30 Jun 2017

Experiment On Innocence (fiction)

To celebrate my 46th birthday I am putting on-line today the following short story I have been working on the past couple of weeks. The story is partly based on a erotic story I originally wrote in Finnish over ten years ago, but which I altered quite a bit for this installment. I am adding it as a part of my "Utopia" series even though the link with the previous story is not the most evident one. However, the link is there. Also, if you are uneasy about the story having an underage protagonist, I suggest you proceed with caution.

"Perimeter has been set up", a mechanical voice announced. "Radius three kilometres. Past altering in progress."
A tall, blonde woman clad in leather looked up from the apparatus on her wrist and observed her surroundings. She saw a white building in the distance she knew was her objective.
"Working", the device on her wrist continued. "Working..." She could feel it. She could feel reality altering, twisting and reforming around her.
She started to cross the lawn surrounding the building. As she got closer she passed a basketball court filled with teenage boys and several groups of teenage girls. They all looked straight through her.
She walked across a tile yard and soon stood next to the building. For a while she watched the white brick wall in front of her. She checked the apparatus on her wrist, then started walking towards wall, and then through it.
*        *        *
Principal Valerie Carter sighed and looked at the watch on the wall of her office. Fifteen minutes to her first lecture. Just enough time get coffee from the teacher's lounge. First day of the fall always felt so tiresome.
She was just about to put away the folders she had been sorting when something quite peculiar happened. The wall of her office looked as if it started to sway and become immaterial, and then she saw a tall woman, clad in black leather step into her office.
"What the..." she begun and stood up. The woman looked at her and touched the futuristic looking device on her wrist. Principal opened her mouth, but no words came out. The woman looked at her. "Sit down", she said, and principal Carter found her body doing just that.
"Are you principal Valerie Louise Carter?" the woman said. Principal Carter found she could move her head and nodded. The woman stepped next to her and tapped the device again. Principal felt a strange stinging sensation on the skin of her neck and then a stronger one in her spine.
"Remain calm. The pain will be temporary", the woman said. Then, to principal's amazement and shock, the strange woman's appearance started to change. There was a same kind of swaying and in a matter of seconds she found looking in the eyes an exact duplicate of hers.
The duplicate tapped once on her wristwatch and principal Carter disappeared in blue flashing light. Principal Carter looked at the antique clock on the wall. Fifteen minutes to her first lecture of the day.    

Chapter one
As I was walking to school that morning nothing could have prepared me for what the day had in store for me. It was the first day of fall semester and also the first year in a new school and I was naturally a little nervous.
I had heard a lot of stories of that school, specifically about the treatment of newcomers. But then again, there's always rumours, I thought. I had visited the new school in the spring with the rest of my class, and it had looked completely normal school to us.

When I got inside I noticed, however, that something strange was going on. The hallway that should have been full of people was deserted and there was only three people there, who seemed to be waiting for me. One of them was the principal, plain looking middle aged woman I remembered from our visit, and two younger female teachers.
"Ah, there you are, the principal said. "Just in time, the ceremony is just about to begin."
Butterflies filled my tummy. Ceremony? I hadn't been told of any ceremony. I asked them what this was all about. "Don’t worry, all will be explained shortly", the principal said. “Just follow me."
I followed the principal, and the two female teachers walked behind me. We walked through several doors until I found myself on a stage of a large auditorium. It was filled with people: students, teachers, as well as other school personnel. How was it possible I had no knowledge of this?
"Come, follow me", the principal said and walked in the middle of the stage. Next to the podium there already stood a line of people that looked like several town officials, the school nurse and police chief included.
I felt my knees giving in but followed her anyway. What in the world was happening? The principal attached a microphone on her lapel and soon her voice came from the loudspeakers.
"Hello, and good morning. It is good to see you here. Let's get started. All of you know the function of this ceremony, unlike the main star of our attraction." The principal gestured me to come closer.
"This will come as a surprise to you", principal said, so there's most likely no point trying to tell it gently. There is a tradition in our school, dating back all the way to founding of it, a sort of initiation ceremony, and this year you have been selected you for it."
That did not sound good. I stood in the middle of the stage looking at the faces in the audience. What was this?
"The idea is to name the most quiet and the most timid male student of the beginning class a school wimp. During one month he will run errands and help out wherever needed. The main idea, however, for the school wimp is to be a plaything for his own classmates, and ultimately for the whole school."
I was listening in disbelief. This couldn't be true, surely. The Principal glanced at the folder in her hand and smiled as she continued.
"What makes our little tradition interesting, is the fact that for that one month the use of clothing is forbidden for the student in question during the school hours. So the first thing we want you to do is get rid of those clothes."
I looked around. This was too impossible to be true. "What? Right here?”
"Yes, of course right here. What purpose would it serve to make you go to a locker room for it? Besides, it's much more fun to make you do it here. So, start getting naked for us, while we all watch."
I looked at her in disbelief, the officials and teachers next to her, the wall of faces in the audience. I realized most of them looked at me hungrily. They wanted to see me naked.
"I can assure you that you only make the situation worse for yourself by prolonging this", the principal said looking at two tall, stern looking female teachers next to her. I also noticed a pair of tall men in a guard's uniform stood next to the entrances.
"Do you want to undress yourself, or do you want your clothes to be ripped off you by force? Both ways will be okay to us, but after a few minutes, you will be naked. It is up to you whether to make this easy way or the hard way."
I realized I had no choice and slowly started to undress. As soon as I had started the principal said something to the two female teachers. They walked up to me and took places on both sides of me.

I fumbled with my shirt buttons as they observed me with their arms crossed, clearly enjoying the situation. My hands were shaking like leaves and I felt my heart racing. I was ashamed more than I could believe. This was just like straight out of a nightmare.
"Good. Take it all away", the principal said. The teachers next to me took each piece of clothing from me as soon as I had gotten it off, and finally even my back bag.
"You will get these back as soon as the day is over, but no sooner" the other said and they walked away with my possessions. A moment later I saw them disappearing through one of the stage’s side doors.
I stood on the stage without anything on. I looked around and felt more naked than ever before in my life. I tried to cover my genitals with my hands, but the principal shook her head.
"Hands to your sides. You need to be seen."

I put my hands to my side and felt my small penis shrinking almost as if it wanted to retreat inside my body.
"Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you our new school wimp!" the principal said and there was a round of roaring applause. Most of the audience stood up. Also the town officials and teachers on the stage were applauding, even the principal. This was unreal.
"Well now", the principal said after the applause had finally died out. “It wasn't that hard was it?" I didn't know what to answer. She looked me almost as if she was eating me with her eyes.
"Okay, let's lay some ground rules", the principal said and opened the folder she had been holding.
"A school wimp may not wear in the school grounds. He must remain naked at all times and he may not try to cover himself in any way nor ask to be allowed to do so. A school wimp will have to follow all orders given to him by anybody. He will have to answer all question presented to him truthfully. He is not allowed to object to this any way. A school wimp is considered property of the school, not a person. He may not talk to anyone before asking for permission to do so. Most importantly, a school wimp's task is to be an amusement for everybody, and nothing may not interfere with that function."
Principal looked at me. "Have you understood your tasks?"
"Yes, principal" I said my voice shaking. The principal said something to the teachers next to her and a few moments later one of them walked to me and put a microphone on my mouth. "Say it again."
"Yes, principal", my voice came from the loudspeakers. "I understand."
"Repeat your tasks”, the principal said. “In your own words, if you want to."
"I h-have to follow all orders", my voice said from the loudspeakers. "And I may not wear clothes. And I have to answer all questions. And I may not cover myself."
"Very good", the principal said. "Naturally there are many more rules regarding your conduct, but you will have time to go through them later."
The principal put away the paper she had been reading the rules from.
"Let's have a good look at our school wimp now, shall we", principal said. "Present yourself to us. First turn sideways.” I did as she had asked even though I felt incredibly silly doing so. “Good. Now back. Raise your arms behind your neck, just like that.”

