9 Sep 2018

The Bus Encounter (fiction)

"The Bus Encounter" is an erotic short story that was inspired by an exceptionally boring bus trip I made in August 2018. Some of the things that happen in the story did take place in the real life, but I will let you figure out which. In case you're a Finnish speaker there is also the original Finnish version available.   

The bus stopped and its doors opened with a hiss. I lifted my eyes from the book I was reading and saw a group of students with back bags getting on, and starting to fill the bus. As I continued to read I noticed from the corner of my eye a girl last in the line looking at the back of the bus, and then sitting down on a seat in front of me.

I glanced at the country landscape as we were on the move again, and then continued reading. After a while I noticed the girl sitting in front of me starting to put her hair in a ponytail on the top of her head. For some reason she started to intrigue me even though I couldn't see anything but the back of her head and the glimpse of a black leather coat with padded shoulders.

After a while I felt my eyes getting sore. I also knew reading on a bus could give me nausea so I put my book away and leaned back on the seat. I looked out again. The first days of autumn were here, but the sun was shining with a full blaze. Fields. Then forest. Then fields again, then forest, then field... I sighed and pressed my head to the headrest.

My eyelids were heavy, but I knew I would not be able to fall asleep. I had a three day visit with my parents behind me, which always made me not only exhausted but also tense. I looked at my watch. The journey back home would take another five hours. I looked out again, but turned my head away after mere moments.

Even the girl's head in front of me, turning from side to side now and then, was more exciting to watch. I begun to wonder what the girl looked like. I had only caught a glimpse of her earlier. Something in her, in her long hair, the way she had it, her movements and that leather jacket reminded me of a friend of mine, but I knew it was not her. That girl belonged to the past.

Suddenly my wait was rewarded, as the girl unexpectedly got up and glanced back over her shoulder, to look something at the back of the bus.

The girl was perhaps twenty-two. She had a well-proportioned, oval shaped face, surrounded by the long black hair, now tied into a tight bun. Her glasses gave her a alert look, and I could see some freckles on her cheekbones and on the sharp nose.

Then she noticed me and our gazes met. "What are you looking at?" she asked, when I didn't look away immediately.

"You, in fact", I answered. And then, astonished by my own boldness I continued: "You're unbelievably cute."

The girl looked surprised. Then she smiled and seemed to be thinking something for a moment. Finally she got up and without asking a permission sat down on the seat beside mine. I could see her better now. Underneath the short black leather jacket she had a black t-shirt and tight black jeans. She looked so much like her.

"That was very sweet", the girl said, looking at me.

She reached out and touched my cheek lightly, and then moved on to my neck. I took a deep breath. It had been such a long time since the fingers of a girl had touch me like it. Especially one like her. 

"You don't look bad yourself", the girl said. Her fingers started to move upwards, first touching lightly my earlobe and then feeling my hair. "Such a nice hair. Long, soft... like a girl's."

The girl smirked, clearly waiting for a reaction, but there was none. I was afraid saying anything that would drive her away. The girl's fingers in my hair felt so good.

"Thank you", I said finally with hoarse voice, almost whispering, and smiled at her. 

The girl's smile widened and the expression on her face became more bold. Her fingers moved away from my hair, slid down my neck, then to my chin and finally to my lips.

"Just like your lips", she said with a soft voice. "So girly, soft and thick. You would have looked good as a girl."

I would have liked to say I had been ashamed of them all my life, because I had felt they were too unmanly. However, I couldn't do it with the girl's fingers tracing the edges of my lips.

Then her middle finger found its way between them. Instinctively I opened my mouth so she could slide it in. The girl grinned.

"Suck", she said. I closed my lips around the girl's petite finger and started licking the fingertip. I could taste the nail polish in my mouth.

"Do it properly", the girl said sounding slightly irritated. "Suck it like a cock."

I rounded my lips and started to move my head back and forth. I let the finger slide in all the way, making my lips touch the root of the finger, then pulled my head back so that only the tip was in my mouth. I let my tongue lick the tip for a while and then put the whole finger inside my mouth again, sucking it hungrily.

"Yes, that's right...", the girl said with a soft voice, looking clearly pleased. "Like good little cocksucker."

After a while the girl pulled the finger out of my mouth and put it into her own. She looked at me and moved the finger in and out of her mouth a few times. Even though I knew she was only teasing me I couldn't look away, and stared at her like I was petrified. 

Then she pulled the finger out again and pointed it to my direction.

