19 May 2019

Friday Night Fever (fiction)

Initially, the idea of this story was simply to be a description of an "ideal bladder torture session". It was based on my recent blog post, and is a combination of that post, things that have actually taken place, things that have been taken place or spoken of on chat, and my own personal fantasies. Despite my intentions however, I ended up writing the most romantic piece I've ever done. And the nastiest.

My girlfriend moved her hand slowly on my bare chest. A mischievous smile on her face made butterflies fill my tummy. I was laying on my back next to her, completely naked, with her being fully dressed. It was the way we both liked it.

I tried to breathe as calmly as possible, even though it was difficult. Her hand It slid down to my tummy and then stopped to my lower abdomen. She pressed her palm down gently, making me breathe in hard. A smile, one much more wicked this time, appeared on her face.

Then she pressed her hand down harder. I closed my eyes, breathed in and out rapidly, and couldn't help but smiling a bit.

*               *           *

Everything had begun innocently enough. Me and my girlfriend had been spending a perfectly normal Friday night. I was sitting on my computer idly wasting time, while she was in our bedroom reading. It was a warm summer evening, we had both windows and the balcony door open in the bedroom, and the summer breeze blew through our small apartment.

I heard my girlfriend getting up and then passing the doorway on her way to the kitchen. A moment later however, I saw her coming in. She was holding an empty pint in her hand, apparently because she had been on her way to fill it with water in the kitchen.

She walked behind my computer chair and bent down, hugging me. I felt her breathing in my hair, and smelled her scent. Her hands around me felt good.

"Heaven forbid" she said after she had watched for a moment what I was doing on my computer. "Friday night and my pumpkin isn't playing with himself. What is this?"

"Hey", I said. trying to sound annoyed. "I don't do it that often, do I?"

"I think you do", my girlfriend, hugging me tighter, and kissed me on the head. "But I like it."

The fact that we both seemed to be quite okay with each other masturbating, especially she with mine, had been a source of surprise for us both after we had moved in together. It was also very fortunate, since our small student apartment was the kind where it was very hard to keep secrets from one another.

I felt my girlfriend reaching even lower with her hand. When she reached my lower belly I felt her pressing it sharply, and I inhaled.

"Awwwww. Is there something here?" she said in a playful tone. "You have a need to go?"

I nodded, and tried to concentrate on what I was doing on the computer. "Well, a bit."

"Oh, pumpkin. You have a nice feeling in the bladder, and you're still not jerking off. What's wrong with you?"

I shrugged, since I didn't know how to reply. At some point I had confided to my girlfriend a full bladder turns me on sexually, always had. It's not something you tell just like that to someone, even to a person you love. My girlfriend was open-minded on many things however, and this was no exception.

Then I heard her whisper by my ear. "I think you should."

When I didn't immediately stop what I was doing, my girlfriend kissed me a few times behind the ear, and then gave my earlobe a quick nibble. 

"Come on", I heard her impatient voice next to my ear. "I want to see. Take you penis out now."

With my girlfriend watching I lowered my pants a bit, opened the browser I use solely for masturbation, and soon I was scrolling through a feed tits, asses and ejaculating cocks. I took a hold of my limp penis and started pulling it up and down.  

"That's a good boy", I heard my girlfriend say a few moments later. She stood behind me a while saying nothing. Just as the situation started to feel awkward she spoke again. "You keep on doing that. I will get you something."

I saw her walking out of the room and returning a while later with three pints of ice water. She put them down on my computer table.

"You empty those, and keep on jerking off as you do. I'm a middle of the chapter. I'll come to visit you as soon as I'm finished."

"Thank you, dear", I said and looked up, without stopping the motion of my hand. We exchanged a quick kiss. My girlfriend looked at me and smiled. "Have fun, dear."

I continued pulling my penis in a steady rhythm. Occasionally I kept pauses in order not to get too close to the edge, but didn’t let myself to get too far from it either. I drank the ice water in small sips, thankful for my girlfriend. After all it was a warm evening.

