4 Jan 2018

The Clinic (fiction)

Chapter One:


A stern looking security guard behind the glass peered at me. Unable not to feel nervous, I handed my papers to him by sliding them under the glass. This was the third time I had to show them. I looked to my right as the guard at the gate examined them, and looked at the building before me. 

From the outside it looked like any high-rise covered in glass, surrounded by a large lawn with gravel roads criss-crossing. However, I knew the clinic was anything but ordinary. As I had seen, the security around it was like anything I had ever seen, and it felt almost as if I were entering CIA or NASA headquarters.

The clinic had a long and prestigious sounding name ending with "of sexual health" but to many who knew about its existence it was merely The Clinic. No one without authorization was allowed the premises, and you had to know the right people to be admitted. My wife had to pull several strings before that happened in my case.

I had suffered erectile dysfunction due to type one diabetes longer than I could remember. I had been unable to get hard in erotic situations most of my adult life, but I had been able to compensate it with other means. I had a wife who I loved very much and who loved me in return.

Lately though it had been turned out I was unable also impregnate her with my semen and she had expressed her desire for me to seek help. I was extremely amazed when I heard my wife had managed to get me accepted to the clinic. They perform miracles there, she had told me.

The guard nodded. "You may proceed. Enjoy your stay." I took my papers and continued my journey. 

As I was approaching the building I noticed a huge statue gleaming in sunlight. I stopped at the paved area around it and looked at the plaque at the base. According to it the three figures were Apollo, Artemis and Hygieia, three Greek deities of health. They held their hands together and had lifted them high towards the sky.

At the doors I had to again show my papers before I was finally allowed to enter the huge lobby. I crossed it and presented my papers once more at the main entrance desk. The nurse behind the glass looked just as suspicious as the guard, and went through them closely before finally nodding.

"Everything seems to be in order", she said smiling. "Welcome to the clinic. Please leave your wallet, keys, phone and all other personal belongings on the on the grey area of counter before you". I looked down and noticed a grey circular area she had mentioned. I put my belongings on it. A moment later it descended, and then span around taking my belongings with it. 

On the other side of the glass I saw the nurse picking it up and putting them in a plastic bag. "You won't need any of this at the clinic. Please wait. There will be someone to pick you up momentarily."

I didn't have to wait long, until I saw a blond nurse approaching me. We shook hands and introduced ourselves. "I'm pleased to meet you", the nurse said. "I am here to take you to your ward. Shall we go?"

We crossed the lobby and entered an elevator that seemed to work by hand print identification. As the doors opened I saw something that looked like a perfectly normal hospital corridor. I wasn't sure what I had been expecting. I followed the nurse and we entered an equally normal looking one-bed hospital room.

"It is now time to get you acquainted with some of the rules we have here", the nurse said. "First of all, I need you to remove your clothes." I looked around, somewhat astonished. "Right away?" I said. "I mean, here and now?"

"Yes, now", the nurse said. "Go on." From her tone I understood she wasn't joking, and I started to disrobe. The nurse took every piece of clothing from me and put it in a large plastic bag. Soon I was standing in the room in my birthday suit.

"We will take this for safekeeping", she said. "You won't need your clothes while you're here." I nodded. I was unsure where to put my hands so I tried to cover my genitals subtly by putting my other hand so they were covered by my wrist. The nurse, however, shook her head.

"Please keep your hands to your sides. You don't have anything there you need to be ashamed of, do you?" Feeling terribly ashamed I did as she had said, and placed my hands to my sides. Then I saw the nurse looking down. "Oh, let me take that back. You have."

The nurse looked at me and smiled. "I take you're not used hearing that?" I shook my head. "Well, that is something else you will have to get accustomed here. We believe honesty is a most direct way to good mental health here." 

I nodded and looked around me, because I still felt the need to cover myself. The nurse noticed my wandering gaze. "I take it you're wondering where are your hospital clothes? Well, you won't be getting any." The nurse noticed the expression on my face and continued in a calm manner.

"This is a sexual clinic", she said. "It's very important your genitals as well as other parts of body are visible to the whole staff at all times. The patients are here not enjoy the luxury of privacy, and there is no need for you to cover your body in any way. Do you have any objections with that?"

I shook my head. I knew the clinic had strict policies, and breaking them would mean expulsion. I wanted so save my marriage badly, and I knew I would have to play by their rules.

"Okay" the nurse said, going through papers she had on a clipboard. "Now it's time for your first sperm sample. You may begin." I looked around. "W-what? Here?" This was almost too much to bear. The nurse sighed. "Of course here. Didn't you hear what I just said?" 

Still not believing what was happening I started to masturbate. The nurse didn't seem to even notice it and continued. "We believe we can get a picture what happens inside a man's testicles only through constant monitoring. That requires several sperm samples from you all through the day, so you might as well get used to doing it while being watched."

She had picked up a strange looking container from the bed. It was made of metal and had lights on the side. "Every time you shoot your load it will be placed here", she said, opening the container and I saw a puff of vapor coming from within. "As you can see, it is a mobile deep freezer the clinic has developed."

The nurse seemed to be more interested in the container than me masturbating, and it was hard to say whether it helped the process or not. Then she handed me a small vial with a cap on it. "Now, I want you to ejaculate into this one, as soon as possible. Also, don't spill a drop, it is very important we get to know the exact amounts." 

I continued, but the procedure was doubly humiliating due to the fact I wasn't getting any harder. The lack of erection had never prevented me from masturbating or cumming, but it was extremely hard to do it while being watched. The nurse looked at her wristwatch and I realized I was being timed, as well.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine I was alone, and finally I was able to make myself cum. With feet shaking and breathing hard the cum dribbled from my penis to the vial in my shaking hands. I handed it to the nurse and she looked at the vial against the light.

"Goodness", she said. "This is almost clear liquid. Are you sure you didn't masturbate before coming here?" I shook my head, the letter I had gotten had been extremely specific about it. I had in essence been in chastity for the past two and half weeks. "Well, we shall see" the nurse said and put the vial inside the container. 

"Now, it is time to begin your treatment", the nurse said after she had put the container away. "But before we can leave the room there is some rules of this clinic you need to know. First, as long as you're inside this facility we are responsible for your well-being. That means you need to follow every instruction or order given to you, by any member of the staff. And I do mean any order, no matter what it is. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

"Secondly, no patient in this clinic moves outside their rooms without being escorted by a member of the staff. When this happens the patient will follow on all fours. This done is purely for the reasons of control. You may be given a permission to kneel at times, but in no circumstances stand. There is no exceptions to this rule. Am I making myself clear?"

I nodded again.

"Like I said, you are not to object to anything that is being said to you", the nurse continued. "Also, you are not to address any member of the staff while you are being escorted on the public areas. If you have something you want for some reason to say, you may ask a permission to speak by kissing the shoe of your escorter. Only if you're given it, you may speak, not otherwise. Do you understand?"

"Yes", I said and nodded. Nurse smiled. "There will be several other rules as well but these are the ones you need before we can exit this room and appear on the hallways." 

"I understand", I said.

"Now, kneel", the nurse said, and after only a small moment of hesitation I obliged. "Now, on all fours", she continued and I placed my hands on the hospital floor. "Well done", the nurse said and I felt her ruffle my hair. "The rules are really pretty simple, and you have no problems here if you remember to follow them." 

Again, I nodded.

"Before we go out there's yet one thing to do though", the nurse said and a moment later I felt her attaching something around my neck. "This collar will monitor your vital signs at all times and does not come off. We want to know what takes place inside your body, day and night. There's also your patient number there, and a small micro chip. We don't want to lose you."

The nurse opened the door and we entered the hallway with me at her heels. My viewpoint was limited and all could do was to try and keep up with the nurse. At first the whole situation felt bizarre, but then I noticed here and there other male patients following female nurses, nude and on all fours. It seemed everything the nurse had told me was true. 

As we were passing the glass cubicle near the elevators the nurse stopped. "Room 41, patient 315", I heard her say. "Personal belongings". From the corner of my eye I saw her handing the plastic bag to someone. I couldn't help but to wonder when I would see my belongings again, and suddenly felt very cold, very bare and helpless. I saw the nurse look at me over her shoulder.

"Don't look like that", she said and smiled. "Like I said, you won't be needing any of that here. We're taking care of you now and you will stay in the outfit you're in now as long as you're with us. It would be good for you to forget you never used clothes."

Chapter two:

We continued our journey and a moment later entered something that looked a normal examination room. Then I noticed the metal contraption in the middle of the room, that looked nothing but normal. 