"Dry it", she said.

Because I didn't have anything else to dry it with, I used the shirt I was wearing. The girl smiled, looking even more pleased. After I got the finger dry, she looked at me for a while without saying anything.

"You're awfully obedient", she said finally.

I shrugged. "It comes naturally", I said. "Especially when the one giving the orders is as cute as you are."

The girl's smile would have melted an entire iceberg. She looked at me and seemed to be thinking about something.

"You'd do everything I tell you to?" she asked. "Anything at all?"

I shrugged again. "Depends on what it is."

Without saying a word, the girl lifted her other leg so it was resting on her knee and took off her shoe. It was a black leather walking shoe with a bit of heel, but a one with closed tip.

She held the shoe by the sole and pointed it to my direction. "Smell it."

I leaned in and smelled the inside of the shoe a bit. I could distinguish the aroma of the foot sweat and I felt my mouth watering.

"No, do it properly", the girl sighed. "Put your face in there."

I did as I was told, pressed my face to the opening of the shoe and sniffed. I had to close my eyes, because the smell hit me with such a powerful sensation. Then I sniffed it again, even more deep this time.

"Yes, just like that..." the girl cooed. "Good boy. Smell some girl's foot sweat. Smells lovely, doesn't it?"

I nodded slightly and continued to inhale deeply, hoping the moment would never stop. 

But it did, all too soon. After a while the shoe disappeared, I opened my eyes and saw the girl swinging her leg on the knee. The foot was bare and it looked incredibly beautiful. The nails had a pink nail polish, the same she had on fingers, a shade that was hardly darker than the skin.

"Since you liked the smell of my foot sweat so much, would you like to smell my feet as well?" the girl asked.

I nodded, and the girl lifted the leg a bit. "Go on then".

I leaned forward, and smelled the foot. Then I leaned even more, so that my nose was almost touching the toes. A smell was emanating from them, one that resembled the smell of the shoe, but was less pungent. I inhaled it deeply. It had been so long.

"Good boy..." the girl said again, clearly amused by my devout reaction. She lifted the foot a bit and turned it so its rosy sole was pointing at me. I could not believe how beautiful, clean and soft it looked like. How fortunate I was.

"Go on, put your nose there", the girl said smirking. "It should smell even better."

I pushed my nose to the sole and sniffed deep. Just like the girl had said, the aroma was now stronger. I moved my nose from top to bottom towards the heel, enjoying the sweet scent. I had longed for this so.

"Now, lick", I heard the girl say in a calm voice.

I pushed my tongue out and started licking the sole, first gently in case she was ticklish, then with more force. The flavour was a salty one, and brought water to my tongue. I used my tongue like a wide painter's brush, and moved it from the heel to the ball of the foot several times.

I was just about to move to the toes when I heard the girl's voice again. 

"Stop", she said and I did do and backed away a bit. She turned her foot so that it was pointing to the floor again. The girl smiled at me. "Continue."

I leaned in and begun licking the sweat off the foot, before approaching the toes. I wanted to save the best for the last. I started from the pinky toe, sucked it and carefully cleaned the space between it and the next one, until I moved on to the next. I noticed the girl looking at me approvingly.

Finally I was at the big toe. I closed my lips around it and started licking and sucking it gently, and moving my lips forward and back.

"Just like that...", the girl cooed. "My own little obedient cocksucker."

As I looked up I saw her smiling at me broadly. I kept on sucking the toe with our gazes locked.

"Does this turn you on?", the girl asked. "Licking my feet?"

I nodded. "Yes, it does."

"That's nice to hear" the girl said. "But what if I don't believe you?"

Before I realized what was happening the girl had pulled her foot out of my mouth and pushed me away from her. The girl smiled at my astonished expression and pressed me with her leg against the bus window and back of my seat. Then she started sliding her foot lower, over the chest and tummy until her toes were exploring my crotch.

"Let's see if you're telling the truth" the girl said, digging into my groin with her toes. It took a while before they found the partially stiffened penis inside my shorts.

"Aaa, here", the girl said with a smile. Then she looked confused. "But it's so small!"

I coughed, and felt ashamed.

"Yes", I said with a low voice. "And it doesn't get hard, at least not properly, except at mornings."

The girl's eyebrows rose. "At all?"

I shook my head. "Not even with Viagra. I have one type of Diabetes."

"Aaaa..." the girl said and smiled. "Well, okay then. As long as you're horny. Please tell me you are?"

