looked at her, saying nothing. He knew she would be physically unable to speak for a minute or two at this point. He was rather out of breath as well, as well as dazed, after being buried in his wife’s pussy what must have been almost an hour. He felt his wife’s divine pussy juices all over his face.

After a while she opened her eyes and reached to drink the rest of the water. After that she tried to brush away hair from her forehead, and to recompose herself, with not very much success. She looked like a mess. Like a woman who had been orgasming an hour straight.

“Mmmmhh…” she said finally, and let her head lean back against the headrest. “Very good.”

There was a few moment’s pause, during which he heard his wife still trying to get her breathing calm down.

“Go make dinner, darling.”

He went to the kitchen without saying nothing, put an apron on and started to get everything ready.

The meal took him good part of the next hour to prepare. All that time the living room was silent. Most likely his wife had fallen asleep, that way she often did after a particularly good series of orgasms.

A smile appeared on his face as he was working at the stove. If people outside only knew, he thought. How astonished they would be. He would have been if he had heard of an arrangement like theirs, all those months ago.

He remembered how shocked and horrified he had been. However, for him getting used to their new life had been amazingly easy. After he had given his word to his wife, that had been it. Something had clicked in his head. There was no need to question it.

They had never discussed any kind of device he knew were available. To his wife the most important thing seemed to be that fact that he COULD masturbate and let himself cum, but she knew he wouldn’t. Simply because he had given his word.

He had suspected it would take some time for him to get accustomed some aspects of their life. She had said she would start masturbating more, and she had been true to her word. It had taken some time, but not nearly as much he thought it would. Nowadays walking in and seeing his wife masturbating was as normal for him as for some other man seeing his wife knitting or reading.

After a couple of months she had suggested he would start doing all the housework as well. It had made sense to him as well and he saw no reason to object. In fact cleaning up their house every saturday morning, or tidying up after his wife, gave him such a thrill it was hard for him to understand how he had been able to live without it.

He was very grateful to her. During the last few months he had learned things he could have never believed possible. Learned how to pleasure his wife in dozens of different ways. Learned how to cook, for the first time in his life. Things that he would never know anything about, if it hadn’t been for her.

Gradually the kitchen was filled with delicious smells. At some point he heard something from the living room and after a while a shower being turned on the floor above. He started to lay the table and had just got everything ready when his wife walked in.

Her combed hair was still wet, and she wore nothing but a loose “Grateful Dead” t-shirt. After all these months, after all these years, he couldn’t help but to amaze her beauty. Amaze the fact how lucky guy he was.

“Everything looks very nice”, she said, and kissed him on the cheek.

He pulled up a chair for and then started to serve the dinner. After that he took his place at his wife’s feet on the floor. He looked up and watched his wife starting the meal with great appetite.

“Mmmm, this is delicious”, she said.

“You’re too kind, dear”, he said.

She looked down and smiled.

“I know. Tell me about your day, dear.”

He gave her a brief summary about his day, about the rather big projects he was in at the moment, but tried to keep it short. What his wife actually meant to ask whether he had been horny that day. Had there been any woman he had seen that had catch his eye, for example.

Sometimes his wife sent him very-not-safe-for-work pictures or links to work, sometimes a voicemail, to be used edging in the toilet. She knew, however, that he never ever would cum.

After a while she handed him the first plate.

“Here you go, darling”, she said and smiled. “Lick.”

Dutifully he took the plate and obeyed. There was lots of sauce on it as well of those parts of the meal she didn’t want to eat.

“Awwwww…. good boy”, his wife said and chuckled.

Same happened with every course. A dish after dish he licked the plates shining clean and soon he felt very full. He had accustomed eating less, especially fattening meals such as this one.

“Mmmmm… That was very good”, his wife said finally, rubbing her belly in a very unladylike manner. She looked down at him and smiled. “You overdid yourself honey, as usual. I think I will go lie down now.”

After helping her from the table and she had disappeared in the living room with a magazine, he started to do the dishes. When he was done he put the apron back in its place and joined his wife in the living room.