What I did kept me much too warm for comfort, and I soon felt myself starting to sweat. My thick and long hair didn't help either. Soon I was so warm I had to start getting rid off my clothes. I removed a  piece of clothing after another, until I was stark naked. Still I felt like burning up.

I kept on drinking the water, but possibly due to the weather, it took quote a while before I noticed any effect. Bit by bit the familiar feeling engulfed me, however. As I pressed my lower abdomen or as I pulled the muscles of my tummy in I could feel the sweet discomfort.

All this merely made me more and more horny, making the edging many times more enjoyable, and I reached the edge quicker and quicker. I was very relieved when my girlfriend finally came into the room, a little while after I had finished the third pint.

"Oh my! You have been busy" she said, looking at me with a broad smile on her face, and then looked at the empty pints "And they're done. Awww, you're such a good boy."

She let me continue for a while before bending, and wiping some of the perspiration off my forehead with her finger. "Oh, dear. I think you need a pause."

I stopped, thankful for the rest.

"I know", my girlfriend said smiling. "Why don't you take a nice refreshing stroll, and go fill those pints up. All three."

When I came back I found my girlfriend laying down on the sofa. "Come here", she patted the sofa next to her. "Leave the pints there."

Thankful for the change of pace I walked to her. Also, I had no interest sitting back in the chair now moist from my sweat. With my girlfriend looking at me smiling I lay myself next to her. It felt awfully nice to be there, even though I suddenly felt extremely naked, not to mention extremely vulnerable.

"Now, let's see how my little pumpkins is doing..."

Like I said, a perfectly normal Friday night in our household, that is.

*               *            *

I kept breathing in and out rapidly, until I felt my girlfriend lifting her hand and letting out a chuckle. I opened my eyes and saw her smiling at me, clearly amused.

"The way you act when I hurt your bladder is so silly", she said, resting her head against her hand and letting her fingertips wander on my lower abdomen. Every moment I both feared and hoped she would push them sharply into my bladder again.

"The moment I press it, you go insane", she said absent-mindedly and then, without any kind of warning  pressed her fist into my tummy. Then she turned to look at me with a serious, almost unemotional look on her face.

"Isn't that right, honey?", she said. The tone of her voice was extremely calm, almost soothing. She looked like she had no idea how much pain she was causing me, as she twisted and turned her fist. "Tell me, pumpkin. Do you like it when I hurt you?" I had to struggle to get words out.

"Y-yes! I do!" I said, between gasps. "I love it... It feels so good! I love it when... you hurt me. So much!"

My girlfriend lifted her hand and chuckled, after getting what she had wanted, apparently.

"I like that you do", she said caressing my bare skin. "Because I just love hurting you. We're such a match made in heaven, aren't we?"

I nodded. "We are. Oh god, honey. I love you so much."

"And I love you", my girlfriend said and bent down to kiss me. The kiss was a deep one, and seemed to last forever. While it lasted I felt my girlfriend's hand reaching lower, and finally taking my limp member into her hand.

Breaking the kiss, my girlfriend glanced down, and smiled.

"Just think of your pathetic little penis", she said chuckling and looked at me. "Do you remember how ashamed and stressed out you were when you finally managed to gather up your courage, after we had dated, what three months? When you finally told me you're impotent."

I nodded. It was something that was very hard to forget. A night I had gathered courage for two months, after I had realized how much I loved this, crazy, incredible, smart girl. And how mortified I was thinking how she would react to the news.

My girlfriend let out a chuckle, and started slowly moving her hand up and down on my limp penis. I lay there not moving a muscle, like I had been a toy my girlfriend was having fun with. In a way I was, I suppose.

"I still remember how incredibly relieved you were when I told you how much I dislike intercourse, and prefer being eaten out instead. Then said how much you loved eating pussy. Oh, the expression on your face was so priceless. You looked so cute, so excited, and so relieved."