It was a bit like a gynecologist's chair, but at the same time it bore resemblance to what dentists use, with the exception it was a lot lower than either of them. It was made of metal and contained several odd-looking apparatuses.

I was told to sit in it. I placed my legs on the stirrups and soon felt the foot of the chair starting to rise. The nurse was keeping a controller in her hand and pressed the button until I was in horizontal position. Then there was another mechanical sound and the contraption rose a few inches.

"We will begin by flushing your anus", the nurse said. I looked at her, not believing my ears. I cleared my throat. "Is that... perfectly necessary?" The nurse sighed. "Since this is your first day I will let that slide, but did you forget already what I said about objecting?"

"I'm sorry", I said. "I mean I just..."

"I am going to explain", the nurse said and walked where I could see her. "You are sitting in our anal training chair, and as you can see, it allows many different functions. It is really quite an ingenious device, and you will come very familiar with it in the future."

She took hold one of the metal parts of the chair and looked at me. "In this clinic we think human body as a whole. Anus and prostate gland are often overlooked when it comes to male sexuality, but we believe that it can provide much information in curing condition like yours. That's why you are to undergo an intense anal training, and the first step in it is to flush your colon properly."

I nodded. There was some some sense in her words, but I still couldn't help but feel nervous.

"First, raise your hands above your head", the nurse said. I did so and a moment later I heard a clamp locking them in place. Soon the same had happened with my ankles as well. "Comfortable?" the nurse said smiling and I nodded again.

"Okay, let's get to work then." The nurse pressed the controller again, and my head started to descend until I must have been in 45 degree angle. Then there was another mechanical sound and I felt the stirrups starting to move, and my legs were stretched open so wide I was thought I was being ripped in two.

Finally the machine stopped. Then I saw the nurse walking up to me so that she was standing between my legs. She took out a device made out of metal and that had a rubber tube attached to it, and started applying clear gel on the end of it. The I saw her bend a little and felt something cold being pushed into my anus.

"I know this may feel a bit comfortable at first, but I suggest you get used to it. There are those who quite like the feeling of being flushed, in fact." I felt the nurse do something around my anus and felt it tighten somewhat.

A moment later I heard a hose being turned on, and sensed something warm within me. I felt my insides being expanded until I felt I was bursting. Finally it stopped and the machine was silent. "We have to wait now for a bit. Just breathe deeply and this will go okay." I tried to do just that and looked at the ceiling. 

I am doing this for my wife, I kept telling myself. It's all for her. Finally I heard the machine come alive again, and felt something happening inside my colon, but this time in reverse. In a way it was even more intense than the sensation before, and I felt as if my insides were sucked out of my body.

"Normally you'd have to expel the contents of your colon out yourself, and it's a pretty messy business. But thanks to our ingenious machine, there's no need. It does all the work for you. Wonderful, isn't it?" After a while the machine stopped, and then I felt being filled up again.

The machine flushed me all in all five times. At one point I had a feeling the nurse had left the room to let the machine to run its course with me, like a washing machine or a dishwasher. It was hard to know, since my viewpoint was extremely limited. After the fifth flushing I saw the nurse at my feet again.

"Okay, I think you're clean now", she said, and pulled the apparatus out of my rectum with one good pull. I grunted between my teeth and I heard the nurse to chuckle. "Don't worry, this will get easier in the future. We will do this daily from now on. You will also but on a liquid diet, meaning there won't be much excreta inside your colon most times of the day, leaving it available for other purposes." 

I saw the nurse turn and picking up something. "Speaking of which, it is now time to measure you anus." A moment later I felt something else entering me. It was cold and cylindrical and appeared to have a tube attached to it as well. There was a mechanical sound and a few moments later, to my horror, I felt the thing starting to expand. It kept expanding and I felt as if I was being ripped open.

Then, just as I was about to howl out, I felt the machine starting to slow down. There was a few beebs, like the ones you hear when your blood pressure is being taken, and finally I heard a low hissing sound as the thing inside my ass started to deflate.

"Hmmm, three point three centimeters", I heard the nurse say. "Not bad for a first try." I saw her turn again and picking up something. "Dildo number four it is then", she said. I felt her take the cylindrical object out only to replace it a few moments later with something bigger. This time I grunted out aloud.

"Just relax and this will go smoothly", I heard the nurse say. "It is good to get this in as soon as possible after the measuring. It would be much harder later, believe me. In fact, there would be a setting for this procedure as well in the machine, but I thought you might appreciate me doing it manually the first time."

I looked up and saw the nurse had turned sideways to me. Her other elbow was resting next to my groin, and her other hand was moving a flesh-coloured dildo up and down in my ass, occasionally rotating it and altering the angle. "S-sorry", I said, my voice shaking. "Thank you."

I saw the nurse looking down and smiling. "That's okay", she said, and patted on my testicles hanging down like an empty sack. "We merely want to see whether we can put any life here this way."

The dildo she was holding was different from anything I had seen. Instead of a little knob at the end it had a sturdy-looking handle at the end, allowing anyone using it to have a good grip. I saw the nurse holding it tightly, as moved the tool up and down in steady churning motion. I saw her smile faintly and I could only gather she liked her work.

After what seemed like an eternity she stopped and pulled the huge tool out all the way. I couldn't help but to look at it astonished. That thing had been inside me? It looked huge!

"I think that's enough for now", the nurse said, and put the tool down. Then I saw lifting something roughly the same size, and before I had had time to even realize what it was she had shoved the butt plug inside my ass. The nurse patted my ass and looked at me smiling. 

"I will leave the plug in place in there for a while now. We need to give your anus a time adjust. Soon you will be able to sleep with a plug inside. Don't worry, we will start with the mediocre sized, and go up from there."

"But since you're there, we could also take care of something else. There is a strict rule about bodily hair on this clinic. I see you're not very hairy, but rules are rules." She took out a nozzled bottle and was shaking it lightly. "This is another product the clinic has developed", she said and started to apply it on my genitals. Then she moved on to my legs, applying the gel on my skin.

"It will remove all the hair on your body, but unlike the brands you may find at the supermarket, it will keep them off a month at a time. It's pretty potent stuff, but due to its qualities the clinic cannot market it to the public." 

The nurse kept applying the lotion, until I was totally covered in it. She even covered my face with it. Then she looked at the clock on the wall. "I will leave it on for an half an hour, and come to check up on you then." 

It didn't take me more than a minute to realize what the nurse had meant with the lotion's qualities. My body begun to sting, and the more time passed, the worse the burn became. Soon I was whimpering and howling out loud, but even though I heard voices from outside no one came to my rescue. 

After another eternity I heard the door open and saw the nurse again. My breathing was troubled and I felt perspiration on my forehead. The nurse looked at me. "Potent stuff, isn't it? Now let's get you cleaned." Taking a shower-head into her hand the nurse started to wash me.

At first the water hitting my skin stung worse than the lotion, but soon the pain subsided. The nurse kept showering me and with it, I noticed, went my body hair. Finally she put the shower-head away. I was shaking, both from pain and the coldness, but I struggled to form words. "T-thank you" I finally said.

"You're welcome", the nurse said and taking out a big towel started to dry me. "I know the lotion hurts, but thanks to today's treatment you will stay nice, smooth and hairless for a long time. We will do it again as soon as the first hairs appear again."

"Well, we're now finished here, when it comes to your therapy", the nurse said, putting the towel away. Then she looked back at me. "Well, almost." The nurse walked next the lowered part of the machine, where my head was, and without saying a word lifted her foot above. Putting her knees to two pads apparently meant for them she leaned forward. 

I realized I was watching at close proximity the nurses bare pussy and asshole. Her full pussy lips and the brown eye of her anus looked at me from her smooth round backside, almost as if to laugh at my disbelief. I was speechless and merely started at it without knowing what to do. "Well?" I heard the nurse's voice. "Get to work."

As we returned to my room I was glad I had to do it on all fours, because I wasn't sure I could have been able to walk without shaking. In my room the nurse pointed my bed. "On the bed", she said. I did as I was told, and felt almost as if I were the family dog.

"Now, there will be someone to collect you the next sample in a few hours", the nurse said. "I suggest you rest a bit in the meantime, and familiarize yourself with the ideology and policies of this clinic". The nurse handed me a colorful booklet. "Read it carefully. It will be easier for you here, if you do." With that she left. 