She was watching tv, as usual, reclining on her side, and she had lifted her other knee up. The position made her t-shirt hike up to her belly, leaving her cunt and the hair triangle clearly visible. The sight made him inhaled deeply as he approached his wife.

He sat down on the soft rug at his wife’s feet. After a while she changed her position and put her other feet on the floor. He hugged it gratefully and gave the knee a light kiss. They watched the show in silence, with his head resting on his wife’s leg. He didn’t understand much, but he didn’t mind. He just wanted to be near her.

Sometimes, when his wife was bored, she had fun as they watched tv together, by making him masturbate to programs on television: soap operas, drama series, comedies, even news broadcasts. It amused her to see the embarrassment on his face. Apparently she also liked to hear that several female news anchors excited his husband. This time, however, she wasn’t in a mood for it.  

After the show was over she skipped channels for a while, and petted his hair at the same time, as if he had been her dog. He hugged her feet tighter. If he had been a dog he would have been wiggling his tail.

“Did you visit the rental store, dear?” she said finally, scratching his neck.

“Like you told me, honey”, he answered.

“What did you get for us?”

“Hot Dripping Cunts 6, Lesbian Lick-O-Rama and 1001 Real Orgasms”, he said. “I tried to make very sure there is no… cock sneezes in any of them.” 

“Didn’t we have the first one last week?”

“No, honey. I think it was the Wet Cumming Cunts 6.”

“Well”, she said and patted him on the shoulder. “Go get them in that case.”

He got up and walked through the house. Occasionally he catched a glimpse of his image from the mirrors situated all over.

It had taken him some time to seeing himself and spending so much of their mutual time in his birthday suit. His wife had said SHE would start wearing more revealing clothes, because she wanted him to be constantly aroused, being constantly reminded what he is missing out. What he hadn’t anticipated was HIM wearing much less.

However, his wife had said to him seeing him naked turned HER on quite a lot. And surely, he wanted her to be as turned on as he was, didn’t he? After all, he was nowadays constantly horny. It was only fair she would be half as horny, wasn’t it? He had to admit it was true.

Also the fact of being naked seemed to enhance the desired effect. If he had continued their life like usual, had continued wearing clothes he would have had the luxury of pretending nothing had changed, luxury of not having to see oneself nude, not having to think of his permanent chastity all the time.

There had been a time when being nude outside bathroom had meant two things to him: either having sex, or getting sexual relief by masturbating. Nowadays it didn’t mean either. But the temptation was there, all the time. It would have been so easy to give himself the relief he desired. But he didn’t, because he loved his wife.

He wasn’t forbidden to wear clothes, naturally. When he was not serving his wife, he was free to wear anything he liked. However, there was very little of that nowadays, because most of their time together now revolved around him servicing her, and he couldn’t have been more happier.

There was in fact only one thing his wife forbid him, or rather, had asked him not to do. And that was cumming. The fact that he ended being nude for hours, was simply because there was no need to get dressed in the meantime. It also made him feel his wife’s property, and he quite liked the feeling.

In the foyer he took the DVD’s from his briefcase and returned to the living room. He handed the DVD’s to his wife, who started to go through them critically.

“Let’s start with this one” she said finally, and handed “Lesbian Lick-O-Rama” to him. “Put the DVD in.”

He did as she had told him and returned to his wife, who was already busy with the remote controller.

“I think we could start with cunnilingus this time, dear”, she said, positioning her better on the couch and smiled at him. “I quite liked the thing you did with your fingers before the dinner.”

Dutifully she got on all fours and faced his wife’s waiting pussy. He heard her being busy with the remote, and it seemed she was skipping the beginning of the movie. Finally loud voices of females moaning filled the huge living room.

“This looks good, honey”, she said, turning the volume up. “A good choice, honey. Okay, honey. Begin.”

He put his face in and started.

There had been a time, he thought, licking his wife’s pussy lovingly, when cunnilingus was something he did only rarely. Something that was always only a step on the way, a favor for her, something that would have to be done as quickly as possible. Something little bit icky and disgusting.