My girlfriend kissed me again, and kept masturbating me slowly. This time the kiss was even longer, more tender and full of passion. However, just like always, nothing happened. Finally my girlfriend broke the kiss and, looked at me smiling.

“In fact it was totally the opposite”, she said chuckling, as she kept slowly masturbating me. “The moment I saw you sad, limp dick for the first time, and as I realized you’re unable to get it hard, I knew you’re the man for me. How perfect you are be for me.”

She looked down again, and smiled, turning my penis between her thumb and the forefinger. 

"The mere sight of your limp dick still makes me so happy", she said after observing it a while and sighed. "Knowing I will never have to feel it inside my pussy. And knowing you will never have what it takes to cheat on me either. That I can completely control you with it. That it's mine, all mine. That you're all mine."

Then she looked at me again, smiling, "Isn't that right, dear?"

"Y-yes, it is" I said with my voice shaking a bit. What my girlfriend was doing felt extremely good.. "I'm all yours."

Letting go of my penis my girlfriend suddenly changed her position a bit so that she could put both of her hands into my hair, and kissed me again, now deeper than on either of the previous times. It almost felt she would have liked to devour me whole. I felt her lifting her other foot so that her thigh lay now on my belly. As it pressed lower I felt a surge of pain going through my body, and let out a muffled cry.

"Oh dear me", my girlfriend said chuckling. "I almost forgot your little bladder." She kept lifting and lowering her thigh slowly on my belly, observing closely the expressions on my face.

"I just love hurting you", she said smiling. "With little things like this for example. Doing nothing but moving my leg a bit. Just imagine how much it would hurt if I sat on you?"

"Would you?" I said, not even trying to hide my joy. It had been way too long at time since she had done it last.

"If you beg", my girlfriend said smiling. "I know how much you love it, and I just love hearing you beg. Come on. Beg me to sit on your bladder."

During the next minute or so I had to use all my eloquence, as I begged my girlfriend to sit on my bladder, telling her how much I loved it and how good it was to feel her weight on me.

"Well, if you insist", she said finally.

My girlfriend started to manoeuvre herself in to the right position, even though her frilly skirt tried to get in the way. She lifted one leg over me and put her other arm next to my head so she was basically on all fours above me. I lay motionless and looked at her, feeling both horrified and filled with excitement. I felt like a human sacrifice, eager to be offered to be slaughtered.

My girlfriend was looking at me, with our faces being only a couple a feet apart or so. She was smiling a bit, and I could see she was as thrilled and excited as I was. Thrilled to see the expression on my face, as well. Thrilled to see how excited and scared I was at the same time.

"Put your hands above your head", she said finally and I quickly did as I was told. It was the only logical place for them, since they would only be in the way otherwise. I hadn't done that myself, because I knew how much my girlfriend loved to give me orders, and I loved obeying.

My girlfriend bent down, grabbed my wrists and looked at me intently. Our faces were now a less than a feet apart, and I could hear and see she was breathing more rapidly than usually. I looked deep into her big brown eyes and felt sinking into them.

Then she kissed me again, and for a while it felt we were desperately making love with out mouths and tongues. I could hear nothing but our heavy breathing, and the moist sounds our mouths made Finally she broke the kiss, breathing hard, and looked deep into my eyes, smiling.

"God I love you", she said. Before I had time to reply she rose a bit, and let go of my hands. I felt her fingertips sliding down my wrists, over my arms, through my armpits and finally reaching my chest. "Keep them there", she added smiling.
Slowly my girlfriend started to descend herself on me. I kept looking deep into her eyes, tried to breathe steadily and relax my muscles, even though it was difficult. My girlfriend had on the same excited look on her face I had seen earlier.

Finally I felt her weight on me and then the familiar, wonderful grinding movement, as she looked for the best position on my bladder. I closed my eyes and started breathing very slowly, but deeply, enjoying the sensation.