As I was doing this I looked up and noticed that on the screen of the auditorium was now a live camera feed, and my image filled it. I wanted to die.

“Now squat", I heard the principal’s voice. I started to do what she had told me to, but I found it was hard to do with your hands behind one's neck. "I know it's difficult, you may support yourself with your hands", I heard the principal say. "Remember your posture."

"Now get up, put your hands behind your back again and continue. Turn to your other side. Now face us again.... and squat. You may lower your hands. Good, just like that. Remember you posture, and keep your legs spread."
The principal took a little pause at this point. I was quite alarmed when I realized several students in the audience holding their phones out and were clearly taking pictures of me. The principal didn’t seem to think there was anything out of ordinary in this.
"Now, rise, put your hands behind your back again and continue. First to the right... and then back again. Now stop.” I stopped with hands behind my back and looked at the screen. I noticed someone had zoomed the camera so that only the area between my shoulders and knees were now visible.

“He’s such a good boy”, I heard principal’s voice say. “I think that sort of obedience calls for another applause, don’t you think?"

There was a roaring round of applause again. I bowed my head in shame. Performing like this was very humiliating for me, because I had always been ashamed of my body. I was rather skinny, didn't have much body hair and was all in all a typical nerd. Principal, however, seemed to think otherwise.
"I knew we had made the right decision as soon as I saw you today, but it's nice to see it for oneself”, I heard the principal’s voice from the loudspeakers as she was walking closet to me. "Just look at this butt.”

The principal was standing so close behind me now I could smell her perfume. Then I felt her hand touch my backside and start caressing my ass cheeks. "Firm and smooth and hairless. Like two ripe peaches."
This generated a laughter in the audience. I looked up and saw the camera had been zoomed in even more and the screen was now filled with close-up image of my backside. This simply couldn’t be happening.
"Now, would someone be so kind and hand me my whip”, I heard the principal say. “Thank you.” I saw her trying it out to a little left from me. I looked the thing in her hands in horror.
Principal's next words were aimed at the audience. "“I am going to whip our new wimp. Is there anyone in the audience who opposes this?" The excited cheers from the audience didn't leave room for doubt.
Principal gave me a glance. Apparently my face betrayed my feelings, and she walked to me. She put her hand on the microphone.
"Oh, little boy", Principal said. "You don't seem to like the idea at all, do you?" That sounded a clear question so I shook my head.
"Well, fortunately what you think doesn't matter much from now on", she said smiling. "And as you heard yourself, everyone here wants to see me turn your beautiful butt red, just as much as I do. I would like to tell you this won’t hurt a bit, but I would be lying."
"Yes, principal", I nodded. “I understand.”

“In fact, I would like it very much to hear you asking me whip you. It would be a sort of nice gesture.”

“P-please, principal”, I said my voice shaking. “I would very much like you to whip me.”

“Good boy.”
The principal walked away and the next words were directed at the audience again.
"I am going to start now. All you need to do, wimp, is to stay in place."
The first blow on my back felt like an electric shock and my whole body jumped. I didn't have no time to recover though, before the second one hit me. Then there was another, and another. I soon lost count and all I could do was to try to stay in place.

I could see it all on the huge screen. Red stripes appeared on the lily white surface with each strike. If there was anything positive in the situation, it was the fact that looking it on the screen I could make sure I did stay in place.

I felt drops of perspiration forming on my skin, and as the principal continued, it was harder and harder to stay in place. I watched the screen, almost mesmerized, almost forgetting it was me up there. I held my head up high. A part of me had decided I would take this, as long as possible.    
Finally my body couldn't take it anymore, I started to lose my balance and finally, after principal’s last strokes, I collapsed on the floor. I lay on the floor panting. It felt almost as if my backside was on fire. The audience applauded. It took me a while to notice principal standing next to me. I looked up and at her figure towering over me.
"Well, that was a little taste of the future. What did you think of it?"
A microphone was put on my mouth again, but I did not have the strength to answer. I shook my head as I was trying to get some sort of answer out. Just as I was about to answer, however, the microphone was taken away.
"Not bad?" the principal said. "You wouldn't have minded even if I had continued for a while more? That's what I thought." This made everybody in the audience laugh.
"You may thank me by kissing my shoes, wimp." I looked up and gathering my strength started to get up. Principal's voice stopped me though. "I didn't give you permission to get up."
I looked up and saw the principal  look at me smiling. I crawled on the auditorium floor until I reached her feet. I gave each one a kiss. Suddenly there was a microphone again. "And what do you say?"
"T-thank you, principal", I heard my voice from the loudspeakers.
"And there we have it", I head principal’s voice, and saw her walking away and facing the audience. "It's really that easy. Mere fifteen minutes ago he was almost like you. Now he is crawling on the floor and kissing shoes."
There was a roaring applause in the auditorium that seemed to last for ages. I still had no permission to get up so I listened it on the stage floor.
"And this concludes our ceremony", the principal said. "I thank you all for being here. I wish you a good beginning school year. Don't forget our wimp."
There was a general commotion as the crown started to get up. The principal walked next to me and looked down. "As for you, I will take you to your class and introduce you to your classmates. But before we can do that, there is something we have to take care of.”

As she was talking the school nurse walked to us and kneeled behind me. "Just stay where you are. We need to be sure we don’t damage our new town sissy right away.” I felt something cold on my backside and heard a sound of a spray bottle. Apparently it was some sort of antiseptic.A moment later I felt her wiping it.

“He should be okay now”, I heard the nurse say as she was putting her equipment away. “By tomorrow he should healed up completely. Until that time I suggest another means of punishing him.”

“Oh, I think that won’t be necessary”, The principal said. “Our new town sissy seems very well behaved. But thanks for the warning.” A moment later I heard the nurse walking away.
“Okay, let’s go, wimp”, the principal said.

I tried to get up on my feet, but the principal shook her head. "I still didn't give you a permission to get up", she said smiling. "But you may get on all fours." I nodded and assumed the position.
"Actually I should probably punish you for that, but I'm going to forget it this time, since your beautiful ass took that trashing so well."
"Thank you, principal."
"Good boy."
I did my best at following the principal. We left the auditorium and walked the hallways filled with students hurrying to their classrooms. However, since the principal and I walked much slower than rest of the people, they were soon empty.

“That went well”, the principal said as we were walking. “I was surprised how excited everyone was about you. And even though the demonstration was quite unrehearsed, it sent a very powerful message, don’t you think? How little value your opinions matter, and how little rights you have?”

“Yes, principal.”

I heard her chuckle. “I must say I like your attitude. I do think you will be the best school wimp we've had for years.”

“Thank you, principal.”

“You are so quiet and agreeable it’s such a pleasure to humiliate you. You make it so easy, you know?”

“Thank you, principal.”

"Ah, here we are, your classroom", the principal said and opened a door. I followed her on all fours. As I was doing so the closing door hit me, and I had to push it with my body to get in.

“Come, come”, the principal said and tapped on her said as if I had been a dog. I went to her on all fours like one.

"Ah, there you are", a voice said. “I was beginning to wonder what kept you.” I looked up and saw behind the teacher's table a young red-haired woman who I knew would be our teacher.
"Well", the principal said. "This wimp of ours is a bit slow." This generated a general laughter from the class. Then she looked at me. "You may get up now.”

I did as I was told, and immediately noticed this was in fact much worse than being on all fours. The previous position had allowed me some privacy, but now as I was facing the class I had none.

“Well, I'm leaving the wimp to your care now”, the principal said. “Have fun. You know what to do."
I was unsure whether her words were meant for me, the class or the teacher. Then she looked at me. "We will be seeing a lot of each other in the future." With that, she left.