He understood now how wrong he had been. Never, ever, in his wildest dreams could have he believed how much he would someday love it. How it would fill his whole world, when it came to sex at least. What had previously been the appetizer was now that main course. Something he could never get enough of.

He drifted into the state he had no word for, but that always came, sooner or later, when his face was buried in his wife’s pussy. The world outside seemed to drift away. There was only her vagina, its soft caverns and crevices to explore with his tongue and fingers. Its wet ravines, pools and streams. Its never-ending secrets. Only orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm.

Even the sounds seemed to fade somewhere in the background. The loud moaning of lesbian women, seemed to mix with the moaning of his wife, and he was unable to distinguish which was which. He stopped being a separate entity, and became an extension on her wife’s pulsating vagina, living and breathing through her orgasms.

Finally he heard his wife’s voice, calling for him somewhere far away.

“Hey, hey!”, he heard her say. “Didn’t you hear me? Take a break now. And turn over. I don’t want you to miss the whole movie.”

He got up and turned, feeling still rather dazed. It felt strange to be out, no longer part of his wife. He was welcomed by a sight of a beautiful brunette kissing with an equally stunning blonde on the huge tv screen. They kissed passionately, lovingly, in almost complete silence. All there was were the moist sounds their mouths made, and occasional sighs. Their hands slid over their bodies and then, slowly started to undress each other. It looked so beautiful.

“Don’t just gawk them like an idiot, honey”, his wife said, amused. “It’s not polite. Start wanking off.”

Dutifully, he took hold of his little penis, and started to pull it, while looking at the two lesbians pleasuring each other wordlessly.

“Good boy”, he heard his wife chuckle and started to prepare for an orgasm as well.

Together they watched two movies in a row, her masturbating and orgasming, him edging. Occasionally she would comment on something, how spectacular some actress’ ass looked like for example, or ask his opinion. She would also make him describe what some particular scene made him feel. Sometimes, when she noticed he had liked some part of the movie, she would rewind it to see his reaction.

After the second movie she got bored of cumming by herself and made him to lick her a few orgasms. After that she told him to get her wine and snacks from the kitchen.

“Put the third one in”, she said, and took some snacks. “I want you to provide me amusement during this one. I want you to edge through all these…”

She took the DVD cover in her hand.

“...1001 real orgasms.”

“Yes, honey.”

A wicked smile appeared on her face.

“I swear, honey. Someday I WILL ask you to write a letter with your own name, to some porn star, telling her how much you love to masturbate, but also that you’re not promised your wife never to cum again. Would you like that?”     

After they had finished the third movie his penis was so raw it was practically bright red, a sight that seemed to amuse his wife.

“Awwwww, dear! Just look at the poor thing!” she said laughing. “Honey, go get my phone, will you?”

He did as she had been told, and handed it to her. Followed a quite thorough ten minutes during which his wife documented his raw penis from every angle imaginable. Dutifully he took every pose his wife could think of.

“Oh, these look fabulous!” his wife said, flicking through the photos with her thumb. “Thank you so much, dear!”

She turned the phone to him. On the screen there was a full size image of him, pulling his limp cock that indeed was bright red. The expression on his face was less than flattering. His mouth was half open, eyes, half closed and he looked like he was just about to cum, even though nothing could have been farther from truth. He never managed to look good in photos. 

“Just look at this one!” she said, laughing. “Or this one! Aren’t them just great!”

“Yes, honey”, he said, feeling his ears hear up, looking at the photos. “They are.”

His wife noticed his expression.

“Awwww, honey”, she said, and scratched him behind the ears. “Don’t be ashamed. I won’t send them to anyone. They’re just for my own amusement. It’s just you look so incredibly funny in these. You wouldn’t want to take this little amusement away from me, would you?”

“No, of course not, honey”, he said and smiled at her. “I’m sorry.”

“I want you to say it”, she said. “I want to be certain you’re okay with it.”