My heart pounded as I felt the movements of the girl's feet in my groin and my face was burning up. The girl knew exactly how horny I was but it seems she wanted to hear the words nevertheless.

"I am horny", I finally said with a hoarse voice.

Girl smiled at me. "And who makes you horny?"

I felt blushing even more.

"You make me horny."

"Good", the girl said. "I like to make you horny."

The girl smiled and looked at me firmly as she continued pressing her leg to my genitals. I let her continue and forced myself not to move. I looked down and noticed she was now using the heel of her foot instead of his toes, and pressing my gradually swelling penis with it.

"Do you think my feet are beautiful?" the girl asked.

"They are very beautiful", I said. "They are the most beautiful feet I've ever seen. They look so fair and soft. I've never seen feet like yours."

"I'm sure you haven't", the girl said and started caressing the skin on her foot that was at the moment crushing my genitals. "But do you know what makes them so beautiful?"

I shook my head.


The word startled me, but the girl had spat it from her lips without a bit of shame. I looked at my side, but no one seemed to have heard it.

"I love it when men masturbate on them", the girl said smiling,  I was thinking feverishly what I was supposed to say. The girl continued kneading my crotch harder and harder, causing my member to start stiffen even more. "It's what keeping them so fair and soft."

Suddenly her foot pressed also on my lower abdomen making me grimace slightly. The girl seemed surprised first, but then her gaze hit the empty mineral water bottle in the back of the seat. She looked at me playfully.

"Awww, you're not desperate to taka a leak, are you?"

I nodded and felt the pressure girl was applying to my crotch becoming less forceful. 

"B-but it's okay" I said quickly, because the last thing I wanted was the girl to stop. "I like it. It just makes me... hornier."

A wide, delighted smile appeared on the girl's face, and her leg hiked upwards.

"But that's so handy", the girl said and started pressing down on my bladder painfully. "Is it not?"

I nodded, keeping my mouth open and breathing heavily.

"Yes, it is. It's v-very handy."

"Good. Because I want to make you really horny", the girl said, continuing to kneading my bladder with her foot. I closed my eyes and breathed hard. It felt so good.

"Does it hurt too much?" I heard the girl say. "Do you want me to stop?"

I shook my head fiercely. "No, please don't, keep on... Aah!"

I was panting from sheer pleasure, but that was all I could do. 

"Jeez, you seem to really like this", the girl said surprised. "I guess you'd like me to really press down now. So it would hurt like hell?"

I nodded wildly. "Oh yes, please!"

Suddenly I felt the girl pulling her leg away. I opened my eyes and looked at her in confusion. I blinked my eyes without being able to form a singe rational thought in my head.

"Not yet", the girl said. "First work, then play."

My heart was pounding and didn't understand what she meant.

"I want to see your cock" the girl said. I looked at the girl without believing my ears, but the look on her face was completely serious. "You can start with the belt."

Trying to make as little noise as possible I started to unbuckle my belt. 

"Good", the girl said. "And now the button and the zipper." The girl looked at closely until I had done what she had asked. She lifted her feet to the seat under her and leaned on her own seat closer to me.

"Well, then", she said, turning his eyes to my groin. "Get it out. I want to see it."

With my heart pounding I lowered my shorts a bit and fished my genitals out. After I had done so I put my hand beside me on the seat, so that the girl could have a good look. 

The waistband of my underpants squeezed the testicles into a tight ball, but I hadn't dared to pull them any lower. Just as I had expected, my penis only slightly swollen anymore, and only its head stuck out, dwarfed in size by my testicles.

"Oh!" The girl said with a smile. "It really is small. So pitifully small. Only a tiny little nub!"

The girl looked at me with exhilaration in her eyes. I felt blushing, but tried to keep my voice calm as I answered.

"Thank you", I sighed. "It feels good to hear someone saying it."

"Well it is!", The girl said, turning her gaze back to my penis. "It's so unbelievably small, and cute too!"

Before I realized what was happening, the girl had reached out and took the limp little penis between her thumb and forefinger. I gasped and tried not to think how long it had been since the last time.

"Aww, it's so small ..." the girl said, turning the limp thing from side to side. Then she looked at me with a look of disbelief on her face. "And it doesn't get hard no matter what?"

I shook my head. We looked at each other and I saw an expression so sad appearing on the girl's face I almost wanted to comfort her somehow.

Then I felt her starting to move the skin on the limp member slowly, and whatever I had intended to say disappeared into the two dark pools of her eyes. I would have desperately wanted to say something, but I had no idea what it could be.