"I so love doing this to you", I heard her say. "You look so funny when I sit on your bladder. Eyes closed, gasping. It's such fun to look at your reactions while I try to find a position that would hurt you most. You almost look as if were fucking. Something you know we never will."

That made me open my eyes. My girlfriend had lifted her hands behind her back, and was gyrating her hips slowly.

"I love you so", I said, feeling out of breath. I saw hers smile and moving her hips faster.

My girlfriend continued riding me a small eternity, but I could have lay there even a longer one. When she finally stopped and started to shift her position I looked at her pleadingly and started to beg for her to continue a bit more.

"Sorry, I'd love to, but quite frankly my feet are killing me."

Instead of getting off me though my girlfriend stretched her legs and lay down on me, finally resting even her arms and elbows on my chest, so that her whole weight was on me. It wasn't little, since she wasn't the most petite girl.

"Feel my ass", she said, and I did I put my hands on her backside, under her skirt and on her panties. Being as warm as it was, she wasn't wearing any stockings, and I felt the bare skin of her thighs, and well as the tiny hairs on them. I caressed the lovely voluptuous ass of my girlfriend, and being the luckiest being in whole wide world.

"What does it feel, honey?" she said, resting her cheek against her palm, and smiled. "What does it feel to have the whole weight of your big-assed girlfriend on you? Do you like it? Do you like me being this heavy?"

I looked at her smiling, and gripping her ass tightly felt it in my hands.

"Oh, honey, I love it!" I gasped, letting my hands move on her ass, then her thighs and then her back. "I love every ounce of your body. I love it how it feels to be under you, crushed by you. I love the fact how heavy you are!"

"Awwwwwww... You're so sweet", my girlfriend said, and then started to move herself slightly on me. Using her muscles she was able to create movement that went back and forth. "How about this then?"

The movement wasn't a big one, but her pelvis was pressing exactly the right spot, making sweet flashes of discomfort flowing from my lower abdomen to my testicles. I had to close my eyes again.

"Oh yes, " I said gasping. "That feels so good. Just like that. Oh..."

I heard my girlfriend chuckle again. "This almost feels I am making love to your bladder. Doesn't it?"

I was nodding frantically. "Yes... it does. Please, fuck my bladder. harder..."

"Not before you open your eyes", I heard her say. I opened my eyes and saw he looking at me smiling. "I want to look into your eyes when I hurt you. And I want to see your every funny expression. I want you to see how much I enjoy hurting you. And I want you to see how easy it is."

Resting her head against her hand she smiled, and continued musing her ass and leg muscles. I kept my eyes open, even though it was very difficult to resist the temptation to close them. My mouth was open and I was breathing hard.

"See, honey?", my girlfriend said, looking perfectly relaxed. "See how easy this is. I just lay here and let the gravity do the work for me. I am so big I can crush you just by being here. Just tiny little muscle exercises, and for some reason you go completely nuts."

Our tender moment was stopped a while later by a very mundane, but in its own way a rather fitting reason. Putting her palms on the sofa my girlfriend started to lift herself up.

"You will never believe this, but I need to take a leak", she said letting out a chuckle. "All those muscle exercises made me realize girls need to pee to."

She got up and looked at me before leaving the room. "You need exercise as well. Get up and stretch yourself a bit."

As soon as I got up I noticed the familiar effect. The amount of liquid inside your bladder is much easier to take when you're lying down, but as soon as you get up it changes drastically. After a small stretching I was forced to sit down in my chair which had dried up a bit by now. It had cooled down outside considerably as well, and the cool late evening air was blowing through out apartment.

A few moments my girlfriend came back, sighing aloud as she entered the room.

"Oh, that felt so good", she said, taking a sip of another pint she herself was holding. "It such a relief to be able to pee whenever I like." Then she noticed at where I was sitting.

"Awwwwww, poor pumpkin", she continued smiling. "It starts to feel properly now?" I nodded, and was rewarded with another smile.

"Good", my girlfriend said and walked to the sofa. Reclining to her side she took another sip of her pint and looked at me.