“I don’t mind, you have those photos of me on your phone, honey”, he said, trying very hard to keep any hesitation away from his voice. “Honestly dear, I don’t! You can do whatever you like with them. They’re yours.“

“Awwwww…” she said smiling. “You’re so sweet, honey.”

They got up and hugged. Both of them smelled so heavily with sex it was overwhelming. Neither of them was wearing any clothes at this point. He felt his limp, hot penis and bulging balls press against his wife’s moist pussy. It felt so good.

They caressed each other, she scraping her nails lightly up and down his back, in a way that made him always shiver, he holding her magnificent, although at the moment, sticky ass in her hands.

“I love you so much”, she said finally. He inhaled so deeply it surprised even himself. For a little moment he thought he was going to start crying.

“And I love you”, he said, with unsteady voice.

The moment seemed to last an eternity. There were only two of them. Two naked bodies in tight embrace, sticky skin press against sticky skin, reeking of sex, and lust. He wife pushed her pelvis against his, making him feel her moist, soft pussy on her tender penis. He wished the moment would never stop.

Suddenly, however, it did stop, and his wife pulled away from him.

“Is that the time?”, she said, looking at the artistic clock on the wall. “I had no idea it’s that late.”

He glimpsed outside. His wife was correct. The yard outside was shrouded in darkness, and he could see almost nothing through the huge windows that covered most of the two-story high living room wall.

“You better run and make my bath ready”, she said.

He ran to the foyer and then, taking two or three steps at the time, went to the second floor and entered the bathroom. It was dominated by a huge round tub, that would have to be called rather a pool than a tub. He opened the faucets and the water started to fill the pool.

He had just got the bath ready when his wife came in, eating an apple. She handed him the core.

“Here, honey, eat this” she said and put the core inside his open mouth. “Don’t want you to go hungry.”

He chewed it gratefully. He hadn’t realized how long it had been since the dinner. His wife smiled and patted him on the cheek.   

“Okay, let’s begin”, she said and walked to the showers.

First he showered his wife with warm water and soap, making her beautiful body glisten in the lights. After that he helped her in the scented bubble bath.

“Mmmmm… honey”, she said taking a good position in the tub. “This feels very good.”

He begun by massaging his wife’s shoulders and upper body with scented oil, making her moan quietly. He knew they were in a bit of a hurry but on the other hand knew she didn’t want to be too hasty either.

“You’re so good to me”, she sighed as he was applying more oil to her shoulders. He continued in silence and she moaned again. “God that feels good.”

After he got her shoulders done he gave them one final rub. She looked at him over her shoulder and smiled.

“That felt very good. Now get in here and start bathing me. I know how much you like it.

Dutifully he obeyed and stepped into the pool. His wife was right, of course. He loved bathing her. He got to be so close to her, worship her, show her all the affection that seemed to fill him during the day, show her all his love.

It also gave him the opportunity to admire the magnificent being that was his wife, in all her glory. She knew exactly how much he liked the procedure, and had told him she quite enjoyed the effect bathing her had on him.

First he washed her feet. It was his favourite part. Lifting them up, and washing them with the sponge, including the soles of her feet and the toes, and then showering them thoroughly. His wife smiled at him as he was doing this.

“You really seem to like my feet”, she said, as he was soaping her left foot, glistening in the lights

“Yes, dear”, he said. “They’re so beautiful”

“I’ve always thought them to be a bit too fat, myself”, she said after a while.

“Oh no, honey”, he said, starting apply soap to her soles of her feet and washing her toes, one by one. “They’re perfect. You are perfect. Perfect and divine. Every inch of you.”

“Awwwww…” she said. “You’re so sweet.”

Suddenly he heard a loud low rumbling sound and saw the water turmoil between her wife’s legs.

“Mmmmmm…” she said with closed eyes. “That lovely meal you made was rather spicy.”

Then she opened her eyes.

“I hope you didn’t mind me relieving myself in your presence, honey?” she said, smiling at him. “After all, if every inch of me is perfect and divine, then so must be my gases?”

“No, of course I don’t mind, honey”, he answered and continued washing her foot. “Of course they are. Perfect and divine.”