The girl kept moving her two fingers, at first very slowly but then gradually picking up speed, while at the same time looking at me closely. It seemed she was not only interested to see what kind of effect the movement of her fingers would have on my penis, but also what kind of effect it would have on me.

However, nothing happened. After a while, the girl looked back at the limp penis between her fingers, and still seemed to have trouble believing her eyes.

Then something I had been waiting for my entire adult life suddenly happened. Without any warning the girl threw her long hair to the other side of her head and took the limp member into her mouth.

I gasped and felt my heart beginning to beat faster. I closed my eyes as I felt the incredibly soft touch of the girl's lips around my penis. The girl sucked it passionately and tried to create the reaction she was expecting by moving her head back and forth. Then she started to twirl her tongue around the soft head and I had to do everything not to start moaning aloud.

Eventually, the girl stopped, and she raised her head with an audible plopping sound. I looked down, and saw that my penis was still as limp and small as before, only wet.

"You were telling the truth", the girl said and looked at my member. "You really are completely impotent. I wouldn't believe it if I didn't saw it with my own eyes."

She reached out and took the moist penis between her two fingers and then looked at me, looking almost worried. "But can you ever cum with this at all? Or wank it?"

"Oh, of course I can!", I said, and nodded my franticly. Last thing I wanted was to add to the girl's sorrow.

"Good, it would be a shame otherwise", the girl said smiling. She poked playfully a few times my balls, restrained by the underpants. "Because your balls are fucking huge."

She wrapped her small fingers tightly around them. "I bet these are about to burst, and full of cum" she said, smiling at me. "Am I right?"

I nodded, and the girl let go of my testicles. She leaned back on her seat and kept looking at my bare genitals critically.

"Still, I really doubt you can wank off with such a small and limp thing", she said after a while. "You gotta be shitting me."

I looked at the girl and shook my head. "I'm not lying, you have to believe me."

The girl grinned. "Prove it. Otherwise I won't believe you."

I looked at her without understanding the meaning of her words.

"Start wanking", the girl said smiling.

Without saying a word I took my little penis between my two fingers and started moving the skin back and forth. First slowly, then faster, while at the same time trying to make as little sound as possible. The girl looked at the rapid pace of my hand smiling.

"Well, there you go" the girl said, looking at the my wanking with interest. "You weren't shitting me, it is possible after all. Do you masturbate often?"

I hesitated for a moment. Then I decided it was useless to deny it.

"Every day", I answered truthfully. "Most often, many hours a day."

The girl's eyes widened and she looked at me with disbelief. "Really?"

I nodded.

"Well, it explains why you're so good at this" the girl said. "But how come you balls look that big then? Aren't they full of sperm?"

It felt a bit strange to answer the girl's question the same time as I was masturbating for her.

"Oh, they are", I said, tying to keep a steady rhythm. "It's because I haven't been able to masturbate for the past three days."

"Aaah", the girl said smiling. "Poor thing." Then the girl's face lit even more as the meaning of my words dawned on her. "So you have a huge load for me, right?"

I nodded.

"Cool", the girl said. "I can't wait."

The girl looked at me and started to caress my neck again. 

"You're so incredibly obedient", she said with a soft voice. "Wanking even in a bus full of people, if a pretty girl asks you to."

Her fingers moved lightly up and down. Then they went to my back and I had to do everything I could to keep the pace and my breathing even.

"A good wanker..." the girl's voice cooed as her fingers moved in the curves and bends of my earlobe like an explorer. "What did you say, you wank off every day for hours?"

I let out a muffled sound I hoped the girl understood as yes. It was hard to concentrate with all the different sensations.

"I don't blame you. What else is there to do with a dick like yours? It's completely useless for anything else. So what else is there for you to do than to wank it every single fucking day."

The fingers reached the mouth of the ear canal I had to do everything I could not to moan aloud. I also realized I had closed my eyes. When I opened them again, I saw the smile of a girl's face getting wider as she understood influence her touch had.

"Isn't that right, little wanker?" the girl said. "What else could be your dick be good for?"

The girl's fingers slid down along my shoulder that was moving rapidly.

I shook my head. "Nothing at all. That's why I'm like this ..."

"What?" the girl whispered smiling and began to move her fingertips up again. "Say it."

"A wanker", I said, and started to move my hand faster.

"What kind of wanker?" the girl asked with a soft voice, moving her fingers back into my neck. She leaned in and I could hear her voice close to my ear.