I rested my hear on the thin pillow and breathed hard. It was hard to understand all the things that had happened during the past couple of hours. My ass felt... strange. It didn't hurt as such, but it did felt... well, more open. I resisted the temptation to feel it, fearing there was some rule forbidding it as well.

Then I looked on my smooth, hairless body. I caressed my feet lightly, then my chest. The skin was like silk. It felt strange, the air and the sheet on the bed felt strange to it. And I looked strange, I thought as I looked at my smooth skin. Strange, but not entirely unpleasant.

Finally I picked up the booklet and started to examine it. There was a whole chapter for masturbation. Even though the clinic was very strict about collecting the sperm samples, it didn't want the patients to do it on their own. The monitor around their necks would alert the staff immediately, but the clinic didn't want to risk it, and therefore the patients were shackled to their beds for the night. 

As I read this I looked up and I noticed places on the both sides on my bed for my wrists as well as my ankles. Also the doors, it seemed, were locked for the night. My wife had said the clinic was very serious about curing their patients, and it seems she had been correct.

Chapter three:

In the afternoon another nurse came to my room. I had dozed off, and as I woke up to the sound I noticed my penis was at full mast. The nurse looked at me, a slightly surprised. I felt I should be ashamed, but not whether it was having an erection in front of her, of having an erection, period.

"I-it does that when I sleep", I stammered. "But only then, and they don't last long."  I still had a feeling I should be covering myself, but there was nothing to cover it with, and I remembered the rules. As I was speaking I felt my erection going, until I was limp again.

"Yes, I've heard", the nurse said. "Apparently you get hard during the night, but not when you masturbate. Well, now is a chance for you to prove it." She held up the same futuristic container I had seem before. "Time for another show. You may do it lying down."

With the nurse watching I took hold of my limp penis, and started to masturbate. After a while I found it difficult and closed my eyes. This time, however, nursed told me not to. "It would be good if you learned not to do that, and to ejaculate while being watched, knowing you are being watched."

I looked at the nurse and finding it very hard to hide my embarrassment continued masturbating. The nurse was older than the one before, and part of the embarrassment came from the idea of masturbating to one's elderly aunt. However, keeping my gaze locked to her helped somehow. Finally I knew I was closing the edge.

The nurse noticed that too and reached out. "Here, let me", she said, pushing my hands aside, took my limp penis between her two fingers and held the vial under it. I was gasping aloud as I felt the sperm ooze out of me. "There we go", the nurse said holding my penis in place as the last drops came out. "Good boy."

After I had had few moments to catch my breath the nurse let go and placed the vial in the container she had with her. Then she looked at me. "I came here to collect the sample, but I have also something else. It is time for you to begin your therapy sessions. I'll take this away, and we can go."

Again I was led along the hallways. By now I started already to get used to it and I tried to look around more. I was surprised by two observations. Not only there was male patients on all fours but female ones as well. The women had collars around their necks, and there was all ages and sizes in them.

Another thing I noticed were the number of people that weren't neither patients nor the staff. They didn't have white uniforms, but normal everyday clothes and they walked and talked as if this was just like any other hospital. Spouses visiting the clinic, perhaps.  

I was led to the elevator and it begun to rise. A few minutes later the doors opened and I followed the nurse. I noticed the floor was carpeted and I saw big potted plants here and there, as well as comfy coaches. I smelled coffee somewhere. Finally the nurse entered a room before knocking on it first.

"Ah, there you are", I heard a woman's voice. "My two o'clock I take?" The women exchanged a few words, and the nurse said she'd be back for me in two hours. Then I heard her leave, and for a few moments there was a silence. 

"Look up", I heard a voice say. I did so and saw a black-haired woman perhaps in her fifties sitting behind an office desk.

"First of all let me welcome you to our clinic", she said smiling. "I hope your first day has been an informative one." I didn't know what to say to that, and finally I nodded. "Yes, it has", I said. It wasn't completely untrue.

"I'm glad to hear that. Well now, you are here to begin a series of therapeutic sessions. Here on this clinic we want to explore also the possible psychological reasons for impotence, not just the physical ones."

"First I want to see what we are working with. Roll over and lie on your back. I did so and heard my therapist putting rubber gloves on. She lowered herself on one knee on the floor and started to examine my genitals.

"The testicles seem to be normal", she said after handling them for a while. "Quite large though, but that is not a bad thing." Then she took hold of my penis. "The penis looks normal too, except for it being significantly shorter than with males on average. Cut, a quite cute little fellow really, but clearly undersized. And it doesn't get erect in sexual situations, at all?"

"No, it does not. I hasn't for... oh, ten years or more. It did when I was a teenager." I heard the therapist sigh. "Oh dear. Well, you have had a type one diabetes for over 40 years, so it's no wonder you're impotent."

The therapist got up and walked back to her desk. "Well now, let's begin, shall we. Get up on a kneeling position." I started to get up. Evidently I wasn't going spend my sessions on a shrink's coach. "Yes, sit just like that, hands on your sides. Could you open your legs a bit. Yes, that's perfect. Comfortable? This is all your therapy, believe me."

My therapist sat down put her glasses on, starting look the folder she had picked up from the desk. I have some background information on the papers you filled before coming here, but that's only the basics. I want to go deeper."

She started to question me about my sexual life. The questions were extremely intimate, at what age I discovered I had a penis, and how it made me feel, at what age and I started to masturbate and how. How often did I do it, how it made me feel, and what kind of material I used for getting turned on, and what kind of fantasies or fetishes I had.

She said my fantasies was a subject we would examine deeper in the future, but she wanted to have a some sort of general understanding about it first. I tried to answer her questions as truthfully as possible. When she heard I lost my virginity to my wife as late as 33, she raised her eyebrows.

"Why do you think that is? You had a working cock when you was a teenager." I lowered my gaze. "I don't know. I was... intimidated by girls, I suppose." I heard the therapist writing something down.

The list of questions was endless. Did I like to feel my anus, or had I used anal toys myself. Had I ever been fucked in the ass or had I fantasized about it. Have I ever had homosexual fantasies, such as kissing men, sucking a cock or having men ejaculate on my face, or inside my ass? Has that ever happened, or would I like to? 

After a time that seemed an eternity she finally put the folder down. "Interesting", she said. "You will be an extremely interesting subject to work with. I am looking forward to our sessions together."

She stood up and stayed silent for a while. "I'll tell you what. We have still a bit of time left and I want to try something I sometimes do." My therapist rolled a full size mirror from the corner and set it some distance from me. "Now, I want you to turn a bit so you face it."

I turned so I could see myself from the mirror. It was not a flattering sight. I had never been comfortable seeing myself naked, and so far hadn't been near a mirror at the clinic.

"Now, I want you to tell me what you see." The therapist took a recorder out of his pocked and clicked it on. With a shaking voice I begun, and the longer I went, the deeper I got into all the things I was not pleased with my body.

"Mmmm, very good, the therapist said. "Very informative. Now, I want you to start masturbating." The shock was on my face must have been self-evident and I saw the therapist nod.

"Yes. I want you to take that limp penis of ours between your two fingers and start masturbating. And I want you to keep your eyes open the whole time and to look at your reflection. I want you to look yourself in the eyes. I want you to watch yourself as you masturbate and cum. And I want you to keep talking, and telling me what you see. I know this is humiliating for you. It is supposed to be."    

The next few minutes must have been one of the hardest in my life. I described what I saw and tried to be as specific as possible, and very quickly I was pouring out everything I didn't like in the sight. It was very hard to masturbate at the same time, but somehow I managed. When I didn't think of anything more to say the therapist stepped in.

"As I said, I am aware this is extremely humiliating for you, but believe me, this is all part of your therapy. It seems all your life you have been inside your head, inside your fantasies. I want you now to see what you look like when you masturbate. Look at yourself, look at your flaccid penis and your two fingers pulling it so frantically. Really look at it. Look at your face, watch at your own expression when you're crazy with lust."

I did so even though more than anything I wanted to close my eyes. I didn't want to see it, but I had to. "Now", the therapist said. "Tell me what you feel right now. How did my words made you feel?"

As I was nearing the end my therapist had taken a small vial from her pocket and handed it to me. "In here. Remember the rules." A few moments later I brought the head of my limp penis I was masturbating furiously to the vial and shot my load to it. 

As I lifted my gaze I saw my reflection looking back at me, face red, disoriented and eyes glazed. The therapist took the vial out of my shaking fingers and looked it. "True. It's so pale and watery. It's even more so now. I wouldn't have believed it to be possible."