I stood by the door head bowed and hands on my sides. As I glanced up I noticed every eye was on me. I felt so bare and so vulnerable. I didn’t even feel a human being.
"Okay, wimp, come here" I heard the teacher say and I walked to her. "Okay, kneel here next to my desk." I did as I was told and faced the class.
"Okay", the teacher begun. "You all heard what principal said a little while ago. "This wimp used to be your classmate, but for the next month you must forget it. He is not, for the next month he will be your toy. Your task is to use and abuse and humiliate him. Isn’t that right, wimp? Be precise.”

“Yes, Miss”, I said. “I’m for you to use and humiliate me as much as you like.”

“There you have it”, the teachers said. “Even the wimp is aware of its function. What principal also forgot to mention, you will be also graded for this as well. In other words, I strongly suggest you to take this exercise seriously."
I listened to her, still not quite believe all this was happening.
"I think it would be a good idea to use this first lesson of ours to get to know our little wanker better. So, I ask you all to think of something you want to ask him. Don’t be shy. He will have to answer no matter what it is."
A black-haired girl raised her hand.
"You called him a wanker, Miss. Ask him whether that’s true."
"What an excellent question, Susanne", the teacher said and then turned to me. "Well, answer Susanne. Do you masturbate?"
"Yes, Miss", I said, bowing my head. There would be no point denying it.
"Yes what?", the teacher said with a sharper tone.
"Yes, I masturbate, Miss", I answered said blushing.
The teacher looked at me and smiled, clearly enjoying of the situation. "Hmm, let's get some statistics. How often on average do you masturbate?"
"I don’t know”, I stammered. “I mean, I’m not sure, Miss."
"Well, that would not be an easy question to answer. How often do you pull that little penis of yours? Once a week? Twice a week? More often?"
"A-about every other day", I said, even though I know I was lying. It was much more than that.
"So, it seems you are a wanker, aren't you?"
"Yes, I am, Miss."
"Say it properly." I knew what the teacher had in mind but it was hard for me to get the words out.

“I am a wanker, Miss", I said meekly.
"Don't talk to the floor. Hold your head up high and say it so that classmates too can hear."

I forced my head up and cleared my throat. It was hard to get the words out while looking the whole class in the eyes.

"I am a wanker", I said finally, now more loud.
"Louder", the teacher said. “I don’t want anyone to have no doubt about it.”
"I am a wanker!"

This got the whole class laughing. I bowed my head again, blushing.
"That went very well", the teacher said. "Next?" Another hand was raised. "Yes, Laura?"
"Ask him whether he has crushes on anyone on the class."
"Another excellent question. Answer."
"Yes, Miss", I said and kept my eyes on the ground. I could feel myself blushing.
"Ask him who they are", another girl said.
"Another good one. However, even though that would be humiliating for him, I think it would be humiliating for the wimp's crushes as well. The idea is to humiliate the wimp, not anyone else." There was a general disappointed murmur in the class.
Again a hand was raised. "Yes?"
"Ask him has he ever had a girlfriend then."
"Hmm, I will allow that. Answer."
"N-no, Miss", I said, with my head bowed.
"Not even a single one? How about any other experience with girls. Kissing? Anything?"
"No, Miss", I said. The teacher chuckled. "So… basically you're telling us you're a virgin?"
"Y-yes, Miss." This made the classroom to roar with laughter. I kept my eyes on the floor, face burning red, and waited the laughter to pass.

“Well, this is going along very nicely”, I heard the teacher say. “Anyone else?”
Another hand was raised. "Yes, Sara?"
"Miss, I couldn't help it, but he is... well, pretty small. If you know what I mean." I saw the teacher look towards my crotch and smiling.
"Well, yes. He is, isn't he. Tell me, do you think you're small, as well?" I kept my head bowed. "Yes, Miss."
"It seems we have to work on how you reply when you are being asked something. I want you to answer the way everybody understands. Say it. You have a very small what?"
"I have a very small dick, Miss."
"I think we are getting closer to what makes a wimp", the teacher said addressing the class. I saw her glancing at my direction. "I want all to take a good look at him. And I want you all take an especially good look at his pathetically small penis."
"He has a small dick, which has lead to a bad self esteem. We can take it granted for him to have one, he wouldn't have been chosen as school wimp otherwise. And because of these two facts he is afraid of girls. And because he is unable to get a girlfriend, he masturbates his small penis at home. Which is, after all, the most logical thing for him to do. Tell us, wimp, is this how it is?"
"Yes, Miss."
"Yes, what?"
"I am afraid of girls, so it's... easier just to masturbate, Miss."
"Even though you know it is not a healthy way of living? When it comes to developing social skills?"
"Y-yes, Miss."
"And now we also know the reason for it, don't we, wimp?"
"Y-yes, Miss."
"You don't even bother to try because you're afraid that if a girl saw pathetically little dick of yours she would laugh."
"Y-yes, Miss."
I heard the teacher sigh. There was a moment's silence.
"Well, I hate to be the one to tell it to you, but you're absolutely correct."

Chapter two
The lesson seemed to last forever. When the clock rang and everybody ran out, the teacher looked at me. "That went very well, wimp", she said smiling. "It will be a pleasure to humiliate you."
She stood up and handed me a book. "I suggest you start familiarizing with this one during the recess. It will make your life much easier during the following weeks." It looked like a soft cover schoolbook, but had only few lines of text on the cover. "School Wimp", it read. "Use and code of conduct, version 45.7.6."
The book was several hundred pages long and looked like a manual for a technical appliance. It had been divided in several chapters and there was a rather comprehensive index at the end. There was also a lot of drawn images just like in any instruction manual.

There was a section called “General rules” which told me that during the lessons, I would have not have a desk of my own in the classroom, because I would have no use for it. It would give out a wrong signal, of me still being a part of the class. Instead my job was to kneel next to my teacher's table if I did not have any task at that time.

As a school wimp my task was not to study, or learn, the manual said. If anything, my task would be to learn living without dignity. The sooner I learned that, or rather the sooner I was made to learn that, the better wimp I would become.

The first chapter was called “Introduction” which seemed to be about the history of the tradition, the psychology behind it, as well as its benefits. Another long chapter was called “Punishing the wimp”, and so on. I later found out every teacher in the school had a copy of their own.
One chapter that caught my eye was called “Orientation week”. It seemed the first week was planned as a soft start for me, even though it hadn’t felt like that so far. The idea was to allow the class to reacquaint with the wimp before it became the property of the whole school.   

For example, during the orientation week I wasn’t allowed to go out during the recesses. The only exception was the longer recess before the meal, which I would be obliged to spend outside. During the recesses it would be my task to wipe the board and take care of the general tidiness of the classroom. I had a feeling the latter would land me to a lot of trouble.
At the beginning of the lesson however, I was to be back at my place next to the teacher's desk, eyes down. The general rules applied here, as well. I was not to talk to anyone in the class if I was not spoken to, but I would have to answer all questions and obey all orders. If I failed in any of this I would be punished by the manner chosen by the class.

During the first week the other students of my class also had a permission not to go out if they didn’t want. This was done to offer my class better opportunities to explore the possibilities when it came using me. I didn’t like the sound of that one bit.

Suddenly I heard commotion from the hallway and realized the class was about to return. I barely had time to throw the manual to the teacher's desk and assume my position.
*        *        *
What made the especially nervous during the first part of the day was the idea of spending the longer recess outside. As the bell rang after the last lesson before the meal and the students ran out I started to wipe the board clean. From the corner of my eye however, I noticed my teacher was standing next to the open door.

Finally I faced and looked at her pleadingly. “Please, Miss”, wouldn’t it be possible for me to stay in the class?”

She shook her head. “You know the rules wimp. I’m here to lock the classroom after you and make sure you go out like you’re supposed to. In fact...”

She took out from her purse something that looked like a dog collar, even though I knew very well it was a slave collar. She handed it to me. “Put this on.”