"Is it too much?" she said. "Does it hurt too much already?"

"Well" I said, trying to find the right words. "It's not... impossible, or anything."

A wide smile appeared on my girlfriend's face, and it looked almost as if someone had just lit it.

"Aaaa..." she said and there was a playful, condescending tone in her voice as she continued. "Should we let the little wanker to drink some more? Is that what the little wanker would want? So that it would hurt really, really bad?"

I felt breathing hard as I answered.

"Y-yes", I said voice shaking. "Please let me drink some more. I w-want it to really hurt."

My girlfriend smiled and took herself a sip. "Permission granted."

I took one of the pints in to my hand. It was warm already, but water is water. Then I looked at my girlfriend.

"H-how much?" I asked and saw my girlfriend shrug. "It's up to you. As much as you think you can handle."

I looked the pint in my hand. Then I lifted it to my lips and started drinking. I kept my eyes on my girlfriend and kept drinking in long gulps until the pint was empty. I kept looking at my girlfriend as I put the pint down next to me, and was rewarded with a smile.

"Oh, you're so sweet", my girlfriend said, taking a more comfortable position on the sofa and putting her hand behind her back. "So eager to please me. Even though you know you're soon going to regret doing that."     

"I know", I said.

"Edge for me."

In a matter of seconds I had my limp penis in my hand and I was masturbating it furiously.

"God I like watching you do that", my girlfriend said in almost a dreamy voice. "It's so fucking pathetic, and so sweet at the same time. But knowing you're comfortable doing it for me, and only when I give you the permission, makes it so hot. Knowing you're completely mine, thanks to your sad, little, limp dick. Isn't that true, dear?"

I nodded but didn't know what else to say.

"Speaking of sad little dicks", my girlfriend said smiling. "When was the last time you had an orgasm?" I told her immediately the exact day count and she looked surprised.

"Oh my. I had no idea it has been that long", she said, and then shrugged smiling a bit. "What can I say? Time flies when you're not having fun, right?"

I nodded again, and smiled. not sure whether she wanted I should laugh or not.

"By the way", she said then, nodding at the table next to me. "You still have two pints to go."

I let go of my limp penis and took a big sip, before I continued masturbating again. It felt extremely good, not to mention erotic, to it under observation, knowing the more I drank the more it would soon hurt.

"Hm, what do you say we let you cum today?",  my girlfriend said after a while. "Would you like it?"

I tried to take in what she had just said. "Only if y-you like it", I said, as I continued pulling my dick.

"Correct answer", my girlfriend said, giving me a wicked smile. "I think I would like it. You look so funny when I torture your bladder, but it's nothing compared how funny you look when you cum. Even though there are the drawbacks."

I knew what my girlfriend meant. We had found our common interest in male chastity and orgasm control soon after we had started comparing our fetishes. According to her, chastity had a very good effect on my behaviour, and she said it made me much more caring, tender and obedient.

However, it suffered every time I got to cum, so much that even I recognized the change in myself. No matter what I did, cumming made me lose something, and no matter what I did, I wasn't as eager to please my girlfriend than before my ejaculation. Therefore we had agreed it would be a good idea to limit my orgasms to the absolute minimum. I was allowed to edge as much as I wanted, though.

The length of it varied, but usually my behaviour returned to what it was after I had been without an orgasm for a week or so. Only after I had been horny long enough I understood again how crazy I was about being allowed to lick her pussy. After all, when all the orgasms you have are the orgasms of your loved one, you're eager to have them as much as possible. 

"However, there's no cumming for you before you've finished both of those pints", my girlfriend continued. "I want you to be truly in pain by the time you cum."

I grabbed the pint and started drink it with new enthusiasm

"Mmmmmmm..." my girlfriend said approvingly. "Yes, that's a good boy. Keep drinking that water. You don't care it makes you hurt, and neither do I. I fucking want you to hurt. Yes, just like that, big long gulps. Drink it all down. Just imagine how much it will soon hurt your tiny bladder. And keep on pulling that sad, pathetic dick of yours."