A few moments later there was a knock on the door and a nurse stepped in. "Ah, there you are", my therapist said. "We're done for today. You may take him back." Then she looked at me. "We will meet on Wednesday. I am looking forward to it."

When we arrived to my room I found there was my dinner waiting for me there. Like the nurse had said it consisted mostly of liquids, and beside it there was a selection of brightly coloured pills. They were a part of my treatment, the nurse said, and I should be very careful to take regularly.   

After the last meal of the day and the night medication I was shackled to the bed, just like all the patients it seems, and the lights were dimmed. I had read from the booklet the patients slept without blankets, since that too was against the policy of the clinic. 

I lay in my bed and looked at the ceiling, finding it very hard to believe what had happened in the course of last few hours. Surprisingly quickly though I drifted off to sleep. 

At some point of the night I was awoken by a sound and saw a light being turned on at the nightstand. I tried to get up, until I remembered where I was. It was a nurse I hadn't seen before. "Shhh, stay there", I heard her say. "I'm here merely take a sperm sample. Just lie still."

Chapter four:
Tongue tied

The next day begun much like the first one had. After the breakfast that contained mostly liquids, and my morning medication, a different nurse took me to the same examination room and performed the similar procedures than the previous day. She did it with more routine, though and hardly spoke to me during it.

After she had dildoed my anus however there was something new. The nurse told me we would begin now something called "probing therapy", which basically seemed to mean the search for my prostate gland, and my male g-spot. Or rather, making my body understand I had one.

During the procedure I had a some king of futuristic looking device in my anus and the nurse controlled it by tapping a pad attached to the machine. After a long time she started to frown. 

"Your anus feels incredibly unresponsive. You don't feel anything?" I nodded, since all I felt was the feeling of being full. "Well, we have to continue tomorrow", the nurse said. "Perhaps it's just because the lack of training." 

In the afternoon a doctor arrived to my room with couple of nurses in her tow. It was in fact the first doctor I had seen at the clinic. She was relatively young and had a long blonde hair she had on a braid. Her long white coat seemed automatically to give her an aura of authority.  

"Well now, I have heard you have been introduced to performing cunnilingus, already." I nodded. It felt strange to hear that. In my mind I had stated to doubt whether it had ever happened, or what I should be think about it.

"You will find out later that that won't be an isolated incidence", the doctor continued. "Your mouth will be accustomed performing oral services here at this clinic. It is the ideology of this facility, that improving one's sexual health is not only about curing impotence, but treating our patient's sexuality as a whole. That means undergoing as much sexual activity as possible."

"The idea of today's exercise is to examine your oral technique and whether we could improve it. Your hands will be secured for the procedure purely for the reasons of safety. Please place them in the correct positions." I did that and a moment later heard the clamps shut. The doctor looked to her side. "Now, if you could, nurse."

With that one of the nurses walked up to my bed, and without saying anything put her knee on it, and then lifted her another leg around me so that her bare pussy was only a few inches from my face. "Now, take your position", I heard the doctor say and the nurse move forward a bit, and took hold of the bed railing above my head. I had wondered the reason of those padded handles there.

"Now, begin cunnilingus", I heard the doctor say. I felt the nurse pressing here bare pussy to my face, and I started to lick it. "I want you to try to make her orgasm as quickly as possble. The time is essence here."

I have no idea how long I spend my mouth buried in her pussy. Everything I sensed was limited to it, her pussy lips and clitoris, and my tongue. I felt the mixture of her juices and my saliva dribbling down on my face to the pillow beneath me but I had no way of wiping it. After a while I felt the nurse move her hips back and forth slightly.     

After what seemed like an eternity I felt the nurse shudder a few times and let out a long sigh. I continued licking her pussy very gently. She remained motionless for a while and I could heard her heavy breathing. Then she got off the bed and I was able to see again.

"Thank you, nurse", the doctor said. Straightening her uniform the nurse exited the room. My heart was beating fast and I could feel my face was covered in saliva and pussy juices.

I saw the doctor looking at her wristwatch. "Hmm. That took longer than it should have." I would have wanted to say something, but I was still too disoriented. I had always thought of myself rather good at it.

"Okay, next", the doctor said. I looked at her eyes wide. Next? I had barely managed to catch my breath. Then I noticed there was now one or two nurses more, standing behind the doctor. Without a word one of them walked up to my bed. 

All in all I think I must have licked nine or ten pussies during that afternoon.  By the third one the doctor started examine the process more closely and give me instructions.

On one occasion the doctor wanted to see how the "reverse cowgirl" position would work, meaning the nurse sat on me facing my feet, so that my nose was between her butt cheeks. "Breathe deeply", I heard the doctor say. "Yes, just like that. Let that sweet fragrance of feminine sexuality fill you." 

As I was licking my fifth or sixth pussy I felt the doctor taking a hold of my penis, that was still as limp as ever. "You truly don't feel anything here?" I was able to make only a muffled sound I hoped the doctor would understand as no.

"You do realize that is not a good sign", she said. You have had a pussy on your mouth good part of this afternoon. Any normal man would be having at least something resembling an erection by now. But you are completely flaccid."

After the last pussy had ascended from my face I was breathing heavily as usual. I was already expecting the next, but when I looked to my right I saw there was only the doctor and the nurse whose pussy I had just licked present.

"I think that will be enough for today", the doctor said smiling at me, and wrote something on the papers she was holding. "I will put these results forward and we'll see what we should do next."

With they both left. I continued breathing hard and looked at the ceiling. My heart was racing and I realized I had just licked more pussies I had seen in my entire life. Then I realized my hands were still attached to the bed. I tried to get them loose, but the clamps stayed shut. Had they forgotten to unlock me?

Then I saw the door open and another nurse walked in. She was none of the nurses that had been in the room previously. I was about to ask her to get me loose, when she put her knee on my bed and without a word straddled my face.   

On the third day the similar thing happened again, with one notable exception. This time the doctor had a male nurse with her.

"Your case has caused us a lot of concern, and there is something we need to do. You must understand, especially after our exercise two days ago, that the idea of you actually being homosexual would explain a great deal."

The doctor raised her hand. "I am not saying you are. We merely want to rule out possibilities." The good-looking and fit male nurse disrobed and was soon standing before me naked. I looked at his male member and knew I'd had to suck it in a few moments. 

Butterflies filled my tummy, because I had never done it, not even touched another penis, just as I had told to my therapist. Still, I couldn't get my eyes off it. It looked so big, I thought. So much bigger than mine. 

"Now, please", I heard the doctor say. "Begin fellatio." 

With my hands shaking I reached out and touched the snake-like member. Carefully I put the head into my mouth and started sucking the head by imitating things I had seen in adult movies. Quickly the member started to grew, and soon I realized I was sucking a hard cock.

I put my fist around the base and started going deeper and faster. I couldn't believe it. I was sucking a cock. I was actually sucking another man's cock. I was surprised how easy it was for me to do. Now and then I stopped to swirl my tongue around the head, until I started going back and forth again, putting it down my throat deeper and deeper. 

"Very good", I heard the doctor say. "Very good. This looks promising. Either you're a natural at this, or you're watched a lot of porn. But don't let your other hand stay idle. Put it on his backside. Yes, just like that, feel his cheeks. Feel it? It's not a woman's, it's a man's ass. A man your are sucking off."

I did as I was told and grasped it. I felt its muscles, and how hard it was. He had looked fit and I could only imagine he must work out. I could only imagine what it looked like on an exercise cycle. I also felt the hairs on it, as I moved my fingertips on the skin.

"Now, bring your hand to the front" I heard the doctor say. "Now feel his testicles. Just like that. Feel them, feel how heavy and delicious they are. Think of all the cum that's there. All that warm and tasty cum. You'd want so desperately to get it out, don't you?"

The doctor let me continue a while. Finally I heard her speak again. "Now, stop. Take it out of your mouth." I did so, and watched it, and the red head of it, glistening with my saliva. 

The doctor looked at me smiling. "I hope you guess what comes next?" At first I didn't understand what she was referring to, until I dawned to me. "On your knees, silly." 

I did as I was told and a moment later felt the cock entering me. I felt the hands of the nurse on my hips as he started move in and out. It happened without much difficulty, and suddenly I was grateful for the anal practice I had been given.

The nurse kept fucking me in the ass with slowly increasing the speed. I did my very best to learn to enjoy it, and by the end I started to hope my limp penis would start to get erect. If I were gay, it would be a some kind of answer. But as I felt my sack swinging back and forth in the pace of the thrusts, I knew I was staying limp.