Part of me wanted to beg mercy. Putting something like that on seemed too much. However, I knew it would be futile, and most like just anger her. Still, my hand were  shaking as I took the collar from her, and I had trouble putting it on.

My teacher smiler. “Good boy. You will wear that whenever you are outside. It shows you and everybody else your place. It’s handy in other ways as well.”

She took out something else, and I knew very well what it was. It was a leather dog leash she now clipped on the collar.

“Now, come”, she said giving me a tug. We left the classroom, teacher locked the door and we headed down the hallway.

I looked around nervously as we walked. Even though it had been a mere hours I had walked these hallways in the principal’s tow, it seemed like ages now. Suddenly I felt much more naked again.

Even though it was recess there were some students walking down the hallways, and some older girls sitting at tables in a student lounge we passed, doing homework, looking at their phones, drinking coffee or chatting with each other.

Each time we passed a table I heard the conversation becoming more silent, and from the corner of my eye I noticed them pointing at my direction. I bowed my head down. The whole situation seemed surreal and almost straight out a nightmare.  

“Please, Miss”, I said in a low voice. “Couldn’t I walk on all fours, at least? This is so… humiliating.”

I saw my teacher smile at me. “I appreciate your willingness to walk behind me like a dog, but no, you can’t. This is supposed to be humiliating, wimp. Besides, your question was a plea to be allowed to hide yourself, and you’re perfectly aware it’s forbidden. I will let it pass, though. This time. Ask something like that again, and you will be punished.”  

Finally we were at the main entrance. The teacher took the leash off and then opened the door. “Now, go out and play”, she said smiling and held the door open.”

My heart was racing as I walked through the doors. I looked around and watched the crowded tile yard before me. It was a sunny day, but at that moment it gave me very little comfort. I glanced over my back and saw my teacher at the doors, making sure I didn’t try to sneak in.

“I said go out and play, wimp”, she said. “Don’t make me to say it third time. I am sure there are many people who would like to play with you, at least.”

I looked around and tried frantically to find something that I could use, not necessarily as a cover but at least something that could provide me at least a psychological shelter, but couldn’t find anything. My feet were frozen in place and I simply couldn’t move.

“Oh dear”, my teacher said, clearly noticing my plight. “It seems I need to give you an extra push.”

She clipped the leash back to my collar and giving me a tug started walking towards the middle of the school yard. I was keeping my head bowed, and hands behind my back. From the corner of my eyes I could still see kids pointing at and laughing. This was worse than I could have ever believed.

Finally, as soon as the teacher thought we were part of the yard that was crowded enough, she stopped and removed the leash.

“Have fun, wimp”, she said smiling and left.

The recesses in general had been a moderate torture throughout my life. I've always been a shy kid and had no interest nor physique for sports or exercise. I’ve never had that many friends, either. Instead, I had always looked for a quiet place in the school yard where nobody would notice me.
There was no chance for it now. In less than a couple of minutes I was the centre of attention. Soon there was a circle of people around me and even though I was forbidden to address them I had to answer all the questions presented to me. At first it was all very cautious and polite, but  gradually it became more and more bold.

As the recess continued I was given more and more direct commands. By the time the bell rang I found myself standing on all fours, and being used as a bench for two older girls sitting on my back. I started to worry how far things would go in the course of following month.
Before the girls rushed to the canteen they gave me an order to stay where I was, unless I was given a permission to get up. Soon the whole yard was empty. I looked around and started to get alarmed. How long would I have to be here? If I weren't in my place as the next lesson begun what kind of punishment would there in store for me?
After a while, though, I saw the principal approach me. "Ah, here you are. It looks like they have put you into use. Excellent. I suppose you're there because someone has forbidden you to get up?"
I nodded. "Yes, Principal."
"Well, as fun as it would be to leave you there, I have a task for you. Follow me."
The principal headed towards the canteen and I followed her on all fours. Inside the crowded canteen I was ordered to my feet and told that during the lunch hour it was my task to make myself useful.
My job description was more or less the same then inside the classroom. Since I didn't have any money I couldn't buy myself a lunch. Instead, my job was to serve as a waitress for the canteen and to get the people in the tables whatever they wanted.
As the lunch hour started to come to an end, I started to be worried. My stomach was empty and I was starving. Was I expected to last whole day without food?
Eventually, I gathered my courage and went to the end of the food line. Finally it came my turn and I was facing a middle aged woman behind the counter. After I had presented my question to her she looked at me for a moment with combination of indifference and contempt.

“Ah, you”, she said, looking at me like she wanted to spit me in the face. “Follow me.”
I was taken to the other side of the counter, and I followed the canteen worker through the hot and steamy kitchen. She stopped near the back doors in front of two large plastic containers which were for the leftover food from the past lunch hour.
As I watched, the woman leaned over, picked up a plastic bowl from the floor and started to fill it. Then she dropped it on the floor and walked away. I looked at the bowl and I noticed it was in fact a dog's food bowl. There, I realized, was my meal.
By this time the continuous humiliation had already done its job. I went on all fours, put my face in the food and started my meal. I felt like an animal but I didn’t care. Later I heard that after the initiation week I would dine from my bowl not in the kitchen but by the canteen main doors.

As the month progressed I was also to spend more and more time in the kitchen, after the personnel working there started making use of my my full potential.
*        *        *
My day progressed as a series of degrading experiences. I just wanted the day to end. Then again, I understood this torture would continue throughout the following month.
The last lesson of the day was physical exercise. I was rather apprehensive even before the class entered the exercise hall, since PE lessons had always been a torture for me as it was. Nothing good never happened during them.

The two PE teachers, one man and one woman. walked in. One of them blowed in a whistle to get everyone’s attention..

“Settle down!” the female teacher said. “Listen up! I want you all the be divided in two groups. Girls to the left, boys to the right.” Quite frankly, I was unable to say which I was anymore, so I decided to stay in my place by the wall.

“Okay”, the male teacher continued. “As you all know, during the first week there is exceptions when it comes to the lessons. Today’s lesson is one of such exceptions. The boys will spend the next two hours playing basketball outside. So, go!”

With a lot of excitement and hollering the boys left the exercise hall. I looked them as they went. I had no desire to join them but I was unsure what would I do during the girl’s exercise lesson. My mind started to think of several possibilities, but all of them proved to be wrong.

“Okay girls”, the female teacher said. “We have decided to begin this year by giving a self-defence course for you girls. Simply because we happen to have a perfect test dummy to use.” The teacher looked at me standing by the wall. “Namely, our wimp. Come here.”

Before the lesson begun though the teachers wanted to check how my backside was healing. I was told to stand with my back towards the class as everybody gathered behind me.

“Ah, yes”, the male two teachers said. “As you can see, it is healing quite nicely, even though it’s mere hours since the trashing principal gave him. Just avoid direct hits here and here, and we should be okay.”
The first part of the two hour lesson consisted of more or less of "normal" self-defense techniques, even though it was evident the teachers as well as the girls clearly enjoyed the class much more than it would have been necessary.

Worse was yet to come, though. But bit by bit the lesson started to resemble less and less self-defence class, and more a lesson on what could be done to a male body, and especially its genitals.

This was all planned, though. In a case of an assault, the teachers explained, the best was to get away was to direct enough force on the attacking male’s genitals. Therefore it was good to know how much power must be used in an attack situation, and how to best do it.
As the lesson was nearing to it and the female teacher blew her whistle and ordered the girls to sit down on the floor. The male teacher took me by the collar and pulled me to is so I stood between the two of them.

“Okay, I want to end our first lesson with a little demonstration”, the female teacher said. “We will return to it it later during our course, but I want to show it to you once now. And it’s best to do it now, since there is only one chance to do it during one lesson, if it’s done properly.”

Then she looked at me. “Okay, wimp, go standing over there”, she said. I walked to a spot she pointed at and faced the line of girls. “Yes, right there. Put your hands behind your back and keep your legs spread.”