I drank the pint in long gulps and had soon managed to finish it. As I continued masturbating I had to recline in my chair. All the water had bulged my belly obscenely and I had to spread legs in order to continue. The pain was now engulfing my whole lower abdomen, and was radiating there to the rest of my body.

"Mmmmm, that's a good boy", girlfriend said approvingly. "God you look awful. Just look at your tummy. You almost like you've been knocked you up. Well, in a way I have knocked you up, I guess. But keep on drinking, honey. I want to see how bloated we can make you. Just one more to pint to go, and then we can let you cum."

It took me much longer to finish the final pint. My hands were shaking as I did this, and I started to have trouble thinking clearly. Still I continued, and every sip I took was rewarded a wide approving smile or a comment from my girlfriend, urging me to continue.

By the end my bladder was so full urine started come out of my penis like precum and spray on my hands as I edged. Naturally I licked up every drop, but the head of my penis was still covered in urine. "That's it", my girlfriend said smiling sweetly. "Lick all that nasty pee up."

Soon it proved to be harder and harder to stay off the edge. Thanks to the pain, it didn't take more than a few pulls for me to get there. It was also incredibly hard to tell apart the need to cum and the need to pee, and to understand  which sensation was the latter, and which the approaching orgasm.

Finally I finished the last pint with one go. As I put it down I saw my girlfriend smile at me, practically beaming.

"Well done!" my she said and chuckled. "You did it. Truth to tell I was just about to say you to forget the rest of the last pint, but I'm so glad I didn't have to."

I looked at my girlfriend, opened my mouth and tried to think of something to say, anything, but my mind was blank. Only thing I could think was the pain that engulfed my bladder. I was too afraid to continue masturbating, so I let my hand lay at my side.

"Oh, you poor thing", my girlfriend said smiling. "You look like you're really in agony." Again, I tried to think of something, but had to give up.

"Mmmmm. I wonder whether it is time for us to make pumpkin cum now", my girlfriend said in a playful tone again. "Would pumpkin like it?"

I nodded frantically, since it seemed I had momentarily lost the ability to speak.

"Okay then", my girlfriend said. "This is it then. Start wanking, and don't stop. No pauses or cooling down periods. And inform me as you close to the edge."

I started pulling my penis again, and at the same time manoeuvre myself forward in the chair, even though sitting straight hurt more. Spreading my legs I started masturbating faster, and felt my testicles bouncing up and down frantically. It didn't take long for me to approach the edge.

"I t-think I'm... g-getting close", I said, forcing the words out. I saw my girlfriend smile. "Good boy. Only fingers from now on then."

I changed the way I was holding my penis. Instead of masturbating the way men do, I took it between my fingertips, and started what me and my girlfriend called "fiddling". This was in a way even more effective and I felt the orgasm coming closer and closer.

"It's so close now... so close", I said breathing fast. "Almost there..."

I saw my girlfriend watching at me intently. After waiting for a few seconds she finally opened her mouth, and spoke in calm, manner, almost like giving camera directions during a live television show.

"And hand off... Now."

Keeping my eyes open and on my girlfriend the way she wanted, I dropped my hand to my side. What followed seemed like an eternity. Our timing had been exactly right, though. A couple of seconds later I felt the wave of orgasm. It begin from my testicles, and they suddenly came alive and started to push the sperm out.

I gasped as I felt the sperm forcing its way inside my limp penis, then oozing out, lazy spurt after another. I heard cum dribbling on the floor, and fought to keep my posture, and my eyes open. I looked my girlfriend straight into the eyes, my mouth open and breathing in a short, rapid manner.

I saw my girlfriend shaking her head and letting out a chuckle, as I felt the after last spasms of my orgasms making my body twitch. 

"No matter how many times I see that, I still can't get over how silly you look, pumpkin", she said, not bothering to hide her amusement. "No offence, but you just do. It's beyond me how any woman is able to watch that without laughing."