After the male nurse had shot his load into my rectum and I had cleaned him off I was told to kneel again. 

The doctor examined my limp penis closely. "Oh dear..." she said, shaking her head. "What a disappointment."

Chapter four:
In the spotlight

After I had been a week at the clinic I was being told one morning there would be something called general inspection that day. According the nurses it was a weekly review in which the staff went through all the cases of the clinic. It was, I was told, the best way for both the doctors to see what they were working with, and to ensure the patients got the best treatment possible.

A little past noon a nurse came to my room and told me to follow her. By this point I had already gotten used moving in public areas of the clinic, and walking on all fours after a nurse seemed perfectly natural to me. On the way I saw several other patients doing the same, and I understood the day must be a busy one for the whole clinic.

The elevator took us to what looked like a executive section of the clinic and I followed the nurse on carpeted floors. Finally we arrived to our destination, and I saw several other patients, men and women lined in the corridor, in front of what looked like a large conference room.

"They're running a little late", I heard a nurse say. "Just leave them there, I'll inform downstairs there's a delay." The nurses left, and I waited with the other patients for my turn. No one spoke. One by one the patients before me got called in, and finally it was my turn. I walked into the room in a nurse's tow.

Inside I noticed it was indeed a large meeting room, with over twenty doctors and nurses or more sitting in their seats. I was being walked in front of a large conference table and told to stay there.  

A nurse was reading my file to the audience. "...a 46-year old male with type one diabetes for 41 years. Impotent and presumably infertile, married with no children or close relatives. Arriving to the clinic after consultation with the patient's wife. General condition and health satisfactory. Penis size smaller than average, and hasn't achieved erection in sexual situations in over ten years. Cut as an adult for medical reasons. Anal training and psychological evaluation begun immediately after arriving to the clinic."

For once I was glad I was happy I was still on all fours, since I don't know how I would have managed to listen all that otherwise. My penis had never felt as small, and it was almost as it was trying to hide inside my body, knowing someone was speaking about it. 

"Okay, let's go through the physique, up", a male voice said. I understood the command was meant for me, so I got up and faced the audience. I realized there must have been thirty or forty people in the room peering at me, all in white coats or nurse's uniforms. Most of the faces were unknown to me.

Suddenly I saw a bright beam of light coming from a device on the table at me, and noticed a picture being projected on all three walls of the room. I understood it was a high definition camera that was zoomed in and was now going through my body like a telescope.

A doctor who was apparently controlling the device started to speak and go through my anatomy. He made quick remarks on other parts of my body and finally the camera was on my naked genitals. The image of my penis and my testicles that dwarfed it was being projected on the walls.  

"It's true", the doctor said. "The penis is clearly undersized. And it doesn't get hard at all? Or was it only during sleep?" Someone confirmed this and there was a low murmur. 

"Interesting", the doctor said. "And his sperm?" I saw another picture being projected on the walls. I realized it was a video recording of one of my sperm samples. There was a lot of excited noises as the doctors started to talk each other. 

"Amazing", the doctor said. "It's no wonder he came to us. Okay let's continue. Turn and bend". I did as I was being told, and arched my back. I suddenly understood why I was told not to remove my anal plug in the morning. "Hm, what is that, a plug number five?" I heard the doctor ask. 

"Number six", a nurse answered. "The patient's anus has been extremely adaptive." There was a lot of voices agreeing and then I heard the doctor's voice again. "Okay, let's take it out and proceed." I heard someone walking to me, there was an hand on my hip and a moment later I felt the plug being pulled out with one big yank. 

I would have wanted to howl out loud, and I had to struggle not to collapse on the floor. I had been told to stay as motionless as possible during the review, and I understood now why. I noticed the pictures on the walls flashing, apparently as the camera was directed again. 

"Spread", I heard the doctor say, and after a while I understood it was meant for me. I reached back and spread my ass cheeks as open as I could. "Hmm, good", I heard the doctor say. "Satisfactory gaping. Let's continue anal training, and see whether we could get it stretched enough to accommodate number eight by next week. Make a note of that."

"We really need to get a better look of those testicles as well", I heard someone say and there was a choir of low murmur in the room.

The next day a group of doctors and nurses, including the one with long blonde braid, came in my room. I was told stay in my bed and a strange looking, rather big device was lowered on my groin area. 

Several of the nurses and a doctor tinkered with it and finally I felt something around my testicles. It squeezed them tightly and I let out a muffled grunt. "Please try to stay still", one of the nurses said. "I know this causes discomfort, but this is for your own good. Any movement affects the procedure."

I tried to stay immobile as the squeezing sensation around my testicles became tighter and then I started them begin to twist as well. I had to fight for not grunting again, but finally it stopped. "Okay, I think they're in place now. Let's see."

A group of doctors gathered around a large screen that had on it a colourful picture of what must have been my testicles. It seems I was undergoing some kind of male version of mammogram. The doctors discussed about them, but I had no way of understanding a word they said. Finally the eldest of them nodded. "Let's increase the dosage. We'll se in a week whether it has the desired effect."

After the visit I started getting more medication with my meals, and I took them without questions. True to their word, a week later the doctors gathered again on my room. Again I felt my testicles to be twisted and turned. This time the doctors seemed to be much more excited, as well as pleased. Something, it seems, had gone the way they wanted.

"I think we will continue increasing the dosage, and keeping a close eye on the progress. I want regular updates for now on. twice a week, to my desk." I understood the procedure was something I should get used to, but I was glad some progress seemed finally be happening.   

Chapter five
It's a wonderful life

Time passed and I quickly got accustomed my life at the clinic. Things I would have thought impossible, or immoral  few weeks earlier were now just part of my normal life. My ass was flushed and stretched daily, I slept with bigger and bigger plugs inside my ass, and the probing therapy continued as well. My progress was overviewed in the weekly review sessions.

My diet remained the same, and consisted mostly of liquids. It seemed to nourish me sufficiently though, and I noticed my belly starting to become more flat, which wasn't a bad thing by no means.

The appointments with my therapist continued as well. Just like she had said, we probed deeply into my fantasies, and the possible reasons for them. Why did I had a fetish for women's feet for example? What made me fantasize about their legs? Were they, like I had figured it out in my head, a symbol for the woman's power? Why did powerful and aggressive turn me on? Was it despite they scared me and felt me feeling inadequate, or because of it?

Sometimes she repeated the experiment from our session and made me masturbate to her in front of a mirror, at the same time talking to me and asking me questions. This was her way, she said, to get closer to my "true sexual psyche", one that is revealed only in the act of masturbation. I never really got used to the sight, but it was just one of the things I learned to live with inside the institution. 

Soon masturbating and cumming had lost all its erotic value for me. It became merely a thing I did when I was told to, without thinking it twice. I got used to doing it while being observed by a person or several of them, without any kind of privacy, even to do it in a hospital corridor while I'm waiting my turn to be called in for yet another humiliating experience. 

When this happened the first time on my fourth day I tried to plea the nurses a chance to do it in the privacy of my own room. "Really now!" the older of the two nurses said. "Masturbating and ejaculating are normal bodily functions, and nothing to be ashamed about. You should have learned it by now. It would do you good for you and to make life with us easier if you got rid of all shame and inhibitions about it."

I also become accustomed to performing oral services to the members of the staff. Even though there was nothing to make my time pass between my therapy sessions, no books, no internet connection, no television, other than over twenty porn channels, I had no trouble to make my time pass, as the staff used me in various ways. 

The busiest time were the nights, after all the official activities. Many times I even look forward to it, as I was clicking through the channels and looking porn as my sole source of entertainment. I guess there would have been some point to it if I hadn't been impotent. Now, it was more a way for me to remind me what actual sex looked like.

After my initial shock had passed, I even grew fondness for sucking off males of the staff and having them ejaculate on my face. As I licked it and watched the cum on my fingers I couldn't help but feeling envious of them. Of their ability to get erect, as well as the thick consistence of their sperm.

Also, since my anus was now almost all the time flushed and clean, the male nurses and orderlies took the habit of regularly fucking me in the ass. As my first encounter had proven the anal training worked, and sleeping plugged had adjusted my anus for it, as well. 

At first I was curious how it was possible no one ever walked in when I was being used, and I could only gather it must have been organized somehow. Finally I was told that was indeed the case. Apparently there was a whiteboard in the nurse lobby, with the list of the current patients, and magnet indicating whether the patient was being used or not. The most popular patients, I was told, even had a waiting list.

