24 Aug 2014

The Cuntist World: An introduction

"The Cuntist World" is an attempt to create a semi-beliaveable alternate history with themes of religion, sexuality and chastity in it. There are, however, heavy tongue-in-cheek elements in the concept as well.

The concept was originally based on a dream of a female friend of mine. According to her the erotic but disturbing dream had influences of the film The Wicker Man (1973) and featured a Quaker-like community, whose life revolved around the public masturbation of women.

We began to develop the concept further, and before long we had created an idea of a fictional religion, a side-branch of protestantism, that was born somewhere in the 16th century. Most of the elements of the religion came from me, but every detail had to be approved by her.

To to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, I want to emphasize that "Cuntism" is by no means a fantasy or a wish-fulfillment, especially when it comes to the role of women. The concept is all about playing with the idea of religion, and its mechanisms.

So far "The Cuntist World" is made of only one article, outlining its history, and one short story. "Blessed Onanians" tells a story of a boy attending a confirmation ceremony in a Cuntist community in early 17th century, and large part of it consists of his thoughts and theological reflections before the ceremony.

The slow-paced story is rather lengthy, but is able to barely scratch the surface. After all, if one wanted to create a comprehensive view of the religion and its history, there would be hundreds of years and great deal of geography to cover.

In case you're a Finnish reader, I recommend you read the Finnish versions instead of the English ones. The grammar in better in them, and there is some material in the Finnish version of the article on cuntism that is not included in the English one.

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