The teacher looked at the girls. “As you may guess, the technique I am referring to is kicking a man in the nuts. It is the most extreme, as well as most effective way to stop an attacker and we want you all know how to do it.”

I was listening her with horror. She couldn't be serious, surely? My mind raced as I thought of everything I had read on how dangerous that was. I looked at them pleadingly, but naturally since I didn't have a permission to speak.

The female teacher noticed the look on my face and smiled. “You can all see how terrified the wimp is. Just look at him. That is what a male looks just thinking about being kicked in the nuts. Okay, let’s hear him out. Do you have something to say?”

I tried to think of things to say. I knew begging mercy wouldn't have no effect. Neither would be the fact how much it would hurt, or how afraid I was. If the idea was to use and abuse me none of it mattered, my opinions the least of all.

Finally I opened my mouth and with a lot of stammering mentioned the nurse and raised my concern they may damage me too quickly. This could affect me being used during the following month. I saw the female teacher smile.

“Well, as it happens I consulted Miss Hartley earlier today, and she assured me the long term effects of being kicked in the testicles are usually exaggerated. Strictly from a medical point of view there is no reason for us not to do it. Or, as she said, give the wimp a good kick for me.”

This made the whole class laugh and I bowed my head.

“However, it’s very sweet for you to think it like that”, she said smiling. “You have learned to think like like wimp amazingly quickly. That is highly commendable.”

“Thank you, miss.”

“Now, be a good wimp and raise your testicles for me so everyone can see them. Yes, just like that, with your both hands.”

I felt utterly ashamed doing it, as she continued.

“That is your goal”, the male teacher said. “They don’t look much but they are very useful if you want to stop a male. One perfectly aimed kick and the male is powerless. However, you have to aim your kick right, and you have to get over the fear of using too much power, and not hold back.”

“That’s right”, the female teacher continued. Like I said, we will get back to this later, and you will all get plenty of chances to do it. I will now show you how to do it properly. I know it seems extreme now, but someday being able to kick a male in the nuts may save you from getting raped.”

She looked at me and smiled. “Okay wimp, you may put them down.” I did as she had told and put my my hands to my back. I saw her smiling again. “Good boy. Okay, here it comes.”

What happened next was almost like I had been watching a slow motion movie. I saw the teacher approaching me with a determined look on her face. I noticed the looks of the girls behind her that were full of excitement. I saw the teacher pull her right feet back.

The next thing I understood was a while light of incredible pain. My knees buckled and I fell by body to hit the floor. Somewhere in the distance I hear a bell ring, and the sound of girls running excitedly to the showers.

I have no idea how long I lay on the floor.  As I came to, however, I discovered I was all alone.
*        *        *
As I was walking the now empty hallways of my new school, I remembered the teacher had said I would get my clothes back by the end of the day, but how? Finally I decided the teacher lounge or the principal's office would be the most logical place.
I went through the glass doors by the main entrance of the school and looked around. It seemed the principal's office was located within the teacher's lounge, so that a part of it was reserved for her office.
I looked around in the lounge, but since it looked completely deserted I entered the principal's office. I went through another glass door and found myself in front of a service desk. Behind the glass there was an middle-aged receptionist.
Gathering my courage I walked up to the counter, and inquired where I could find my clothes. The receptionist looked up and glanced me over the rim of her glasses.
"Ah yes." She turned on her chair picked up a ring of keys from her desk. "Yes, I have them. Just remember to report here the first thing tomorrow morning, when you arrive at school to hand them over again."
I nodded.
"However, before I am allowed to give them back to you, the principal wants to see you" she said and pointed at a door. "Through there"
I walked at the door the receptionist had pointed at pressed the button next to it. After a while a green light lit up. I entered the room and saw the principal behind her desk. She smiled at me as I entered.
"Ah, there you are, wimp", she said. "Please, come in. Close the door behind you and take a seat."
I sat down in the leather chair in front of her desk. I felt the leather sticking to my skin and noticed it was hard not sit comfortably in a chair like that naked. And it wasn't just that. I felt completely out of place in the principal's office.
"Well now. Tell me, how has your first day been?"
I looked at her, uncertain what I should say. Also, I felt the situation very strange. I was so ashamed of being nude. She on the other hand was wearing a smart business jacket and a white shirt underneath. In her own way she looked very attractive.
"Strange", I said finally.
The principal chuckled. "Well, that's understandable, wimp. But don't worry. You will get used to it soon. They have kept you busy I hope."
I was uncertain whether me getting used to this was a good thing or not, but nodded.
"Well, we have done our very best to make you feel as useful as possible."
I nodded again.
"You don't talk much, I see. Well, that merely tells me we selected a right person as a school wimp, doesn't it? We aim to choosing the most quiet, the most pathetic student in the class, and I think in your case made an excellent choice. Besides, not talking sort of goes with your job description, as well."
The principal chuckled and I found smiling meekly at her joke. There was logic in what she said, after all.
"Well now", she said. "Before you can leave, there is a one thing I want you to do. It's sort of a small tradition of my own. Get on all fours and come this side of the desk.
Not knowing what to expect I did as I was told and walked around the table. I looked up and saw the principal putting down her pen. Slowly she pushed her office chair backwards and turned it so that she was facing me.
The principal had her elbow on the arm of her chair and she was resting her chin on her closed fist. She watched me with a contemplating look on her face as she started to spread her legs.
My jaw dropped. I’d had several shocks during the day but still this one managed to surprise me. From the waist down the principal was naked. Aside for the smart jacket, blouse, and the heels she had nothing on. I was looking directly at her large hairy pussy.
"Like I said, this is a sort of tradition of mine", the principal said, spreading her legs more. "Truth to tell, as soon as I saw you today, I was convinced you would be a first rate pussy licker. Now, I want to know whether I was correct or not. Come here wimp, and put your tongue to work."   

Chapter three
My head was spinning as I was walking home from school. I was in a daze, too much had happened to me in a too short time. Most importantly, I started to question what happened during the day. How was this even possible?

When I arrived home it was almost five o'clock, and I already saw my mom's car in the driveway. When I had gotten in I called my mom and found her in the kitchen. I was almost crying as I ran to her arms and started telling what had happened to me during the day.
"There, there", she said. "It will be okay." I looked up at her, wiping my tears. "It will?"
"Of course. Go to the living room, dear. I have to put this all away."
I went to the living room and sat in armchair. I heard mom speaking on the phone and it seemed to take quite a while. I started feeling better already though.     
Finally my mother joined me and sat down next to me on the couch.
"It seems you have had quite a first day", she said.
"Quite a day? That's an understatement. You wouldn’t believe what they made me to do."
"I knew the first day would be tough for you."
I looked at her, not believing my own ears. "Wh-what? Are you trying to tell me you knew about it?"
"Of course I did. Naturally the school needed my consent for it. What did you expect?"
"But mom. Why would you let them do that to me?"
"I suppose I should explain. It's high time for it."
My mother picked up a framed photograph from the living room table. It was the only picture I had ever seen of my father. A tall, dark-haired man with moustache. I had never known him. He had left my mom soon after I was born and moved to South America.
"I still miss him, you know", my mom said. "My Raoul. When he left you for me raise I consoled myself thinking I would have a part of him, in you."
Then she moved her gaze to me. There was resentment in her eyes.
"However, I was in for a disappointment. Can imagine how how mad, sad and betrayed I felt, to see you haven't grown up to be the tall, muscular, manly lady-killer your father was. I wanted so much to see even a part of him in you. I have waited, and wished, and hoped. But the more years have passed, the farther you have slipped. You will never be the man your father was. You will never be a man, period."