I kept breathing hard, and I sat straight, still resisting the temptation to collapse in the chair. I couldn't help but feeling a tiny bit of pride. It had taken us a lot of time, but we had become very good at effectively ruining my orgasms.

"How was it?" my girlfriend said then, looking curious.

"I..." I begun not knowing how to continue. "It was... heavenly."

I would have wanted to tell her how much better the orgasms with full bladder feel, but a sentence that difficult was beyond my capabilities at the moment.

"I'm glad you like it", my girlfriend said smiling. "Because it will be a long, long time before you get to experience that again."

"I k-know", I said, still out of breath and saw her smile. 

"It's so sweet you don't even mind me taking them away from you. Why is that, pumpkin?"

I thought about it for a while, still feeling disoriented. 

 "B-because I don't deserve them", I said finally with a laboured voice. "Any more than you want me to have. I'm... so grateful for each and every one you let me have. So, thank you."  

"You're welcome", my girlfriend said and then looked at the floor. "You're not done yet though. Don't forget the clean-up."

I got up, and immediately felt the pain in my lower abdomen becoming stronger again. I knelt on the floor and next to the tiny puddle of cum. As I bent down so that my head could reach the floor, I could feel my belly pressing hard to my bladder, making me let out a tiny muffled grunt. 

I ignored the pain though, and pressed my mouth to the floor. I licked the cum off the floor, and swallowed it

"Good boy", I heard my girlfriend chuckling. “Now get up and let me see you.”

I got up feeling lightheaded. I knew there would be no point to ask permission to go to bathroom quite yet, for several reasons. One was the fact that after ejaculation it would be quite impossible for me to pee normally for at least half an hour. Pain had lost all it fascination now, and what had been erotic before an ejaculation was now only pain.

I turned to face my girlfriend, even though I felt being extremely ashamed. That was another effect of the orgasm, the shame that hits me every time, especially a session like this one. There was in incredible weight in my belly now, and I felt it pulling me down. I tried to stand as straight as I could, even though it hurt more than bending down a little.

My girlfriend looked at me up and down, an clearly had trouble concealing her satisfaction and amusement.

"Oh honey, you have no idea how funny you look now", she said looking at me. It was evident she was enjoying every moment. "Especially that huge belly of yours. You look like a pregnant mommy in a shower looking for a bathroom. We must think of something you can concentrate on while we wait. And I have just the idea for it."

Starting to arrange pillows in the sofa my girlfriend took a comfortable position. Leaning back, she lifted her skirt up, slid her panties off and spread her legs. Then she gave me a wicked smile. "You've had your fun, now it's my turn. Come here and eat me out."

I knelt on the floor, again noticing the effect the position had on my bladder. As soon as I started licking her pussy I understood she hadn't been lying, when she’d said how much she liked watching me in pain. She was dripping wet. A moment later I felt her fingers in my hair and caressing it.

"Yes, just like that. You're such a good boy. So obedient. Always willing to do whatever I tell you to. Hurting you makes me so fucking wet. It was so hot to look at you just now. You have no idea I had to resist the urge to order you stop what you were doing and come licking me an orgasm. Or get myself off with you watching. You must have liked that too, you pervert."

I tried to be as quick as possible, but at the same time not to be too hasty, since that could slow things even more. The only thing I could do was to ignore the burn in my bladder and do as good job as I could. I felt her hands in my hair, and her words started to get more and more incoherent.

Finally she let out a long, loud wail and started to switch violently. He wail lasted long enough for me to hear dogs starting to bark elsewhere in the building and there was someone hitting the wall. I had totally forgotten the time, and the fact the windows and the balcony door were still open.

After my girlfriend got herself together she let out a chuckle.

"Oh my", she said, breathing hard. "Our neighbours got something to talk about."

Then she looked the clock on the wall. "Oh dear me", me she said, looking at me and ruffled my hair a bit. "Just look how time flies. You must be in real agony, poor thing. Well, you did such a good job it's time for you to get some relief. Go sit in your chair."