The staff also got to grade the performance of the patients, to indicate whether it was worth the trouble using them. Also, if the grade rate of a patient was extremely low, or didn't show any signs of improvement, the doctors were informed of this, to decide whether extra tutoring was in order. This in turn encouraged the patients to do their best when they were being used.

For obvious reasons female staff didn't have sex with me. There was several times when a nurse had come to my room to use me, and found me sleeping with my penis at full mast. Every time, however, her joy was as short-lived as my erection.

"It's truly a shame", a nurse said once, as she watched my erection fading away like a balloon with air coming out. "You do have a very beautiful penis, when it's hard. A bit small, but elegant. Unfortunately it's not possible for anyone to ride it, or to feel it inside her. Or you to cum inside a pussy, to know what it feels like to shoot your load inside a woman. If only you weren't impotent, I'd so like to ride it."

"You would?" I said. The nurse looked at me, and then glaced back at my shrinking penis, looking almost sad. "Oh yes. I bet it would feel so good. I'm sure many women would love to ride it, if only it worked.  Not all women like big cocks, but I've never met one who wouldn't like a hard one." She looked back at me. "I mean, you're good with your tongue and all. But it can never replace a cock. Not really." 

I nodded. "I know. And I'm sorry."

"Well, it's not your fault", the nurse said sighing. "
However, since you don't have a cock I will have to settle with your tongue." She got up on my bed and started to get into the reverse cowgirl position, which was her favorite. Soon she was sitting with her pussy lips on my mouth. "Get to work. I need an orgasm."

It was a shame in my opinion, as well. At times I really wished they would come up with some kind breakthrough with their research at the clinic. Seeing and sucking cocks daily, and feeling them inside me made me understand, more than ever before, my penis was not the way it was supposed to be, and did not work. 

In fact over time I noticed even my nightly erections disappearing, which caused me some alarm. I informed the nurses about it, but they said they had already noticed it from my nightly vital signs. "I wouldn't worry about it though", a nurse told me. "Most likely it is because of all the masturbating you do by the day. Your penis needs to rest sometimes, you know."

Even though the female nurses couldn't have use me in sex they did come up with various other ways for me to serve them. Among other things they had me licking and cleaning out their assholes when there was a need for it. I quickly got accustomed for them to sit on my mace with my tongue in their ass for ages. I was a natural ass-kisser, I was being told.  

What I did find harder at first to take in, so to speak, was the desire of the some nurses to see me drink their urine, By now however I knew I was expected to obey, and after a while I acquired a taste for it, as well. After a while I was being told this too was a part of my treatment. 

"The female urine has many revitalizing qualities most people don't know anything about", a nurse told me once as I was drinking down a full pint of a warm pee she had just urinated. "From what I've heard, In the future more and more of the liquids in your diet will consist more and more of the urine from the female members of staff." 

True to her word, a couple of days later the other of my two glasses of water I got on breakfast contained a glass of dark yellow, warm pee. The next day there was one on the lunch as well, and after a week I had nothing but urine to drink on my meals. There was also a big glass jar of it on my nightstand at all times in case I got thirsty.   

After some time the male nurses of the clinic also started to ejaculate into my food before I got to eat it. This too, the nurses said, was done under doctor's orders and was part of my treatment. My body clearly lacked male hormones and the ingredients in the cum, so what could have been better source for it than fresh semen? 

By this time I had tasted it numerous times straight from the source, and I was more than used to its taste. Therefore it wasn't a big deal to me to eat it in my food, as well, or to see male nurse masturbate himself in front of me and then shoot one's load to my soup, porridge or salad. 

Sometimes I even was surprised with a special dessert, a small glass full of semen the male nurses had filled for me just before the meal time, often with icing sugar sprinked on top, on with a strawberry in the middle.  I ate every drop each time with great appetite, hoping it would have a positive effect on curing me.

Occasionally I inquired the nurses whether my wife had contacted me, and even though phones and other means of communication weren't allowed, the nurses delivered messages back and forth. I told my wife I loved her very much and hoped I could see her soon. In the replies she told me she knew I did, and that me being here meant more to her I could even believe.

Chapter six:
A new hope

After I had been at the clinic a month the doctor with the long golden braid came to my room and told me there was going to be a radical change in my treatment. She took out a syringe full with clear liquid of a small case she had with her.

"Now, don't get alarmed, but this is now going to injected into your testicles." I looked at her, eyes wide. She couldn't be serious, surely? "Is that absolutely necessary?" The doctor nodded. "I fear it is".

"But believe me it is for your own good. As you are well aware, there has been no real improvement in your condition during the time you have been here, and we must start using more direct means. I can shackle your hands to the bed if you want to."

I told the doctor that wouldn't be necessary, but seep inside I was mortified. The doctor first moved my limp penis aside, and then sprayed something on my testicles that said would take away some of the pain. Then I felt her cool fingers taking a hold another of my testicles.

"Okay, this is going to sting a bit now." I held my breath and felt a sharp pain as the needle entered the testicle. After a moment there was a feeling of pressure that grew gradually. It took quite a while, until I felt the needle exiting my testicle. 

"That went well", I heard the doctor say as she wiped my testicle with something. I breathed out relieved. My joy was short lived though, because I saw the nurse turn and open the case. "Now the other one."

After the second shot I was breathing heavily. That had been one of the worst experiences of my entire life. The doctor was putting away the syringes. "Now, the shots I just gave you are a new experimental drug for cases like yours" she said facing me.

"Its idea is to enhance and increase the sperm production inside your testicles, as well as to alter the consistency of your cum. This wouldn't be necessary if the quality of your sperm was better, but as we all know, it isn't. We'll have to see whether the drug has any effect on you, but the idea is for you to get these shots twice a week."

I was dubious whether the drug would work, but it didn't take more than a few hours for me to feel something happening inside my testicles. They seemed much more alive they had been in ages and I could have sworn they felt heavier, too. 

I couldn't wait to shoot my next load, and when the nurse came to collect it I was more than eager to start. Under thirty seconds I had filled the vial with cum. There was much more of it than normally, and it looked a bit thicker, as well.

"Oh, my!" the nurse said as she shut the vial and looked at it. "It seems the new drug really works. Congratulations. Your semen has never looked this good."

Over the course of next week it turned out the new drug had indeed been a breakthrough. For the next two days I felt almost insatiable need to masturbate continually. On the third day the feeling was less intense, but after the next shots the intensity returned. 

During the next week the intensity diminished again, but the effect the drug had on my cum production remained. I still got shots twice a week, but it seemed my body was now more accustomed to the drug. During the second week the frequency of collecting samples was increased as well. I was more than happy to comply, since I was now continually horny.

I was told no one had reacted this well to the new drug, and therefore everyone were extremely excited about it in the clinic. I got several groups of visitors, since everyone wanted to see me, even the top brass of the clinic. I felt somewhat silly laying there in the centre of attention as the clinic heads lectured the audience about the effect their new drug had been on my cum production. 

I looked at women in the crowd and couldn't think anything but the idea of being allowed to masturbate to them. When that finally was asked of me I had my hand around my limp penis in a matter of seconds. "As you can see, the substance also makes the subject incredibly horny", the clinic head commented.

After a while the procedure was altered a bit and I was now allowed to masturbate all through the visit, because it was turned out I could easily shoot two loads within fifteen minutes. "As you can see for your own eyes", the head of the clinic said after I had first time shot my third load during one presentation. "We do not exaggerate the effect of our new drug." 

The nurse took the vial from me and gave it the closest person from her. The vial went from hand to hand as the medical staff examined it closely. "Please see for yourself", the director said. "As you can see, the third sample is as high quality as the first two ones."

As the time passed the interest grew and finally my room, or even the conference room where the weekly reviews were held at, wasn't big enough for the demonstrations, and it was decided they were done in the clinic main auditorium instead. 

When I was first brought to the stage and told to kneel and to face the audience with hundreds of people clad in white I was speechless, and feared a stage fright would make it impossible for me to perform.

"As you can see from this slide", the director said as he was giving his presentation. "This is the subject's semen as it came to us. As you can see, there is hardly any actual sperm left. And here... you can see the situation now." I heard people starting to talk excitedly in the audience.

After a while the director directed his attention to me. Standing next to me holding up a vial full of what looked like my cum. "As you can see the extract is now extremely pure, and the frequency the subject is able to produce has exceeded our expectations." This was a cue for me to start, and soon I was pulling my limp penis the way I had done countless of times before, only to hundreds and hundreds of people this time.