I looked at my mom. I'd had no idea she had felt this way. At the same time her words both hurt me, and made me want to apologize her. There was nothing I could have done looking the way I did, but it still made me uncomfortable to understand how it had made her feel.
"I'm sorry, mom", I said. "I never... I mean, I've never wanted to hurt you. I'm so sorry."
My mom looked at me, frowning. "Yes, I know. You can't help being what you are, and I know you’re sorry. You are a sweet boy. In a weird way, that's part of the problem."
"I'm sorry, mom" I said, looking down.
"It’s not your fault", she said. "But you must understand how I've felt. How hard this has been for me. Every time I see you, I remember you will never be what I wanted. It has been hard, keeping all the resentment in."
"I understand, mother."
"So, when your principal phoned me and told about the tradition in your school, I jumped to it. It all sounded everything I had hoped I could be able to do to you. I was so excited. In fact, they had couple of other candidates as well, but I wanted so bad  you to be chosen, honey."
I looked at my mother and had hard time believing my own ears. It had all happened because of her? Because she had wanted to. I was shocked, but couldn’t help noticing how happy she now looked.
"We talked ages about you, honey”, she said smiling. “I told her everything about you. The more your principal heard the more she seemed to think you were ideal school wimp. We talked about your hobbies, your personality, your self-esteem, or rather lack of it. As well as your... well, shortcomings."
I looked at her, and I realized my jaw had dropped. "Yes, I'm referring to your dick size", she said.
"Bu-but, how..." I stammered. My mother sighed. "Do you actually believe you could live all your life under my roof without me being able to find out how pathetically small dick you have."
I looked down again, not knowing what to say.
"So yes, I gave my consent you being made the school wimp, arranged it even, because I'm mad at you. I'm hurt, so utterly hurt, and ashamed of having a wimp like you as a son. I wanted to get back at you. I wanted so bad for it all to happen to you. To get a little compensation for all those years I wasted on you.”

“I’m sorry, mother.”

“But it wasn't all that. By that time a plan had started to form in my head, a one you being a school wimp suited perfectly with."
I looked up at her again. "Wh-what kind of a plan?"
"What would you say, honey", she asked me. "If I told you I would like the same rules you were introduced today, to apply here at home as well?"
“Mom, you can't be serious. That's... I mean, not wearing clothes around the house for the full month? That would be... creepy."
"No, it wouldn't, if I make you my sex slave." I looked at her, shocked.
"S-sex..." I stammered.
"Yes, sex slave. I think you have watched and read enough porn to know what that means." My head was spinning and tried to get some sort of answer out of my mouth.
"Let's give it a try, dear. I want you to get up and show me what you showed the whole of your school."
"I would very much like to see it. Please take away your clothes. It would mean so much for me. Please honey, I want to see you naked."
I found myself getting up and starting fumble with the belt on my jeans. This all felt like a weird dream, or a nightmare. What was I doing? Then again, a part of me told me, I had just done the same in front of hundreds of people. What did it matter if there was one person more?
I continued and saw my mother smiling more and more broadly. "Very good, take it all away", she cooed. “Let me see you properly.”

Finally I stood in front of her totally naked. I kept my hands to my sides this time, because I was well aware that was what she wanted.

“Thank you”, she said. “I think you look very pretty, in your own, wimpy kind of way. Make a spin for me.”
I did as she told and saw her practically beaming. She looked so happy now. "Lift your testicles for me, darling. Oh dear, it looks like they have had a rough day as well", she said. “As did your ass, by the way, it seems.”
"Yes, mother."
"Tell me, dear. How does it feel to follow orders? To do as you're told? You may put the testicles down by the way."
I had think to this a bit. I had done so the whole day and I realized it hadn't taken long for it to become a second nature for me.
"Good, mom", I said finally with head bowed. "It feels good."
"I guessed that. In fact I was sure of it."
"What do you mean?"
"Because, honey, you're a sub. A submissive. Just as it is clear for someone her son is gay, it has been clear you're a sub." I looked at her, again not knowing what to say.
"You want to submit to the will of women", she continued. "To do whatever they tell you to. You're intimidated by girls, but partly it's because you see them as superior to you. Approaching them seems for you inappropriate and rude behaviour. Correct me if I'm wrong."
I shook my head. I had never revealed it to anyone. "No, you're not" I said, almost in tears. It felt so good to get it out, finally. It was all true. I was afraid of girls, but at the same time I longed to obey them.
My mom got up and walked to me. She hugged me tightly. "Don't cry. That's okay. There's nothing wrong being a sub."
She held me close to her and spoke to me in a calm, soothing manner. "You’re a sub, and together with your principal, and your school, we are going to find your full potential as one."
I sniffed.  
"You cannot help being what you are. It is part of your being to obey women. To do exactly they tell you to. No matter how humiliating it is. And it's not only that. You like to be humiliated. The more cruel way the better."
I nodded. It felt so good to finally admit it. "I do, mother."
She pulled away from me and put her hands on my shoulders and looked at me. "So, for the next month I want you to do exactly as I say. No matter what it is. Will you do it for me?"
I wiped off my tears. "Of course I will", I said and the first time during the whole day I was genuinely smiling. "I would like it very much, mom."
“Hearing that makes me so happy", my mother said and petted my head. "Another thing that would make me happy is to see you in girls' clothing. Since I didn’t get the son I wanted, I think I’m entitled to a daughter. You look so much more a girl than the man your father was, so it would be only logical. I have wanted to do it for so long. "
"That sounds nice, mom."
"It does? You would really do it for me?"
"Yes mom, really."
"I have some things ready. Would you be willing to try them out?"
"Please, mom. Make me a girl."

Chapter four
My mother took out some items and lay them out on the living room table. It seems she had planned making me a girl quite a while. There was a very black short top, an even shorter red skirt, red high heels, some make-up a short black wig.
First my mother put the make-up on. It wasn't deeded much though, since I have things working for me. I have a pretty fair complexion and smooth skin, and the hair growth on my face let alone legs isn't very visible. Also, I have naturally rather full lips I have always been ashamed of, and round eyes with long eyelashes.
"Maybe you should have been born a girl", my mother said as she was applying lipstick on me. It was ruby red, the same colour heels were. "These lips are so full many girls would be jealous of you."
Next she asked me to put the top and the skirt on. The top was very short and left both my tummy and shoulders bare. We wouldn't however, my mother said, start fooling with breast forms, at least this time. "Let's just pretend you're an A-cup girl." Neither we didn't have time for nail polish, she explained.
The skirt was even shorter and if I had had a bigger dick I suspect the skirt wouldn't have covered it. As I put the heels on, I felt for the first time... let's just say different. I'm not very tall and even with them on my height was about the same with my mother.
The crowning item, however, was the wig. As she was putting it on me, even she looked amazed. "Wow. This is uncanny. It changes the way you look so much. Just look for yourself." I glanced my reflection in the living room mirror and understood what she meant.
Looking back from the mirror there was a completely another person. It would take a lot more work if I was to be made a passable girl, but the things I had on did wonders. I wasn't a woman, but I was no longer a male either. Also, I realized, for the first time in my life, as I looked in the mirror, I thought myself as beautiful.

My mother came to stand behind me and wrapped her arms around me. “Fuck, you look so sexy.”