Dutifully I sat in my chair again.

"Now, take one of those empty pints and pee in it", my girlfriend said. "But not a one drop more."

I took one of the pints and placed it under my penis. Even though it seemed my bladder was about to burst I had to strain a bit to before I felt pee starting to come out. I let out a deep, almost orgasmic sigh as I felt the pee starting to flow out of my bladder.

It felt so incredibly good I had to close my eyes. The pee kept pouring into the pint, making the sound it usually does when hitting a the toilet bowl. Soon I felt its warmth too, as the pee started to fill the pint.

"Oh dear", I heard my girlfriend chuckle. "If I didn't know better I'd say you just had an orgasm there. I had no idea peeing feels that good."

A moment later I looked down and saw the pint was almost full. I stopped the flow, and for a few moments had to fight with the urge to continue. Even though it felt much better now I knew I wouldn't take long my bladder to fill again. I lifted the pint up, and looked at it. It was warm, light yellow and foamy.

"And now", my girlfriend said. "I want you to drink it."

I looked at her. My girlfriend's broad smile told me she wasn't kidding. Taking a deep breath I put the pint to my lips, and ignoring the foul, arid small and the taste I started drinking the warm liquid. Trying not to think what I was doing I kept going until I had swallowed it all.

I looked at my girlfriend, who was watching at me with a broad, satisfied smile on her face.

"Oh, honey, you're the best boyfriend a girl could have", she said. "You have no idea how happy that made me. I would so like to give you a hug right now, but I want you to go and rinse your mouth first."

I walked to the kitchen to rinse my mouth properly. It felt somewhat odd to walk through our apartment. Even more odd it was to see my own reflection from the mirrors. My bulged out belly still made me look obscene.

After I got back I noticed my girlfriend had changed her position a bit, and she patted the sofa beside her as she looked up at me.

"Come here. I want to give my pumpkin a great big hug."

I lay on the sofa so that my head was resting on my girlfriend's arm, as she was laying next to me. Then she kissed me on the head.

"You've done so very good today", my girlfriend said. "I am extremely proud of you."

Putting her palm on my chest she started to slide it downwards. "Tell me, honey. How does it feel?"

I shrugged a bit. "Pretty okay, I guess", I said. "But like someone had punched me in the tummy."

"Awwwww, poor thing", my girlfriend said and stopped her hand at my lower tummy. She caressed it lightly with her fingertips. "And I just bet it won't take long for your bladder to be full again. Especially considering that nasty pee of yours I made you drink."

Even though she spoke in a calm manner she couldn't hide the excitement in her voice. She couldn't wait to see me in pain again. Then she looked at me and putting her hand on below my chair and started to kiss me on the lips.

"Which I am", she said between kisses, "Very... very... very grateful for you. I just love to watch it. Making you drink your own pee."

I looked into her big brown eyes. "I love you", I said, not knowing how to put into words the turmoil of feelings inside me.

"And I love you", my girlfriend said, and kissed me again, this time deeper. She grabbed my hair again. and I felt her lifting her leg moving up and down on my belly again. My girlfriend broke the kiss and caressed the features of my face with her fingertips.

"Perhaps you don't have to drink it when you pee the next time", she said in a calm, almost dreamy voice "But I may change my change my mind, as well. We'll just have to see how I feel at that point, don't we pumpkin?"

I nodded.

My girlfriend looked at me and smiled. "For all you know there may be a pint or two of my delicious pee waiting for you in the toilet." The mischievous look my girlfriend had on her face could have melted icebergs, or create them.

Before I had time to say anything my girlfriend caressed my hair and looked me in a bit more serious manner.

"But before that happens you have a lot to do", she said an looked at me, smiling. "What you gave me was a very nice orgasm. But that was only the orgasm number one. Now it is time for number two."

Then she looked at me and touched my nose playfully. "But you better go and close the windows and the balcony door first. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night."