27 Apr 2016

The Ideal Society - Part Two

In the first part of “The ideal society” I made a comment in the end about the school system, of how the boys are taught how much worse things were before the females took over. This leads us to a valid question. How did was the new brave female world achieved? After all, it does sounds like a sub male’s wet wank dream, which has nothing to do with reality. How could world suddenly turn upside down into the “gynotopia” described earlier?

After I wrote the first part a Facebook acquaintance of mine made some valid points as to what means that sort of world order could be achieved. He examined the legal side of it, the questions about the right to vote and possession. I’d like to take a different approach on the matter. More accurately, what has to happen in the collective male psyche before the new world order can be achieved? Or indeed, what’s already been happening to it?

First of all, we must look the matter from historical point of view. There’s been a progress going on for a long time now, leading to just that direction. First we had the suffragette movement in the late 19th century, which rightfully demanded women the right to vote, to control their own lives, personally as well as financially.

During the Second World War and after it we saw women marching to workplaces, where they have stayed ever since. In 1970’s we had the radical feminist movement, which for the first time offered an alternative to the way men had perceived the world. An idea that females, or at least their view of the world, was actually superior to men’s. One could, for example, read Valerie Solanas’ classic S.C.U.M. Manifesto on the matter.

Also, like my Facebook friend pointed out, in the academic world women are passing men by on almost every field. That’s the situation in the countries I have first hand experience at least. There’s more and more women business executives and politicians, even though there is yet much to be done. This development indeed offers a logical way for the women to took over, or at least it’s a step to the right direction.

In the 1990’s and after it we’ve seen the march of strong female role models in popular media. Xena, Buffy, Lara Croft, just to name a few. They’ve all been about the same thing, a strong female character, not afraid of their own sexuality, beating men in every sense of the word. The trend doesn’t seem to be changing, quite the opposite.

If we look at the progress from 1960’s to this day, the change is staggering. In one generation the image of women has turned from little wives to action heroes. This means the generation growing up nowadays, girls and boys alike, is practically bombarded with images of strong female characters and role models.

On could argue that this is all just the movie makers exploiting the trend. That is to say, producing sexy heroines one after another, since there needs to be demand for it. Or, examining the society more generally, that it is the natural reaction to women getting stronger role in the society, pendulum effect of sorts as well.

However, and even though this takes us into the world of conspiracy theories, if one wants to see some sort of secret plan in progress here, there’s a basis for that interpretation as well. The image of women has changed radically over the last few decades and whether it is a natural progress or a planned agenda, it hasn’t been without effects on male psyche.

What do I mean? Well, just look at how much more visible and perhaps even socially acceptable female domination has become. One doesn’t have to do anything but to search Facebook for groups and pages that celebrate men submitting to women, women torturing and humiliating men, and poorly endowed men seeking to be controlled by strong women. There’s hundreds, if not thousands of those kinds of pages and groups in Facebook alone.

There also seems to be a huge amount of Facebook using men wishing to submit to women, many times the number of potential Mistresses. When one considers that a great number of Mistresses in question are in it for financial gain, pure money domes, it is justified to say the ratio is even higher. All these men, wanting desperately to submit themselves to strong women. Could it be just a coincidence?

Could it actually be there’s already a secret plan in progress? Bear in mind that majority of people in western world at least seem to believe in the existence of conspiracy networks, running the world in secrecy, tobacco smoking men in the highest political level, pulling the strings of entire nations. Who knows, you say. Everything is possible, after all. Then why does an idea of secret network of women politicians and corporate leaders, molding men’s minds to accept the new world order seem so impossible?

I know this all sounds like a wet dream. Do I actually believe in the existence of such a conspiracy? Well… no. I’m not that delusional. On the other hand I do think that the existence of that kind of conspiracy would be extremely cool and a positive thing. And indeed if it does exist, its plan seems to be working brilliantly.

In either way, the question of female domination remains. Many times we face the stereotype of bank managers and judges, authority figures responsible of people’s lives in their work, running into a domme studio on their lunch hour to be spanked, free to feel vulnerable. According to domes, however, their clients are… well, everybody. Regular blokes like you and me.

It seems there’s this secret need in a great number of men, in majority of them even, to submit themselves to women. One would like to ask what has caused it. Has something really changed so much in the last few decades? Or has this secret need to submit to women been inside male psyche all through the history, and it’s only emerging now, when there’s been a possibility for it?

The power of female sexuality and how it is perceived would be, in fact, a subject for much closer examination. It seems to me at least that women have a lot more liberties when it comes to sexuality than men. There’s “cougars” and “MILF’s”, both examples that women are expanding their limits when it comes sexuality. An aged man having a girlfriends twenty years younger on the other hand is just pathetic.

In basic porn stores 95% of all sex toys are intended for women. Woman masturbating is seen as a natural and a beautiful thing, healthy woman exploring her sexuality, whereas a man masturbating is wanker who can’t get a woman. It’s much more to socially acceptable for a woman to turn down an offer for sex than for a man. Night clubs are generally a women’s market. Again, the change has been staggering, when one thinks that the female orgasm was only “discovered” in 1950’s before which it was “a hysterical reaction”.

Or just think of the phenomenon called cuckoldry, which seems to have made its breakthrough during the last few years. Both men and women, embracing the lifestyle in which women are free to have as many lovers as possible, men taking pleasure of the mental anguish of being inadequate and seeing real men pleasuring their wives. I rest my case.

When one thinks this all in the light of our new world order the development is only logical. Women are supposed to be promiscuous and sexually active. Men’s part is to pleasure the woman, either by being the stud or the sissy wanker. Men need to let women take control over them. To me it seems the change into that exact direction has been going on for a long time and is not at all possible the pendulum couldn’t indeed swing further.

One doesn’t have to do else than pick up Margaret Atwoood’s Handmaid’s Tale. It’s all there, the description of how egalitarian society suddenly changes into something else, a world where the other gender is stripped of all rights. Atwood’s novel was a dystopia, but with a thorough preparation, like the one we see progress today, it could be a utopia.

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