“Thank you, mother.”
Suddenly the doorbell rang. I felt an immediate urge to go hiding, but my mother didn't seem to be surprised at all.
"Ah. Stay here, honey. That must be the first of our guests." My mother went to open the door, and left me standing in the living room with questions buzzing around my head. What guests?
"Ah, there you are, Phil", I heard her say to someone. "So nice to see you."
In rapid succession the doorbell rang again and again, and soon our living room was full of men. Suddenly all that time on the phone made sense. They were all men from our neighborhood, as well as my mother's friends, or the friends of her friends. I had know every single one all my life.
There was no longer place for me to sit in, so I stood in the corner of the living room, because my mom had forbid me to leave. My mother served the men beer all they were all talking to each other excitedly. What surprised me though was the fact no one seemed to notice me.
"I think it's time for us to begin", my mother said finally and looked at me. "Come here, honey." I walked to the middle of the living room, and my mother put her arm on my shoulders.
"You all know my daughter, I suppose", she said and got everybody to laugh. "My daughter just asked me to make her more beautiful and like you all see, she does so not, doesn't she?"
There was a general positive murmur in the room. I kept my eyes on the floor, since I couldn't face the crowd. This was just too weird.
"My daughter has found new sides of herself quite recently", my mother said. "But something that she hasn't done yet, is to entertain a room full of men. So, I thought it would be high time to give her a chance to that. Would you be willing help her?"
There was more positive murmur and some cheers.
"Oh, you're too kind", my mother said and then pointed at the living room table in the middle of the room, we had just used for making me a girl, but that was now empty. "Honey, get on that table on all fours."
I still couldn't get words out of my mouth. I walked to the table and got on it, feeling almost as if I'd been a dog in display in a dog show. My mom walked next to me. I felt her hand caressing my back, then sliding it over my bum.
Then I felt her hand moving the hem of the short skirt over my back, so that my ass was now uncovered.
"Here it is, my daughter's virgin ass. I want you to pop her cherry. Honey. I want you to bend your back for us like a real girl." I tried to remember how it was done in porn. I lowered my chest so it touched the table, and arched my back so that my ass would point straight up.
"Oh, yes. Just like that. You're such a good girl. Now, all we need is the first two volunteers."
Two men who had been sitting on the couches drinking beer stood up. Phil, who had arrived first and lived a few houses down the road came to stand before me. Phil had white sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. I looked up and saw a tiny smile on his face. Without saying anything he started to open his belt.
As he finally got his cock out my jaw dropped. He was enormous! I had seen fair share of porn, but it was quite another thing to see a cock in real life. If this was how real cocks looked liked, no wonder my mother had been disappointed for having someone like me as a son.
"Suck it", I heard Phil say. With my hands shaking I took Phil magnificent cock in my hand and started to imitate what I had seen in hundreds and hundreds of porn films. "Yeah, just like that. Suck it, you fucking faggot."
At the same time I heard similar kind of sounds from my back as well. First a sound of a belt buckle, then a man starting to sigh and groan. To my shock I realized my mother was performing at the moment a fellatio behind me. From the corner of my eye I also noticed several of the men had their cocks out and they were stroking them.
Me and my mom, both sucking cocks in our living room. It sounded surreal.
After a while I heard a wet slurping noise end and my mother speaking again. "Oh, Bob. It looks like your magnificent cock is ready. Would you do the honour of popping my daughter's cherry?"
"I don't mind if I do", I heard him grunt.
"You're such a good friend. Would someone hand me that tube of lube?"
A little while later I felt something cool and slippery on my anus. My heart raced and I had trouble maintaining rhythm sucking Phil's cock, but I did my best.
Then I felt something being pushed inside me. My first reaction was to scream and to push it out. Slowly but surely though it kept going more and more in. It pulled out a bit and then went a bit deeper in, over and over, until I felt Bob's groin on my ass.
I had trouble thinking, and my heart raced. Never, in my wildest dreams I could have believed anal sex would feel like this. It didn’t feel good as such, but the sensation was so intimate, so violent, so inside me.
I felt Bob pushing out almost all the way, and then in again. Then he did it again, and again, until he actually was fucking me. "How does it feel?" I heard my mom ask a little while later.
"Oh, pretty nice. Just a bit tight."
"Well, fuck her ass harder then", my mom chuckled. "I assure she won't mind. And even if she did, it doesn't matter one bit."  
I felt Bob taking a more firm grip of my ass and started fucking me harder, and a small yelp escaped my lips. I had some doing not letting it affect me sucking Phil's cock, but again I did my best.
I was now gripping its base with my other hand, and held his equally huge, hairy balls in my hand. My tongue was busy going round the head, as I sucked it like a lollipop. I was so concentrated on my work it took me a while to notice mom standing next to me.
I turned my head a bit and looked up. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was still somewhat shocked to see my mom holding a phone in front of me, clearly making a video of me!
"Don't look so surprised, honey. Naturally I wanted to document this. My son, sucking his first cock. As well as getting her cherry taken, of course. That's how it is, honey, having a real man fuck you in the ass. Feels great, doesn't it?"
I had no option to answer so I merely nodded.
"I'm so glad to hear it", she said and turned to Phil. “How is it going? Is she any good?”
"Fuck, Karen. If this is the first time he... I mean she is sucking a cock, she's a fucking natural."
"Oh, you're too kind."
"I mean it. She's so good at this. You should have made this ages ago."

“Maybe I should have.”
With that I noticed Phil wrapping his other arm around my mom and giving her a kiss. My mom kissed back and took Phil's face in her hands. This was quite a surprise for me, as well, since I didn't know my mother was romantically involved with him.
They kissed for quite a while, but finally I heard Phil break it. "Fuck, I think I'm going to cum soon, Karen."
"Oh, please do", I heard my mom say. "However, it would mean so much to me if you could cum on her face? Could you?"
"Oh, no problem. I’d be glad to."
"You're so sweet, Phil", I heard my mother say and kissing him once more. Then I saw my mother pointing at her phone to me again.
"Okay, honey. You've seen enough porn to know how this goes. Tilt your head back, look up, keep your eyes and mouth open and let Phil shoot his load all over your face. Okay? This is going to be so great."
As soon as Phil took his tool out of my mouth I did as mom had said, and tried to imitate the hundreds of porn videos I had seen. I looked up and saw Phil pulling his huge tool above me, with concentrated look on his face. Then I saw him grimace and let out a grunt.
The first spurt took me by surprise as it landed on my forehead, and I jumped a bit. Then I felt another spurt of warm cum land, and then another. The were running slowly down my face. Some of it reached my lips and I had to lick them quickly.
Finally it stopped and I heard Phil breathing heavy, hands on his sides. His cock bobbed a bit in front of me, still fully erected. I grabbed it again, and sucked the head gently until there was no cum on it anymore.
"Well now, honey", I heard my mother's voice. "What do you say?" I looked up, still holding Phil's cock by the base.
"Thank you", I said and kissed the tip of his cock, and then looked up again. "Thank you for cumming to my face, Phil." I heard Phil chuckle. "No problem, faggot."
Phil walked away and I faced my mother again. As I looked up I saw her still holding her phone. I felt Phil's cum still on my face, even though Bob's thrusts made some of it to dribble. There was a wide smile on my mother's her face. She looked so happy.
"You look very beautiful, dear", she said and I had to smile. I tilted my head a bit sideways and licked the cum off my lips. "Thank you, mother."
This tender moment was cut short, however, as I heard Bob grunt.
"Fuck, I'm cumming soon."
"Oh, please, don't cum in there, Bob. I want it all on her face. Come here and let someone else fuck her in the ass."
Soon Bob was standing in front of me pulling his equally huge cock. I had trouble believing it had actually been inside me just a little while ago. Already I felt another one inside me. I held my head up high and after a while Bob erupted with a grunt.
This time some of the load landed just above the eyebrow and I felt it sliding down towards my eye, making me close my eyes. Another two landed to the bridge of my nose, sliding to the same direction.
"Oh, please honey", my mom said, still holding her phone. "Keep your eyes open. Yes, just like that. It looks so much better that way."
I did as she was told and managed to keep my eyes open. From corner of my eyes I also noticed some of the men were now standing and were gathered around me, pulling their huge cocks. It seems a number of them wanted to skip my ass and go straight to the end.
Bob pulled his cock a few times more. I looked up. He wasn't as nice looking as Phil, but since I had done it for Phil, I felt obliged to do the same to Bob, as well. "Thank you, for cumming on my face, Bob", I said and kissed the head of his cock.  
And then there was the third one. My mother continued filming me. It seems she was determined to video all the cumshots. I soon lost track which of the cocks had been in my ass and which hadn't.
I managed to keep my eyes open the whole time, even though my mom didn't make it easy for me. In fact one or two times she specifically asked whether the man in question could cum straight in my eye.
"I would really love to see sperm in her eyes", she said as the man in question, a friend of ours called Steven, was preparing to shoot his load. "Just like a real porn star. I've wanted to see it for so long. Could you try to shoot it in there... Yes, right there! That was perfect. Oh, thank you Steve."
I so immersed in my cock sucking I was quite surprised when, after I had gotten yet another load on my face and thanked the man for it, there was no one standing next to me anymore. All the men were back on the coaches drinking beer.
"Look up honey" I heard my mother say. I looked at her and saw her still making the video. There was cum all over my chest and top, and I could only imagine what my face looked like.
"You do look so beautiful, honey. Did you like it?" I nodded. "Yes, I did, mother."
"I'm so glad to hear that. We must do this again soon, then."
I nodded, and felt cum drop my chest again.
"Oh dear, honey", my mother said chuckling. "I do think we will have to do the end scene now. Start scooping it up."
I understood what she meant. I started scooping the cum off my face and push it to my mouth. A bit by bit I got it all off, as my mother filmed it all. I saw my mother smiling behind her phone and I had trouble not to smile myself, as well. Finally I think I had gotten it all off. However, I still reeked of sperm.
My mother sighed, as she stopped filming.
"You have no idea how long I have wanted to do this to you", she said smiling. "You have made me so happy."