There was another rumble, even though much smaller one this time.

“Nice to hear that, honey.”

After he had done her feet, she got up on her knees, turned around and leaned forward against the rim of the tub. He looked at the sight before him, her magnificent, glistening ass. He had seen it thousands of times, but still, seeing it like this, made him feel his heart was about to skip a beat.

“Don’t just ogle it, honey” she said looking over her shoulder, clearly amused by his confusion. “Wash it.”

“Yes, honey”, he said.

Collecting himself he took the sponge and started to soap his wife’s backside with care. She leaned forward, arched her back even more and pushed her ass towards him.

“Don’t forget the crack, honey.”

“Of course not, dear”, he answered and started to apply soap to it. She was so beautiful.

“Mmmmm…” she moaned as he was washing the crack and her labia lips carefully. “Make me nice and clean, honey.”

After he had the backside done he did her back and shoulders. Finally she got up.

“Oh dear. Such devotion”, she said and smiled at him, “You do seem to like washing me very much.”

“Of course I do, honey.”

“I’m very glad to hear that.”

Then she put her hand on her hip and slid it on her pussy, then her belly and upwards, and finally on her magnificent breasts.

“What do you say we do the front, including these beauties”, she said, holding another of her breasts in her grasp. “You like them as well, I suppose?”

This time it took considerable time for him to be able to answer. Blood rushed in his ears and he felt them heat up. He opened and closed his mouth, but nothing came out.

“Yes, honey”, he said finally, and swallowed. His throat seemed to have dried and his hands were shaking as he started to apply the soap on his wife’s breasts with the sponge.

“Oh dear” she said, looking at him. “You are so horny, honey.”

“Yes, honey”, he said, applying soap on the magnificent globes of flesh, unable to get his eyes off them. Oh god, he thought. How can someone be this beautiful? Finally he had to literally force his gaze off, and he started applying soap on her back and shoulders again.

“But you like it, don’t you?” she said. “You like being horny and frustrated.”

“Yes, honey.”

“You like being this close to me. Even though you know you will never get any relief to that awful, awful pressure in your balls.”

“Yes, honey”, he sighed. “I do. I just want to be near you.”

Suddenly he felt his wife take hold of his penis with her soapy hands, and starting to manipulate it. He tried to continue his work but it was very difficult. Her hand felt so good. Finally he had to stop and close his eyes. She continued it at least a minute, starting to make his cock semi-hard.

Then, as abruptly as she had started, she stopped it. He opened his eyes and saw his wife smiling at him. He looked down, and saw his dick, twitching and trying desperately to get hard, glistening red in the lights.

“Just making sure your balls don’t forget me”, she said smiling. “Okay, continue.”

“Y-yes, dear”, he said, with a shaky voice and continued washing her.

After he had showered her one last time, she got up and stepped out from the pool.

“Okay, your turn”, she said over her shoulder, and walked to the showers, starting wash her hair. That was one part she still wanted to do herself. Yet, at least.

He started to wash himself in the soap water, now much more colder than a while ago, as best as he could. He poured the cold soapy water over his body, enjoying the knowledge, that mere moments ago some of it had been a part of his wife’s lovely body.

He managed to get out of the pool just as his wife stepped out of the shower., dripping with water. She took a big towel from the shelf on the wall and threw it to him,.

“Come here, honey, and dry me.”

Dutifully he started to dry her. First he did the the soles of her feet, then proceeded up, drying her legs and backside, not forgetting her crack or the pussy, then her tummy, then her beautiful breasts and finally shoulders. After he had dried her back as well she took the towel from him and continued to dry the hair herself.

“Aaaaaaah…” she said finally, stretching herself. “That felt so good.”

She smiled at him and put the towel on her shoulders.

“Come here, honey.”

He took the step or two separating them, and was surprised, as she grabbed him into a tight embrace and kissed him. It was so abrupt he had no option but to let her tongue slide into his mouth.