"Tell me", she said, almost whispering now. I could feel her war breathing on my neck as she spoke. "What kind of wanker masturbates for several hours every day? Even in a bus full of people?"

"A pathetic wanker!", I said, almost bursting into tears .

"Mmmmm..." The girl cooed and continued to caress my neck in the slow motion. "I want you to say it properly."

"I am a pathetic wanker."

The girl leaned back and smiled.

"You are fucking pathetic wanker" she said, almost spitting out the word. Without saying a thing lifted her foot so it was laying on my tummy.

"We must give to the pathetic wanker what it wants. Do you still want me to press your bladder with my foot? So it would hurt like hell?"

I nodded. "Y-yes, please. I want you to."

The girl lowered her foot until my gasp told her she had found the right spot. The girl smiled and pressed once very lightly and then pulled her leg away. She waited for few moments and then did it again, this time with more force and kept it pressed longer. This time I had to struggle not to wail out loud.

The girl looked at me smiling and pressed the third time, again harder. It felt so good, so much better than I remembered. I kept pulling my penis, while at the same time keeping my back as straight as possible, and trying to push my hips forward.

The girl smiled again. "Awwww... A good little wanker is helping so he would hurt as much as possible."

The girl kept pressing my bladder with her foot, each time with more force and keeping it pressed longer, until she kept it down so long I let out a wail.

"Does it hurt enough now, wanker?" the girl said pushing my bladder with her foot and kept looking me into the eyes. "Tell me, does it? Do I need to press even harder? Do I, huh?"

I tried to talk, but no words came out. I kept opening my mouth and breathing hard, until the girl finally realized I couldn't get a rational answer out, and pulled her leg away. Then I saw her glance down and she burst into laughter.

"Oh!" the girl said laughing. "Stop for a second."

I looked down and realized the reason for her amusement. I had leaked so much precum the head of my penis was completely covered in it. As I stopped pulling on it I noticed some of it had been sprayed on my hand and belly as well. 

"Well, at least someone here likes it when it hurts", the girl said, leaning forward. A moment later I felt the girl started to spread a slippery fluid around the bladder hole with her fingertip as well as the fingernail. "You must be really horny."

The girl looked at me but kept rotating her finger.

"Are you?" she said smiling.

I started nodding again, and could hear the pounding of my heart. I felt my head was burning up, and I could only imagine how I must have looked like. At the same time, I understood the longer the break, the farther of the orgasm I would be.

"Do you want to cum?" the girl asked calmly.

"Yes, I do!", I gasped. "Oh, please! Let me cum!"

"On my foot?"

"Yes, please! May I?"

The girl smiled and leaned back. 

"Kneel", she said, clearly enjoying the situation. Gingerly I dropped on my knees to the floor of the bus and faced her. She took her shoe from his side and handed it to me.


I started wanking again and held the shoe in my hand. The girl placed her foot so it was exactly below my penis. Then she caught my wrist and guided the shoe below her foot.

"Keep it here. I don't want a single drop to go to waste."

Then she girl leaned forward on her seat and looked at me calmly.

"And now, I want you to cum."

I picked up the pace and felt the orgasm approaching. I kept my eyes open and as soon as I knew I was close enough, I stopped and pulled the skin of the limp penis back. 

I kept the penis in its place and after a few moments felt the sperm started to shoot out of it. With one burst after another it started to cover the foot with cum. There was much more of it than I had anticipated, and some of it dribbled over, but I think I caught it all in the shoe.

Smiling a wide smile the girl stared at her foot and wiggled her toes to get the white jizz between them. I was holding my limp member between my two fingers and listened the pounding of my heart, unable to know what to do next. The girl took the shoe from my hands and slipped it on her foot.

"This feels so good", she said, feeling the shoe on her foot. "I fucking love walking around with cum in my shoes."

Then she turned at me.

"It would be a good idea for you to wake up now."

I heard a sharp beep and opened my eyes. The girl sitting in front of me was lowering her hand, and as I looked outside I noticed the bus was slowing down to a bus stop surrounded by fields.

A moment later the girl turned her head and I saw her face for the first time. She had a round face, not oval, and there were not a sign of freckles on them. The glasses were equally round and big as saucers and the nose supporting them was a small nub. I also realized that I had grossly overestimated her age, and she couldn't be more than sixteen, maybe even not that.

After a while the girl and a large group of other students got up and left the bus.

I looked at my watch and sighed. Four and a half hours to go.