The director looked at me. "As you can see, there is no sign of erection, but it in no way prevents the ejaculations. At the moment the subject ejaculates about twenty times a day without any noticeable diminishing in the quality of the product. And according to our studies there is no limit to it either." 

Time passed, and weeks followed each other without me even realizing is. I was in fact quite content with my life inside the institution. Constantly masturbating and cumming wasn't that bad a life, after all.

Also the attention I know got, and the feeling of progress felt extremely good. The only thing that saddened me was the fact that the miracle drug didn't seem to have no effect whatsoever to my impotence. Even though I now ejaculated ten times a day and my cum hadn't looked as good in ages, my penis stayed as limp as ever.

Sometimes I inquired about it and I was being told everything that needed to be done curing my impotence was being done. In fact, the nurses told me, I had by now gotten regularly medicine that should have had a desired effect. "Just put your mind at ease", a nurse told me. "You're at good hands. We're doing everything we can." 

Chapter seven:

I thought I had accustomed to my life at the clinic. One day however, it all changed. A nurse came to my room and said she had something to tell. From her tone I understood it was something important. She sat on my bed beside me. 

"You have been with us for quite a while now", she said. "And it is time reveal you some facts you are not aware of."

"What do you mean?", I asked, and the nurse continued. "I know this will be a surprise for you, but everything that has happened, the whole experiment with your testicles, has in fact had nothing to do with curing your infertility." My jaw dropped. "I don't understand."

"I will explain", the nurse said. "You have been a part of a exciting research. The cum you have produced have in fact been used, as raw material for making exclusive shoe polish for women." I looked at the nurse, stunned. 

"The clinic makes some of its profits by participating in experimental projects like this. You have been so far its crowning achievement. First of all, your testicles have reacted to the new drug extremely well. Also, the cum in your testicles produced when you came here had an extremely low sperm count, making you a perfect subject to our experiment."

The nurse smiled as she continued. "However, I think no one had any idea what kind of success it would be. We haven't wanted to reveal any of this to you before everything is official. However, the new high quality shoe polish the clinic has developed hit the shelves last week, and the sales figures has been promising."

"My sperm?" I said, not believing my ears and saw the nurse smile. "I understand you're surprised. Well, you could think your testicles as a "empty vessel" of a kind, if it makes it more easy to understand." The nurse kept a pause, clearly thinking about how to explain the thing to me, and continued.

"Think of your testicles as... tiny factories we have been producing the high quality raw material we need", she said. "The sperm you now produce isn't sperm anymore, only a chemical substance appearing like it. You could never impregnate a woman with it and I do believe that stuff getting into a woman's vagina would be in fact hazardous to her health. It may be to you, we're not perfectly sure yet."

The nurse continued without giving me a chance to interrupt. "That's partly why we need to get it out of your system as fast as possible", she said. "But since the possibility of you being able to shoot it into a woman was more or less zero to begin with, you made a perfect candidate for the project. But naturally we had to make sure it was a complete zero."

"What do you mean?"

"Do you remember when I told you everything that needs to be done to curing you is being done?", she said and I nodded. It was one of the things that kept me going the first weeks. 

"Well, it was, although not in the way you think. For some time now you have been given female hormones and medication that causes chemical castration. And, as you can see, the treatment was extremely successful, and we were able to get rid of your erections completely." I looked at her speechless. But I understood. It all made sense now. 

"You do understand we had to make sure you were completely impotent before conducting the experiment?" the nurse said. "We had to, to protect the staff of your clinic, for the one in a million possibility of an accidental intercourse. But yes, all we were interested in the end was the empty vessel your testicles provided."    

"So all the attention, the presentations...", I begun.

"You thought it was about the medical breakthrough we made curing your infertility, wasn't it?", the nurse said smiling. "That's what we wanted you to think. But to answer your question, no. No one hasn't been interested in a miracle cure for infertility. They have been excited about the fact that never before have male testicles have been able to transformed into a miniature chemical plant like yours have." 

"But how is this possible?", I said. My world had just being turned upside down and I had trouble putting words together. "I mean..."

"Let me assure you there is nothing unethical let alone illegal about the whole process", the nurse said. "The thing is, it has been done under the consent of your wife." 

My jaw dropped. "W-what?" The nurse nodded. "It's true. As soon as it was found out how well your testicles responded to the drug, they signed a contract that gave the clinic a full authority over you, and your wife a fair share of the profits."

My head was spinning. "But... when was this all decided? Why wasn't I..."

"We didn't need a permission from you, only your wife's", the nurse said smiling. "Do you remember the lab appointment few weeks before you arrived here at the clinic? The laboratory that conducts the tests is owned by us. The gave an indication you might react extremely well to the treatment, but naturally we had to be sure. Therefore you had to be admitted here. Supposedly curing your infertility or impotence were perfect excuses."

I nodded again. That too, made sense. All of the things she was saying to me did.

"With the help of you wife we managed to do it", the nurse continued. "Like I said, she was extremely helpful as soon as she heard what we intended to do to you. We had to find out whether it would be possible to make your testicles to produce the extract that was needed, and to produce it that kind of amounts. It is clear now we were successful. Everyone is extremely pleased how it all turned out."

The nurse reached out and put her hand to my shoulder. "Also, I do fear I have some bad news for you", she said. "Your wife has no desire to continue her life with you."

"It is now certain no miracle cure wouldn't have increased the sperm count in your semen, and you will never be able to father a child, which was the reason you thought you came here, to save your marriage, However, the cum your testicles now produce benefits the clinic, and your wife, far more than you ever could. Let alone all the happy customers using the product."

"But what about my impotence?" I said. "Could you have cured it if you had wanted?"

The nurse sighed. "Well, it's hard to say. We were all only interested of making you impotent. But no, I doubt it sincerely. You would have stayed impotent for the rest of your life, even without our experiment, what we have seen on this clinic proves it. But I assure, you won't be able to achieve an erection ever again in your life, let alone father a child. But as you very well know, that is not required of you anymore." 

I still had trouble processing it all. "My wife...", I said. It finally started to sink in. "She doesn't even want to see me anymore?" The nurse shook her head.

"No, she doesn't. She has made it very clear. We can produce a video as a proof, if you insist, but I would caution against it. What I've heard that would hurt you more than my words ever could. I know you love her very much, but you can find consolation from the fact you are making her a very wealthy woman."

"Did my wife knew about the plan, before I was admitted into the hospital I mean?"

"Of course. She was very excited  about the possibility to get rid of you, in a way that would benefit everybody. She had wanted to divorce you for a while now, due to your lack of performance in the bed, but this offered even better solution. A one with poetic justice, one could say."

I nodded. "I understand."

Nurse smiled and continued. "So, you do understand why we couldn't reveal you the truth? And why we have had to do what we have done? It was made merely to make the process easier for you, to ensure your co-operation."

"Of course", I said. It all made sense now.

"Also, to make the process easier, you have been given medication the whole time you've been here to make the process smooth and to make it easy for you to accept your position. Naturally we had your wife's permission for it, as well."

"Really?", I said, and saw the nurse smiling. "Yes, haven't you wondered why you have agreed to anything here, without any problems whatsoever?" I thought about it a moment. "No, I didn't", I said.

"Well, there you go", the nurse said. "We had to start with a pretty big dosage, and we've increased it gradually. It has made you incredible susceptible for outside influence."

"It seems to be working very well" I said. "I haven't noticed anything." The nurse smiled again. "I'm glad to hear. That was our intention. Like I said, we merely wanted to make this as easy as possible for you."

The nurse took out a small metal case I immediately recognized. "In fact that brings us to our next issue", she said, and continued in a matter of fact tone. "Manufacturing the product is still slow. They have been trying to purify the drug, to make the extract your testicles produce more pure as well, but so far with no avail."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Have they come up with any solution?"

"Well, it seems the only way to speed up the production and to keep the quality of the product even, is to start injecting your testicles daily. I can give you a little time to digest the news, if you want, or give today's injections right away."

"No", I said and shook my head. "I don't mind."

Just like the nurse had said I started to have injections every morning. As a result I was now even more horny than before, and my testicles begun to feel heavier they had ever been. Soon I had to masturbate almost constantly. 

A storage container, bigger than the portable one was brought to my room. I was now allowed to cum without being observed, as long as the cum went into the container. It also included a surveillance camera that made sure I performed the task often enough.  

The therapy sessions I had been given stopped. I was informed they had been merely for making sure I was indeed the perfect candidate for the experiment in the psychological sense as well as physical. According the doctor, it seems, my feelings of inferiority made me an excellent subject.    