Chapter five
One by one our guests left. There was a lot of "This was so much fun", "Oh, we must do this together soon" and "Drop by anytime you want" as she was kissing the men on the cheek.
After the last one had left my mother returned to the living room. She looked at me and shook her head.
"Oh dear, you look such a mess. I think you ought to go the downstairs bathroom to clean yourself up.”

“Yes, mother”, I said and rose.  

“And get rid of you little slut look while you're at it. I want my loser son back now. And brush your teeth as well. It's way past your bedtime. Then come back here. I have one surprise more for you."
I did as I was told and washed my teeth in the bathroom, and then returned living room again totally naked. After having at least something on I felt strangely bare now, but I felt I was getting used to it quickly. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. Mom looked up from the book she was reading.
"Ah, there you are. Let's go."

I followed my mom upstairs. I had experienced a shock after another that day, but still, what I saw when my mother opened the door of my room, still took me by surprise.
I looked around in disbelief When I had left for school it had been a typical room of a teenage boy. Now, all my belongings were gone! All the furniture, my desk, my bed, my books, everything.
"Welcome to your new room", my mother said. "Even though welcome to your cell would be closer to the truth. Cozy, isn’t it? I thought a few modifications would be in order."

My mother looked at my shock, chuckling. "I was a bit unsure how this evening would fold out, so I decided to be a little proactive."
"Bu- but, mom”, I looked at her. “Why?" She put her hand on my shoulder and sighed.
"Honey, you were just used by eleven men. You're no longer the teenage boy you were this morning. And like we agreed, you're my sex slave now, remember? I think it would be illogical for you to live in a teenage boy's room from now on, don't you think?.
I nodded. There was logic in what my mother said but, this was still a lot to take in. The room looked now a set for an extremely low budget BDSM clip. In the middle of the room there was a dirty mattress and in the corners, bolted to the floor, four shackles.
On the wall there were similar shackles and various kind of hooks. The lamp was gone and in its place there was only a light bulb. Even the windows had been boarded shut. It looked like something a kidnapped person would be kept in.
"As you can see, here is your new bed", pointing at the mattress. "You will sleep on it you have behaved. If not, you can be attached from your wrists and ankles to these things here for the night."

My mother smirked. "Or, if I just feel like it. We will have to see. Naturally they are also handy for punishing you."
"How was this possible?” I said. “In such a short time?"
"Well, the men who just left helped me quite a lot”, my mother said smiling. “It's amazing what you can do with eleven strong men in six hours. They were all eager to help though, when they heard what I had planned for you."
"But... where it is all? You got rid of all my stuff?"
"Well, to tell the truth, we almost did”, my mother said. “We had a truck ready to take it to a landfill. But at the last minute it occurred to us that if you thought you have a chance to get any of it back it would be an excellent way to blackmail you. It is somewhere you can't get at, that's all you need to know. But if you rebel we will sell it all, and burn the things with little value. Your books, clothes, everything."
My mother looked at me with stern look her face. "Do you understand?"
I nodded. "Yes, mother." My mother patted me on the shoulder.
"You will get it all back in a month’s time", my mother said. "If you behave."
"Yes, mother."

“I’m very glad you understand”, my mother said. “Besides, if we are making you my sex slave, you’d had very little use of your clothes anyway. And don’t worry, we are buy new clothes for you. Let’s just say, something more appropriate.”

My mother looked at me with a mysterious look on her face.
"Okay, it's getting late”, she said. “So you better hop into bed."
I lay down on the mattress, and in a matter of moments my mother had shackled me into spread eagled position. She looked at me, admiring her handiwork.
"Very nice, she said and walked around me. "You look so nice and secure there. How does it feel?"

I tried to move. “A bit… tight”, I said.

“Good. I want them tight.” She looked down, towering above me. "Now, there is one more thing for you to do today.
I saw her starting opening up the zipper on the side of her skirt. By this time I guessed what was to come, but still hoped I was wrong. Her skirt dropped to the floor. It seems she had gotten rid of her underwear, as well, at some point.

She looked down, clearly enjoying the situation.

"You've had fun all day”, she said petting the hair on her pussy. “As did our guests just now. It's high time I get some fun too, don’t you think?"

In a matter of moments she had straddled my face and I had my tongue deep inside her pussy. "Mmmm" I heard her say after a while as she was grinding my face. "I must say your principal didn't exaggerate one bit."
After what seemed like an eternity, apparently unable to have even a single orgasm more, my mother stood up. I panted, thankful for being able to breath properly again.
"This was very nice, dear. Very nice indeed. It seems you're not only a natural cocksucker, but a natural pussylicker as well. But now it's time to say good night."
She picked her skirt off the floor and walked to the door. On the door she looked at me over her shoulder and smiled at me before turning off the light.
"Sweet dreams, honey. See you in the morning."

Two hours later darkness had engulfed the small town. The two-story house was silent. The small room that was now a cell of a certain teenage boy was silent as well.
Suddenly there was blue flashing light, and a tall blonde woman clad in leather stood in the room. She looked around and then noticed the boy. The male slept on the floor, shackled in a spread eagled position. She smiled as she looked the frail form, and his penis, at full mast.
The woman looked around in the room. She had witnessed the same happening many times, but still it managed to amaze her. Alter something enough, alter crucial threads in the fabric of reality, give the human mind a chance to do whatever it wants, and the results are astounding.
She was very pleased with this scenario. Truth to tell, the results had been even better than she had dared to hope. The young male had exceeded their wildest expectations.
She looked at him. Even though the young male most likely didn’t understand it, what he had so far experienced, was nothing compared to what was yet to come. The reality had made it that way. They had made the reality that way.

A part of her wanted to take the male away now. The save him from all the things that were about to happen to him during the next month. To save him from the unimaginable, almost inhumane humiliation he was expected to like.
She almost tapped the device on her wrist. Then she shook her head. Instead she altered the setting slightly and only then tapped the device.
The room around her disappeared in a series of flashing blue light. Then it faded away and she saw the room around her again. It looked more or less the same, but she knew a month had passed in the world around him, and in the life of that young male.
She looked at the frail form closer. He was now in a different position, and it looked like he was now wearing an extremely small chastity cage. He was now gagged, wore a collar around his neck, and if she wasn't mistaken, also had a considerable sized plug in his anus, as well.

Then a wicked thought came to her mind. Why not, she thought. It could be interesting. She altered the setting more and tapped the device. Three months. And again. Six months. Another tap. Nine months. Tap. A year. She smiled. He would be ready now.
There was a series of blue flashing light in the room, and they were gone.

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