It wasn’t a romantic kiss. It was hard, wet, violent, ecstasy-filled penetration, with her tongue invading every part of his mouth, her teeth biting in his soft lips, and her lips suckinng on his tongue as it were a penis. He felt as if he had been mouth raped, but he couldn’t do anything, but to let it happen.

Finally his wife pulled away from him, and their mouths let out a wet sound. His wife looked at him, a bit out of breath as well, still holding him in a vice like grip, and smiled at him, apparently amused by his stunned look.

“What was that all about?” he said, finally.

“I don’t know”, she said. “I just felt like doing it.”

Her hands wandered all over his backside.

“It’s just been so magnificent night”, she said. “You’ve been so great.”

Before he could think of something to say she kissed him again, this time lighter, and only nibbling his lower lip. She smiled again and let go of him.   

“However, I think we will skip the feet pampering tonight”, she said, flicking his nose with her finger. “If you don’t mind. I know how much you like it, but I’m pretty tired.”

“No, of course I don’t mind” he said, still blushing a bit.

“Well, I’m done” she said and gave him the moist towel. “I’m going to bedroom. Dry yourself off and follow me.”

After he had managed to dry himself with the best of his ability to the moist towel he tidied up the bathroom, and turned off the lights. 

He looked at the clock on the wall. He was a bit surprised. It was already way past midnight. No wonder his wife was tired. Just as well. There was no reason for her to get out of the bed before noon.

His wife was sitting in front of the dressing table in a nightgown in the bedroom and was combing her hair. He dimmed the lights and walked to his wife. He put his hands on her shoulders and gave her a kiss in the top of her head.

“Awwww…” his wife said, and put down the brush. He started to massage her shoulders and he heard his wife sigh. “You’re so sweet.”

He said nothing.

“Oh, by the way”, his wife said after a while. “Some of my female friends are coming over tomorrow. You better set your alarm early enough for you have time to go through the house and making sure it’s spotless.”

“Of course, dear”, he said, continuing massaging her shoulders. “I will.”

“Also, we may need to use a car”, she said. “And since mine is still at the shop, I will need to use yours. So, take a bus tomorrow, okay?”

“Of course, honey”, he said. “I will.”

She took hold of the other of his hands, brought it to her mouth and kissed it lightly.

“So sweet.”

She got up and together they walked to the bed. She removed her nightgown and climbed between the sheets while he turned the light all the way down. He joined his wife and in a matter of moments two soft, naked bodies were tangled together.

For a few moments nothing moved. There were no light, no sounds, except their own breathing.

“Honey”, his wife’s voice said suddenly. “Would you be so kind and lick me one more orgasm? I sort of got horny again.”

“Of course, honey”. Soon his face was once again between his wife’s legs, and was welcomed by her eager pussy.

“Mmmmm…” her voice said in the darkness. “That feels so good.”

This time he was very gentle. There was no need to rush, no need to build up an orgasm like an earthquake, a frenzy that would shatter glass. This was slow, loving cunnilingus.

He felt her fingers in his hair, first gently, then taking a stronger hold.

“Oh honey”, she said. “You’re so good at this it’s fucking unbelievable. You’re the best pussylicker in the world.”

He continued licking her, not sure what he had said even if his mouth haven’t had better things to do than talking.

“I don’t let you cum, but still you’re so good to me”, she continued, and kept her fingers in his hair. “And it makes me so horny. You make me so horny, honey. All the time, when you’re around. When I speak to you. When I think of you. You make me so… fucking wet. Because you’re so sweet. So spineless. Because I know you won’t cum. Just because I say so.”

Then she stopped talking and started to let a out small, quick gasps.

Afterwards he climbed back up and positioned himself behind his wife and hugged her. Two naked bodies pressed against each other, his naked groin against her equally naked backside. He caressed her lovingly and heard her let out a low, barely audible moan, still twitching slightly.

Sighing, he gave his wife a kiss on the shoulder and hugged her tightly as they both started to drift in sweet embrace of sleep.

He was so happy.

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  1. Very very wonderful. Love the emphasis on her pleasure of course and it being reflected in his. The thing is the more she masturbates and is licked the more she will want.