My world shrunk. Without the therapy sessions or the nurses coming to collect the cum samples my life soon consisted mainly out of masturbating alone. The other light of my life, in a way, was the staff of the clinic, who continued to use me. In fact it seemed that if there had been some sort of guidelines when it came to using me now there was none. 

I had much more time to think now, as well. I thought a lot about my wife, who I had thought I was doing this all for. In fact I had, but not in the way I had thought. But no matter hard I tried, I couldn't feel resentment towards her. Maybe it was the medication that made me think that way, but quite frankly, I didn't care. 

I understood my wife had merely done what she had felt was the wisest and best thing to do. Best for me as well as best for her. I was happy she had finally understood she needed to get rid of me. I could only imagine how happy she must be without me, and that was all I hoped her to be, happy.

If anything I was sorry my wife had wasted so many years on me. I only hoped her new wealth, and that she would never have to see me again, was at least some sort of atonement. I was also thankful for the clinic for providing the means for it.

I also realized I had been a complete failure as a man. All my life I had tried to fill a role I thought was expected of me, in terms of career or social status. I had never felt comfortable having sex and had preferred masturbating to it.

However, I had always felt ashamed for doing so. But now, it felt the pieces had found their place. I had found my place. All I was now being expected of, all I needed to do, was masturbating, as often as possible, and to produce the clinic as much cum as possible.  

Chapter eight:
Final destination

After some I was being informed that despite my constant masturbating I was too ineffective getting all the sperm out of my testicles myself. That is, too ineffective for the hospital to make the kind of profit in needed to. I was told the new shoe polish is in high demand, and both the clinic and my wife have come to the conclusion the production needs to be speeded up.  

"Also, since everything is out in the open now, there is no reason we couldn't start to utilize you fully", the nurse said. "Your full potential as a source of income that is."

"What does that mean?" I asked.

"Well, they have been developing a device that would automate the process, creating the product in your testicles as well as extracting it. In a way it is a sort of masturbating machine, but a one that would pump the extract out of you more or less continually. It will work day and night, and will provide your body the necessary nutrients as well."  

"That does sound effective", I said. Truth to tell, I had grown weary feeling constantly the heaviness of my testicles the ejaculation provided only a momentary relief from. Also, I knew I wasn't producing cum as fast as I could have. "When will the device arrive?"

"The device won't arrive here, but you will be brought to it", the nurse said. "After all, since we all know we are not trying to cure you, your place is not on the clinic anymore." I nodded. "I quite understand." The nurse smiled. "I know you would. However, before you leave, it is high time we made this all official." 

The nurse gave me a several documents to sign. I went the first through quickly and saw they were papers that transferred all my remaining property to my wife. There were also other legal documents in which I gave the hospital a full authority over me. They did, with all intents and purposes, made me a property of the hospital. I looked up.

"Do you have a pen?" Nurse gave me one and I signed the documents. She took the papers from me. "You are now officially a property of this clinic", she said. "Tell, me how does it make me feel?"

I thought about it a while. "Good", I said. "I feels very good." 

The nurse smiled. "Believe it or not, but I knew you would say that, based on your psychological profile. It's good to know we made the right decision." The only thing in my head was the question why hadn't they make it sooner? Suddenly I felt incredibly liberated and free of all burden.

As the days went by I became more and more anxious. What I had heard the machine sounded just what I wanted. Even though I masturbated as often as I could, new kept being produced in my testicles and they felt extremely full most of the time. I knew I could pump it out twice as often as I did.

After our discussion I noticed the medical staff's interest towards me diminished significantly. I was left alone in my room most of the time, and people stopped speaking to me. I was often being talked as if I wasn't present, and soon I was being referred to as "it".

I didn't blame them. After all, there was now a far more effective method of extracting the valuable sperm out of my body in the works, and taking care of me or my needs was now longer needed. I wasn't worth the attention of medical professionals anymore, but it seemed I had to be kept somewhere before the apparatus they had mentioned was ready. 

Luckily the staff continued to use me sexually, because I wouldn't know what I had done if the didn't. In a way it was my last personal link to the institute I had felt being part of for so long. There was now even less interaction between me and the people using me, and I was merely a mouth and an anus to be used. 

I didn't mind, though, and I was happy for the any attention I was being given. In fact by the end I put all my energy and enthusiasm into it, wanting to make every blowjob and pussy eating the best one in their lives. This way I wanted to express my gratitude towards them, and the clinic.

Naturally I kept pumping the semen into a container in my room. No one was interested about it anymore, and I longed to be watched again. My only consolation was the surveillance camera attached to the container, and I did every pumping by imagining there was someone at the other end watching. 

I understood though, that knew no one was interested in me, not really. I was merely the property of the hospital, albeit a very valuable one. I knew everything people were interested in me, everything that was valuable in me, was the testicles between my legs. I knew what was expected of me and tried to produce as much cum as possible before leaving the clinic.

By the time the transfer took place, I was already awaiting it eagerly. My long wait was over, when two nurses came to my room one day and told me to follow them. We went in the elevator, but this time it started to descend. The doors opened and as I followed the nurses I discovered we were in the lobby, and also that it seemed to be rather crowded. 

Finally I was told to stop and kneel. As I did so I found to my surprise facing a big crowd of the clinic staff. In fact, I believe it included the whole staff and many faces I hadn't even seen or had forgotten.

A grey-haired man I recognized as the clinic director started to talk. It was, in fact the first time no one had spoken to me more than a week.

"You have been with us quite a long time", the director said. "And in that time you have proven to be one of the most successful, at least the most profitable investment the clinic has ever made. For that I want to express my gratitude. By letting us make use of you, and your testicles, you have made the clinic, its shareholders, and your wife very wealthy. I think applauses are in order."

Everybody applauded.  I bowed my head and felt incredibly touched. This was all too much. I would have liked to thank them, but I knew I had permission to speak, and no way of asking for it. I lifted my gaze again, and hoped they would read from my face how grateful I was.

"You will now be taken to the plant where our product is being produced", the director continued. "There you will be attached to a device that will take care of pumping the valuable substance out of you body. Therefore I would you now to perform it yourself, because it will be the last time you have to do it by your own hands. We would all like very much to see it."

I took hold of my limp penis and started to masturbate. I saw cameras flashing and several phones were being held up. One of the nurses that had brought to me to the lobby handed me a portable sperm container. My testicles were nowadays constantly full, and it took me less than a minute to shoot my load.

Cameras were flashing again, and there was another round of applause. Quickly the crowd dispersed and the nurses wheeled a bed next to me. I was told to get on it, and as I was doing so I noticed it was different from the regular hospital beds. There was no sheets, only a rubber mattress with depressions that matched the form of body exactly.

My arms and legs were fastened to the metal frame and I was wheeled once again to the elevators. Soon we were at the garage level and I was put into an ambulance. I realized that was the first time I had been outside, if you can call a drafty garage being outside. 

There was several male technicians in blue overalls inside the large vehicle, and couple of female nurses entered it as well. "Ah, here's the gander that lays golden eggs",  said one of the technicians and started to go through the papers nurse had handed out to him. 

He gave a glance to my naked form, and then at my bare genitals, apparently finding it hard to believe there was anything valuable in my testicles. The he turned around and knocked on the window separating the cabin from the rest of the ambulance. "Okay, let's roll."

An hour or so later the car stopped. I was wheeled out and noticed I was inside what indeed looked like a chemical plant. The floor and the walls were made out of concrete and there was huge, machines and mechanical sounds everywhere.

I was put between two huge pieces machinery and the technicians started to lower one on me. The machine covered my body from my naval to my knees, and I realized it must be the apparatus they had been working on.

Suddenly a lot of things happened at once. I felt several pairs of hands around my groin area, one doing things to my limp penis, one lifting my testicles. I felt a sting in my testicles as well as on other parts of my groin area, and finally the huge apparatus was sealed in place.

"Okay, let's try it", I heard someone say. "The machine came alive and somewhere inside it I could feel my limp penis being pumped. A moment later I felt the first batch exiting my testicles. I felt incredibly happy. The technicians monitoring the readings were exhilarated as well.

"It works! I really works!" I heard someone say and there was a lot of cheering. The technicians were congratulating each other, and the nurses were congratulating the technicians as well. After a while they all left. I heard the doors of the ambulance being slammed and then the car driving away.


  1. Nice writing. Beleive me, I know it takes time!

  2. Loved it. most of it is the kind of jail i would love to be locked in. being used as a object for use by others for there pleasure .